15 March 2016

Healthy Living Vlog | Day 1 of JJ Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

READ ME* Hey guys! THUMBS UP THIS VIDEO! If you watched my "Results video" then you know I mentioned in the video that I did vlog my process of doing ...

and so I am going to be recording my

process of me doing a tenday - JJ Smith 10 day green smoothie cleanse yes I am doing the cleanse and I'm super excited but yet nervous at the same time so yeah I just wanted to UM I want to record my journey my process my journey all my ups and my downs on my moods and stuff what I'll be feeling throughout the ten days and this journey what you guys cuz you guys know I like to share journeys with y'all but I'd recorded my journey two years ago when I first started my healthy lifestyle being and then ever since then I've been eating really healthy but obviously you know you get slip-ups and life takes over more especially when you and change cons change tends to bring bad habits back into your life so one of the habits that I could say I snuck back into my life it's eating a little bit of junk food yeah I know I really massively eating junk food but like I would buy cakes and ice cream bars that I have no business buying so yeah I never kept I was keeping up so good for like I was like doing really good on my healthy lifestyle journey I wouldn't eat a bunch of candy or a bunch of snacks a bunch of I'll usually eat a bunch of healthy

snacks but change happens you guys know I moved to Houston Texas last year January and ever since I moved I had a lot of changes I had a lot of routine that got switched up let me try now you know figure my sugar my lifestyle out and whatnot obviously I tended to when I got sad or depressed and I felt sad or depressed I tended to go to stuff that I love like lemon cake is what I absolutely love and I'm that's like a comfort food for me you know some people say like soul food and like their comfort food would be um like eating chicken fried chicken and stuff right up in my conference food I stab was definitely um crunch bar and 11 kick so I definitely I put that in my original food that I bought every day even though I was biting my vegetables and my fruits I still was buying cake which wasn't good so that obviously that put pounds on me and of course not working on not drinking not drinking enough water even though I have like three bottles of water a day I still it still wasn't enough to keep up with my lifestyle you know being healthy what not so definitely the flowers came I'm now 175

again when I first started my healthy lifestyle journey two years ago I was 180 and then I dropped like 20 pounds and I became 165 I dropped 20 pounds and yeah so now I'm back to 175 which I dislike a lot and it's not only about the weight it's also about the way I feel and stuff like the energy levels because I am a petition and I need all the energy and you don't strength I need every everything there is you know I need all my muscles to be working I'm only 24 years old I shouldn't be my feet shouldn't be hurting my hands shouldn't be hurt and my body shouldn't be feeling achy I'm only 24 and yeah so I need all the greens and this all the nutrition that my body needs so I'm doing this 10 this 10 day green smoothie cleanse because I want to clean on my body I want to start afresh I want to get my healthy lifestyle journey back on track because this is like a jumpstart to eating more healthy and whatnot I already started to two weeks ago aren't eating back healthy oh but I just wanted something that clean on my body and has an extra bonus by eliminating 10 to 15 pounds you know why not so yeah I'm super excited I've

already been working out constantly already for the past two weeks so I'm good to go so right now I'm going to be preparing my snacks for tomorrow I'm not I'm not going to be preparing my smoothies until tomorrow morning because they wanted to be nice and fresh but I am going to be preparing my snacks so let me show you guys what I'm prepared green smoothie cleanse it's not going to cumber detox tea that I have to take first thing in the morning before I actually start to cleanse every and you also snack on dry roasted peanuts unsalted it's not going celery as well but I won't because I don't like celery knock on any crunchy fruits or vegetable that you like yeah hi you know vegetables have to be raw so we cannot cook home so here this is my snack so watch me work watch me what we work what me work okay so right now I'm just drinking a glass of water before I actually start today because before you started saying oh um have a few glasses of water and then go ahead and make it a detox tea which I already have the water boiling on the stove so I'm just going to finish up this water and then drink my tea and

the day one consists of just mangoes strawberries spinach and apples and flaxseed and yeah well they roasted flax seed and she called for ground flaxseed so I just took my blender that I have I have this um part that goes my blender we round it so the brand of tea she recommended was to yogi brand and also Tripoli products so I decided to try the yogi bar which is a detox healthy cleansing formula and I just ordered hey friend so update on update on day one I haven't fully finished my breakfast yet I still have that much left to drink I actually felt a little bit of a bowel movement just now my stomach so I'm going to be headed home right now so I could see that I need to use a bottom.i someone definitely feels like he needs to go so I mean I just finished I just came out of class I got my workout class actually today and I know I said I know she mentioned in the book that she a light workouts but I mean I have to do workouts for this class but hopefully I mean I just take it so not nothing to you know major but mian so day one going good in the morning it's going I just need to finish my breakfast yeah right now it's actually 12:30 right now so

all that here so now I love here well but but I'm you that's what I'm doing right now look at my little bun day one going got so far think I gotta use the bathroom so oh yeah it work now I decided to sit on my second smoothie of the day which was my lunch I want to tell you right now all I could think about was going home and why even meet some nice big chicken it's a vegetable right now I am so sad I can't eat that all I'm like I taste it for some chicken you guys it's just day one and I am already one in some chicken oh this is going to be harder than I thought I have my water in my hand this is my third ball wall of water for today you guys pray for me but it's so far so good hopefully I don't have no temptations when I get home so this is pretty hard I can't eat no solid it's all I'm doing it's movies all right that's checking for mid day day one hey friend so I'm back my lunch that I started to drink there's now five o'clock I actually went out and about had to do some little errands so I'm now back home able to drink this and I'm also snacking on the snacks that we can snack on which is apples on

carrots cucumber and some peanuts so yeah I think my mood is a little bit snappy right now because I am I'm actually hungry for the stuff but she actually said to me um when you drinking it do like chewing motions not just swallow it whole and that's actually how I actually do drink my smoothies I don't never just go keep it in my mouth that is update for guests late afternoon early evening when we having my dinner smoothie at 8 o'clock and I'm just going to finish up my snacks because I am feeling really Munchie but I must say it's definitely carving my definitely satisfying my trance firing my needs right now because I'm I don't feel as hungry anymore since I since I started drinking the rest of my lunch and since I started munching on these snacks but I'm yeah that's it for midday not meeting late evening me and late afternoon check-in it was currently night time now and I actually took a nap I was feeling so exhausted as you guys know I worked out earlier like around 10:00 and it's now 10 o'clock now but I when I came home I did a little bit of planning in my new planet that I actually would be having a video on it

real soon I'm starting to plan with me series on my channel super cute ideas that I absolutely adore I like stuff like that so when I saw other people who some people that are like planners and they make it so cute I'm like oh I'm there for that so I mean I just took a nap so I'm looking really rough you guys know I'm very um very unfiltered when it comes to these types of vlog so yeah as I like you guys that you guys don't judge me so which is good but um yeah so I woke up around 9 and I said I go my gonna have to eat my dinner so eats lunch drink my dinner so guys know I am on I'm doing the JJ smoothie cleanse and finally ate my dinner I finished it like an hour ago so yeah done with my dinner actually ate some snacks as well and so drinking or get some more water but I think we have to have at least 64 ounces of water 64 ounces I need to read it again but my this is my what fifth fourth or fifth bottle of water for the day I think that me to me for a day I've been peeing like crazy I've had a lot of gas so yeah I definitely think I need to go drink some

green tea to settle my stomach a bit cuz I've been farting like crazy but um yeah I think I need to use the bottom as well so I'm definitely drinking green tea didn't hate it about there I know TMI right but you guys this is a cleansing um thing that I'm doing so detox where all the toxins and all the bacteria and everything needs to come out of my body but yeah could we go up on how I felt today I actually got a little bit irritable um actually no I got irritable around 12:30 and I also got irritable around when I came home from from school so around 5:00 I got really irritable I was really snappy at my boyfriend he's oh okay so yeah I noticed that my mood definitely changed a bit like I got really snappy really fast and I was able to catch it use it we actually caught it and I was like I I mean he didn't tell me didn't mean it was I Oh actually what you know why all that you just not read out and I didn't tell him that what is one of the side of one of the side effects of being on this movie your moods are gonna be up and down and seeing that you your body's so used you know so used to having food I

wanted to wanted want to have its own way so right now I can't help it actually did actually she actually didn't mention in on the in the book that to avoid being going to social events for the next because your mood is not going to be the best so yeah I definitely see from this from today luckily my boyfriend is in here he's over on FaceTime so he doesn't have to deal with me physically but he have to deal with me FaceTime E but yeah sorry so that's um one thing that I noticed is my mood did change and I definitely I definitely been getting hungry every two to three hours I must say and I've been snacking on fruits and vegetables and all that crunchy good stuff but I mean that's a week that is the end of day one guys yeah it made him mad she feel I'm actually not feeling hungry see that I ate my dinner I'm gonna finish out my water I'm actually not feeling hungry at all like which is good so um yes I'm just going to relax some more catch up on some Netflix and chill but I go from plan some more in my planner don't forget having a video on that root zone anyway guys that's it for day one I

will see you guys tomorrow bye have a good night