10 June 2019


Hello everyone! Today the video is about our organic grocery haul. So this week we decided to buy our weekly groceries in an organic shop and we bought ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel so

today the video is going to be about our organic grocery shopping haul so we decided today that we are going to buy all of our grocery at the organic shop and we didn't go to any other shop so we did our grocery there today and we bought like everything that we need for the week and I'm going to share with you what we have bought from there so let's get into it so we put some bananas and we put this toast and to go with it we bought like this chickpea paste which is really good and we put some milk so the first one is the almond classic and this one is sorry natural and this one is almond vanilla and this one is um check out and classic one and the vanilla and some oatmeal but I think this one is blue cone dogs which is different from oatmeal some plum some gluten-free oatmeal so I'm going for you and legatee some salt one cat [Applause] misty some biscuits so it's speculoos which is really good and some red cells some chicken and apple juice some yogurt so the first one is this one which is of strawberry and this one this one is of mango

some piece for my daughter and another yoghurt peanut butter a plastic bag beauty credible and some eggs some chocolate paste for the toast in the morning some cheese I love this cheese it is so good and some basmati rice butter nuts some tomato sauce to go with the spaghetti put it to some beans zucchini some tomato this is called back chewy and onions some mixed bell pepper some broccoli eggplants coriander and this one is called bet in French I try to search the English name but I couldn't find it and this is some peach avocados because my daughter she loves avocados and some apple and some pear so that's pretty much it's for the organic grocery haul that we did for the week thank you very much for watching this video guys and I really hoped you liked it and if you did please give it a thumbs up and please do not forget to subscribe to my channel and I'm really sorry about the background noise because it's my daughter who is screaming so yeah that's pretty much it for the request r/a hold the organic one and if you liked it let me know down in the comments and I will see you in my next

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