01 January 2019


Learn how to meal prep six simple meals + ingredients to help keep your weeks healthy and delicious. My New Years Meal PreP Menu includes: Turkey Veggie ...

hello my dear friends it's Danny and I

am so excited to be here with you today happy new years to you I'm really eager to share this new idea that I've been playing with around meal prep I call it 6 to start this is what I've been doing to help keep meal prep really easy really doable and not overwhelming for myself and for my family and basically what I do is I pick six foods / ingredients to pre prep ahead of time on the weekend to use as head start ingredients throughout the week and the way I keep it mentally organized is I approach it like this I choose two dishes that are rich in protein to that our veggie based one good quality carbohydrate and then either a sweet treat or a smart start to kind of round the whole menu off so for instance here's what I'm gonna be showing you how to make today for the protein dishes I'm making my turkey and veggie chili along with some hard-boiled eggs then for my veggies I've got popcorn broccoli and my beloved crudité you all know how much I love fresh chopped veggies in the fridge for the week then for the quality carbohydrate we've got a big old pot of perfectly cooked brown rice and for the SmartStart I've got my chia pudding

which can also be a sweet treat because I don't know if you've ever tried it but Hsieh pudding can make a rather a lovely dessert now I'm gonna leave little links for all of these recipes down in the description box below plus I'm gonna leave a shopping list should you want to make this exact menu and remember if you want to connect throughout the week let's use the hashtag six to start so that we can all stay connected and show each other what we're making okay so to get started I've got my turkey and veggie chili this is not a new recipe but it's one of my favorites and I love that it's a good-quality dish that's packed with the veggies as well so I've got a nice big pot heating up over a medium heat into that I'm adding a little bit of olive oil once the oil is hot I'm gonna add in a small chopped onion along with a pinch of salt let that cook until the onion is beginning to look translucent it's also going to be very fragrant at this point and then I'm gonna add in some chopped bell pepper and a little bit of chopped garlic give that a stir I'll let it go for another three to five minutes once the peppers have softened

up a bit I'm gonna push all the veggies over to the side and then I'm adding in some lean ground turkey now this can also be ground chicken it could be ground beef it could be ground bison you can even do veggie crumbles here so use what you have and use what you love this recipe is super flexible then I'm adding in my spices I've got some chili powder a little bit of ground cumin which is nice and smoky a bit of oregano and then another hit of salt and some black pepper I'm gently gonna break the meat into small pieces just keep working it as it starts to cook and then once it's down into little pieces like this I'm just gonna mix the veggies back into the mix get all of the veggies and the meat and the spices well incorporated and then just let that go until all the pink has cooked out of the turkey and then I'm adding in one can of kidney beans you can of course use any bean you like or have on hand a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes and three cups of low-sodium chicken broth I'm gonna crank the heat up to high bring everything to a boil then once I've got that boil in go my veggies I've got two cups of chopped up zucchini and some fresh

chopped up kale as well then I'll reduce that heat down to a low and just let this simmer for about 20 minutes or so or until all the veggies have become nice and tender and the chili has thickened now this is gonna make a nice hearty chili if you want it to be a little bit thinner you can add a little extra broth or just a little bit of water once that has cooled down to room temperature I just transfer it into airtight containers now I like to store everything family-style but if you prefer you could of course break this down into individual containers as well this chili is great packed into your kids lunchboxes it's a nice warm lunch for yourself to bring to work it's also delicious as a dinner option and you can certainly mix it up put it on top of the salad enjoy it with some spaghetti squash mixed in some brown rice maybe make a burrito there are so many options now for my hard-boiled eggs I have a method that I've been using for years here's what I do you want to grab a pot and you want to put as many eggs as you can to create a single layer in the bottom of the pot so that the eggs are

nice and snug but not piled on top of each other then I just add some water to the pot you want to come about an inch over the eggs crank your heat up to high and let that come to a boil once you've got a full rolling boil pop on a lid shut the heat and put your timer on for nine minutes after the nine minutes you just drain the eggs out I dropped them right into an ice bath but the ice bath does is it kind of shocks the eggs so number one it stops them from cooking and number two it makes the egg kind of pull away from the shell which also makes them easy peelers now of course you could store them with the shell on but you will save yourself a lot more time throughout the week if you just peel them now so I like to peel them onto the shelves get them into my airtight container and these eggs are ready to go now again super versatile you can enjoy them as is you can make an easy egg salad you could slice them and put them on top of toast sometimes I like to chop them up with some avocado and tomato make a really simple salad my point is you have lots of different options there are many roads to travel to enjoy your

hard-boiled eggs moving on to our veggies the first veggie I'm starting with is my popcorn broccoli this has been a family favorite in our house for years so I've got the florets from one big head of broccoli here now for this recipe really all you need are the Crown's of the broccoli but should you have the stems attached you can save those and make my broccoli stem soup so I will leave that link for you down in the description box below once you've got all the florets ready to go get them in a nice big bowl make sure after you wash them that they are bone-dry otherwise they're gonna end up steaming in the oven and that's not what we want we want them to get nice crispy edges so to this I'm just adding a little bit of olive oil and then some kosher salt black pepper garlic powder and Parmesan cheese toss everything together and then I'm gonna transfer this onto a baking sheet that has been coated with a little bit of cooking spray and then make sure that they are spread out you don't want them to be overcrowded so make sure that nobody's touching if they seem to be overcrowded just do it on two pans pop this whole thing into a 400 degree oven

for 15 minutes pull them out flip them around a bit and then back in they go for 10 minutes now when they are done you're gonna see that they have these golden crispy edges on the outside and they're nice and tender on the inside they are absolutely delicious they taste great on their own they're delicious added to some scrambled eggs you can put them on top of a salad or just pull them out as a quick side dish I also love having raw vegetables on hand and we call this the crudité we pick different veggies each week and just chop them ahead of time and have them ready to go it's very simple but you will see it's really helpful you can pull these vegetables out you could add them to chicken salad tuna salad you could use them as a head-start ingredient for just a fresh chopped salad you could give them a quick steam you're gonna see that your just a lot more likely to eat your vegetables when they're in there ready to go so here's what we've got today I line at the bottom of an airtight container with a paper towel to absorb any extra moisture and then I wash and dry my

veggies and I'm cutting up here today some carrots some celery and some radish now you can of course pick and choose your favorite vegetables and change the week to week maybe a mirror whatever in season but I totally encourage you to have them ready to go it makes all the difference in the world now for our good quality carbohydrate I'm making some perfectly cooked brown rice here is what I find works for me I have a two and a half quart pot in case you're curious what size the pot is if you have a different shape pot or a different size pot it is going to affect the cooking times a little so you're just gonna keep an eye on it but here's the general rule of thumb add four and a half cups of water along with one teaspoon of kosher salt to the pot then bring that up to a boil then I'm adding in two cups of dry brown rice which I've rinsed off already pop on my lid and reduce that down to a simmer set the timer for thirty minutes and then begin to check your rice after the thirty minutes it usually takes somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes once you see that all the water has been absorbed shut your heat off and just let it sit on the stove for another 10 or 15

minutes then when you pop the lid off you're gonna see it's nice and light and fluffy and just like everything else we're making today you want to let it cool down to room temperature and then transfer it into airtight containers and this will happily last in your fridge for the week and then our final six to start dish for the week is my chia pudding now I've showed you guys how to make chia pudding before and I've shared tons of different flavor options which I will link to down in the description box below but today we're just gonna stick to the classic chia pudding recipe these are so great for breakfast and I also find they make a lovely sweet treat when you're in the mood for some dessert so first you're gonna decide how many you want to make and for each serving you want to pull out a mason jar I like using these little 4 ounce wide mouth mason to make the chia pudding and into each jar goes two tablespoons of chia seeds doesn't matter if they're black or white 1/2 a cup of unsweetened almond milk and then one tablespoon of maple syrup give that a stir pop on the lid and then I like to give

them a good shake as well then I just pop these into the fridge overnight or for a minimum of four hours and when you're ready to enjoy them you're gonna see that they thicken up and it's kind of like a loose pudding from here you can put anything on top that you enjoy you could do nuts you could do fresh fruit you could do nut butter I mean the options are truly endless and like I mentioned before I'm gonna link down below to a whole bunch of flavor options if you wanted to play around with them as well so my friends that is it I find having these six foods slashed ingredients prepped and ready to go really keeps our family meals feeling fresh and flexible and healthy and delicious all week long plus taking the six to start approach makes things feel very doable and not overwhelming for me so I'm super excited to hear what you all think about it make sure that you come on down to the comments below and let me know and don't forget if you try any of these recipes or the entire menu let's use the hashtag six to start to stay connected all throughout the week and remember you've got all of the links for the recipes down in the description

box below along with a shopping list should you want to do this whole entire menu and it's New Year's so if you haven't already would you please take a moment to like subscribe and share this video slash channel with anybody else you know who wants to make healthy eating easy here's to a feeling fabulous 2019 thank you guys so much for watching I'm Danny Spees and I will see you back here soon with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers so I'm super hard to set I'm super excited I'm super stoked because I have this new so I'm really eager to share this new idea I have with you guys a third of a cup of almond milk or any milk that's a third of a cup we just checked out