24 September 2018

Healthy lunch ideas x

Yo was upppp! So basically pretty much this vid is about the lunch I make and take to school. Enjoy x Insta- priya_miller_x Snapchat- priyajmiller.

okay so this video is just going to be

about one o'clock from lunch so here we go Brooke just gonna start out for what I actually have to lunch so I just pack it in this container and basically so this is actually what I use so there's baby spinach is beetroot there's pumpkin seeds that I split it all over it there's carrots there's two Murrah and pumpkin that's literally all I do so what I do is I chop the pumpkin and the carrots put it in the oven for about 40 minutes take it out and then I add the rest of the ingredients the vegetables when it's all yeah I literally have the most emerg Chamberlayne voice right now because I've got asthma nice pot two is just like a healthy snack so wrong Ipek in this little plastic container here because I'm freaking awesome and basically what I do is I chop up some carrots and then I'll chop up the celery and then I add Popkin and k├╝bra hummus just when you thought you never get enough of it Marat Marat it got a little bit of the pumpkin hummus pumpkin and Qumran I'm so excluded I'm sorry god I put it in the side of the container not a whole lot but just a lot okay and then we're gonna add the carrots that we chopped the night before if you want

tutorial on how to cut carrots I can easily do that for you I got you and then we're just gonna add some carrots by the way I'm not actually American I just watched too much American like you tubers so that's how I get my American accent from I'm actually from New Zealand it's great Mike shut up tap just turns on automatically by itself sometimes and it kind of creeps me out a little bit cuz no one's there to turn it on so it's just like this conspiracy theory alright so that is the healthy snack doodle cake and we're gonna put that in the fridge along with our beetroot salad to myself oh what a ball now it's time for eat burn t2t booties so what I've done is I've actually chopped up a mixture pineapples mangoes and grapes in to a huge okay so I don't like okay okay Shh okay hey I grabbed one pineapple one mango and just a container of great so just actually got here then I picked the grapes and I chopped up the pineapple and stuff and then I just separated it into little containers and now what I'm gonna do is actually scoop it out and then put it into these little containers I used two of them for my launch because

the reason why I decided to eat healthy was because I'm actually I think I'm gluten intolerant or dairy intolerant so I guess it's good for me so it's like an excuse to eat just fruits and vegetables because I'm like carbs and stuff so I mean that's awesome I might even go vegan if I wanted to yeah and I add my little toothpick things for the forks and stuff open up bitch just for snack string up today I have New Zealand kettle corn all natural vegetarian and vegan friendly gluten peanuts soy dairy free a whole grain product and health care snack alternative 100% Kiwi made and proud of it I just pack this and then I also pack my favorite og slice which is the anti car peace out I'm going