11 June 2019

HEALTHY MEALS IN LESS THAN 20 MIN! | Rice, Turkey Meatball and Spinach soup | Live Cooking

MeatBAAAAALLLLSSS!!!!!!! Ever want to make a delicious meal of ALL pre-prepared ingredients? No chopping needed? Here it is! This meal was so fun and ...

hey guys and welcome to the kitchen and

welcome to the cooking portion of today's we are making healthy meals in less than 20 minutes nice and easy we can do it okay we have everything we need though we have meatballs so I was gonna use turkey meatballs but they didn't have any at the store so these are chicken meatball no there's supposed to be chicken they didn't have any these are turkey meatballs with Italian seasoning there are very nice balls aren't they these are balls chicken stock round right and they didn't have plain brown rice brown rice with chicken flavor this is the cheese I said I haven't tried this cheese before so we're gonna be doing this this is pecorino romano mac sick shredded carrots and of course is finished okay yes they are all pupate I don't even need my chopping board today but the good thing about that I'm all being pre done so you can make good food fast and that's the key points here okay you guys ready let's do it 20 minutes and he doesn't want it far I'm gonna be stressed already feel like you should pour faster I'm gonna do this one cup perfectly two cups a blue C pack is carrot and I'm having some packed

spinach no four cups sorry 4 cups 4 that's 2 4 all right all our ingredients are ready this is so easy little bit of oil turn on on we're gonna let bag heat up for a little bit that'll be too much green so the thing about when they when you cook the spinach it boils down like a lot like it actually comes down a lot okay let's put the carrots in and they're just gonna sit there until they gets up we're just got the wait this is kind of like end the climatic I was like oh why don't we're gonna do in the meantime we're gonna make our so I'm gonna put those brown rice microwave 90 seconds for package starting to get a little bit of a sizzling okay why is it been five minutes yet and we're not like home with done I'm like stressing okay our rice is done we're just gonna let that tell you one more minute it's Saturday supposed in about four minutes to soften them up so okay we're gonna put that in this put some meatballs in alright and I'm turning the heat down a little bit add a little bit more oil so we're not looking to cook the meatballs all the way through because they're gonna be sooth and it's

gonna be boiling but we want to brown them on each side but if it'll be about five minutes she looks at me like rawr yep we're gonna give it another second okay let's add our thought we're gonna add the whole thing turn to high heat it's all we're going to do is get that to boil and then stir in everything else and simmer for three minutes okay let's get our cheese ready I'm curious about this cheese so it looks kind of like parmesan when it came in but it's definitely like softer smells a little different smells more mozzarella like almost like a mix of mozzarella and parmesan okay let's just create a little bit I'm super excited about trying a new cheese City okay let's leave that that okay we got a boil gonna take it down to medium adding our rice our spinach and we're gonna let that simmer for three minutes so yes we're gonna be like two minutes over we're gonna blame it on the packaging that's what we's goes into blaming it on the turkey ball packaging so I know you guys said it looked like there was so much spinach when we first measure it out but it doesn't look too much right now does it all right our

timer is gone but we got about 25 seconds left these wonderful bulls aren't a nice okay am i sprinkle a little cheese and some more cheese okay we're gonna try that but it's like super hot I'm a little bit scared stops a nice chicken stock so carrots are done perfect they have a little bit of a crunch in them but they're not too soft so that's really nice my spinach is so hard I'm so scared okay let's try and just like cut a meatball I don't even know if they're done all the way through but they are I just cut one in half and they have the same color all the way through we're good these have a little bit of Italian seasoning in them cuz that's just what they had and they're really good like really good okay conclusions about this meal simple tasty easy I think the main thing that's gonna determine whether or not this is a successful meal is what kind of meatballs you gap because really that's where the most flavor is right now is the meatballs these have a quite a bit of seasoning and they're a little bit of a spice which is really tasty but I

didn't make them we just bought them from the store so however you do your moon falls it's really gonna make the difference on this meal I think the rest is really straightforward and you're not to cut anything I didn't have to use a knife it's very very easy trying to finish this meatball without burning myself thank you we're hanging out in the kitchen with me today successful meal we did go one minute over but we are blaming in the packaging for that like 100% so where should be fine I can't stop but it's so good