22 March 2018

Healthy Nurse Workout, Food, Girly Haul and Chats!

Trying to live life as a healthy nurse and inspire you to do the same! Here I take you through my workout on upper body, show you what I eat and what I've ...

what's up guys welcome back to the blog

it is o no day is it's Tuesday it's Tuesday the 13th of March and I have had the best day I went for afternoon tea with Rachel and we went to the new - new Marco Pierre White restaurant in Cardiff for her birthday afternoon tea and it was oh my gosh it was leche and we just had the best afternoon and I went to the gym but I've kind of I've hurt my shoulder really badly I had to cut my had to cut my work up sure I actually jarred it while I was doing assisted pull-ups so that kind of I kind of sex so my shoulder is really hurting but going to insert that workout footage for you now [Music] I'm making burritos for dinner and I can't wait so we are having refried beans which are my favorite or this are we going and I'm gonna do chopped tomatoes to make a sauce with some statements if you want to make these burritos vegan or vegetarian then you can just use corn mince or a vegan vegetarian mince wherever you want to use I'm gonna have some onion and garlic in with the chopped tomatoes are mince and then for the side we've got the refried beans we're gonna have some

salad so mushrooms cucumber and some rice and obviously if you want to make these a lot lower carbs and you can just have them as a burrito bowl without the white wraps and that's it I've got onions and garlic cooking away add it in the chopped tomatoes and we've got some mushrooms going in now as well [Applause] I have done too much online shopping this week and I want to show you guys what I have bought so I've just came in from the gym and I've had a nice full of protein oats and yeah I'm gonna show you what a book so I didn't buy this but I loved it Joe got me a matte black cup from Starbucks which I've been using to take to work that is so nice that's that really I was going on about them the other day in Starbucks and I came home from WIC and he just bought me one of these so this is a fist thing that I got this week second thing I got was olaplex and my hair I was bleaching it a lot in the summer and I'm actually growing it up at the moment to get a balayage on a root drag because I my hair just doesn't seem to cope my hair is very fine and it just not is not coping very well as

being blonde so I bought olaplex number three which is the act home olaplex for blonde hair and it's amazing I left on overnight last night and seriously I can feel a difference in my hair already I don't feel as though I would need so much cut off when I go and get it cut and and it just doesn't feel like I haven't straightened it today and it doesn't feel as frizzy it doesn't feel as frizzy so the next thing I got was called plaques okay and the thing that I'm most excited about which as you can see here this is the logo for my merch that I designed I designed this logo by myself on Photoshop and I'm so excited so I want to show you guys exactly what I ordered the first thing I got was this strong and smart t-shirt I saw the message strong and smart was a really strong empowering message so that's that's why I went for that logo and I loved it and it says strong and smart grace B so this is my t-shirt and I just wore it to the gym so I was wearing it like a cropped t-shirt so literally just tying it at the back and that's my that's my first t-shirt it comes in so many different colors you guys so let me know in the comment section below let

me know what you think of the message and if you like it but this was this huge sale next I got a long sleeved great up as well with the strong and smart logo designed I don't think that I'd wear this as a cropped when I was often maybe I think this is just so nice for in the day maybe with leggings exactly like this or with jeans it's just they're very plain and simple but I think that's what I like and some people commented that the logo was quite small but I didn't want strong and smart across the top because they didn't want people to feel like they couldn't wear them because it makes too much of a massive statement I just feel like it's really nice in in the corner so I am a big I'm a big fan I got a vest because it's the spring now even though it doesn't feel like spring it's gonna be warm in no time and I really think that the vast will be nice with like some black shorts or something for the gym I and the vest as well so this is my sports bra and here it doesn't have this pattern on it the best but it's just again it's quite a nice length fast I think I'll probably mostly wear these to the gym I'm just so pleased they feel

they feel lovely and they fit really nicely as a direct link below to these tops using a company called spreadsheet for these tops because at the moment I've got so much going on in my life with the pit core agency as well and I just don't have time to order merchandise in get it printed it would just take far too much time at the moment to do something like that and I'm hoping that it'll be something I can do in the future that I can sell on my own website and think that I would like to do maybe next summer so these tops will be my merchandise I can get almost guarantee for about a year if you feel really strongly about this message or you're in my community then the place to order them is spreadsheet which I'll link in the box below it's more just it's just more just like having community tops and spreading the message for um s you guys on my youtube and you know our little little community that's basically it so I'm super excited about these I also ordered some beets I got there the power beats 3 by dre Wireless and I'm going to review them for the gym to tie if you guys are to tell you guys if they're any

good as headphones so I will let you know him with a really cute little pouch the headphones themselves they're really really nice really comfy I've already had a go at using them as well and the quality the quality seems to be there but how nice are they and thank you to anybody who voted on my Instagram poll so I wanted these white ones and Joe said the black because he said that I always get things dirty which I do however I'm hoping that because it comes with a really nice pouch that I'm going to keep them clean in the pouch which I'm going to beats by dre sticker which is going on my laptop let me know as well guys do you prefer me to film in the kitchen like this I know there's like a little bit of shadow on my face on my nose um but is this a nicer place for me to film in the kitchen rather than like sometimes if I'm doing chatty things I'll do it if in the bedroom so let me know if you like this setup got two things left to show you the first one is a my protein resistance band I am so determined to get my pull-ups amazing so I've bought a resistance band

that is the perfect resistance for me this is the one that I actually use in my gym so in my physical gym they have the my protein resistance bands and in purple so and they advise that I ordered this one's about 12 pounds for two of these they come in a pack of two so we just gave the other one to J office clients and so that is what I use and I use it today in the gym and it was really good they I ordered the scrub top for all my nursing videos because I wanted to have something vaguely nurse related to wear in all of them is from Cara UK I think it's Cara UK I'll link it in the description box below but I think this one was about 20 pounds and this is royal blue so this is why I got and this is in exercise this is an aside extra small and that's for my my nursing videos I am filming this outro over one week later guys because I have had a strep throat infection and fortunately and it's fine I'm all better now and I just wanted to say thank you so much for watching the vlog I really hope you guys enjoyed it don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you aren't already subscribed to my channel and I will see

you in the next vlog