12 April 2017

Healthy Living Revolution • Get your health back


hi my name is Jennifer Myers and I'm so

excited that you're joining us to learn more about the healthy living revolution I am just so grateful for this community that's truly changing people's lives and inspiring healthy living around the world healthy living used to be simpler when I was a kid I grew up with a garden we played outside we drank water from a hose and at the end of the day we were tired and we went to sleep today looks very different family dinners are replaced with convenient and fast food games outside are being replaced with games online and sugary sodas have gone from a treat to something that people are drinking daily and people are suffering and they don't have the energy to get through their day but there's hope the healthy living revolution is a group of people who've joined together to take healthy back because it matters more than looking good in yoga pants we're taking healthy back because we want to start a health revolution no longer will we stand by as the most unhealthy nation we're taking our health back our family's health back our schools and our country's health back so let's start by talking about you because you need to be well to be the

best version of you so ask yourself how are you doing in these key areas and I mean really doing are you eating real food not something from a package or a box how about your exercise are you exercising most days and water not tea not coffee soda juice or even wine we're 75 percent water and it's what our bodies need and sleep we need to be sleeping seven to eight hours per night your body does all kinds of things while you're sleeping it's detoxing repairing and hormones are doing their things and I think that our society today is very sleep-deprived and it's almost like it's a badge of honor yet we need proper sleep to be healthy and we need to be well to armor ourselves because we're all being faced with huge challenges and there are two major startling trends in our world wouldn't you agree that we're living in a chemical world we're being bombarded by toxins is leading to all kinds of health problems and unless you're living in a bubble these chemicals are everywhere from the foods we eat our cosmetics our clothing the lawn and what about our food quality it is frightening the numbers of chemicals and carcinogens

that are hiding in our food and all of this is contributing to oxidative stress at the cellular level these toxins unhealthy ingredients stress anybody's stressed out out there and just life in general the bottom line is oxidative stress causes aging and disease the great news is we can neutralize or slow down this disease an aging process by getting antioxidants in everyday have you ever squeezed lemon juice on an apple or fruit and it protects it from aging and turning brown well that's because there are powerful antioxidants in there and it's the same concept with us and the best sources of antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables and they really truly protect us and slow down the aging process but we have a situation in our country because today's mass-produced fruits and vegetables pack a less nutritional punch we have over farm soil we've got long transportation issues for instance many of us are getting apples from Washington and blueberries from Maine and you could live in Florida and get oranges from California fruits and vegetables are picked green and then they're transported thousands of miles so it's

not surprising that they would lose their nutrition you know the difference between picking a tomato from a garden versus a store-bought tomato right well the difference you're tasting is nutrition a lot of our fruits and vegetables have lost five to forty percent of their nutrient content which is why we need at least 7 to 13 servings a day and by the way a serving is about the size of your your fist so the healthy living revolution is all about solutions and one solution is you could grow your own as I mentioned I grew up with a garden so I've had a garden since my kids were little because I wanted them to know where their food comes from the problem is that halfway through the summer we wanted to give it up because the weeds were just as big as my plants that's why I love the tower garden it's a vertical aeroponic growing system that allows you to grow your own fruits and vegetables on your porch your patio or even inside with grow lights in a study the tower garden actually had a 30% higher yield of produce and the nutritional equivalents to fruits and vegetables grown in the best soil this makes growing fun and easy and it

is an amazing fit for the growing movements out there for instance farm to table or eating local eating organic and schools are jumping on board which is so exciting we even have a school curriculum for the tower garden now if you don't want to grow anything but you're looking for simple and convenient we have you covered there too with maybe the most important one simple change that you can make in your life which is to flood your body with powdered produce every day with Juice Plus can you imagine eating a variety of more than 30 raw vine ripened fruits and veggies and berries consistently every day well we found a way to do this it's whole food in a capsule or chewable and think about when was the last time you ate black currants or Bill berries or parsley or papaya you know I was introduced to Juice Plus in my late 20s I was doing masters swimming I was eating a plant-based diet and juicing so I did not expense expect to notice any changes when I added juice plus but I saw it as a way to replace juicing a lot cheaper and a lot easier so I was so surprised when I noticed that I was sleeping like a rock

I stopped bruising and my immune system got even stronger but what I realized was that even though I had an amazing diet I wasn't getting this variety every single day and this is important because fruits and vegetables are packed with thousands of phytonutrients vitamins plants so these are the vitamins trace minerals antioxidants and everything else in fruits and vegetables that help prevent disease so what you're looking at is a list of 400 ingredients that they have found and named in an apple scientists believe there are over 10,000 and different colors of fruits and vegetables have different phytonutrients that are doing different things in your body that's why you need the rainbow of colors and that wide variety in your diet and everything that you see here is in the right ratio it's in the right balance right synergy and your body knows exactly what to do with it because it's dude and compare that to a multivitamin that maybe house 20 isolated components that's why a vitamin could never replace the apple so we do have a deficiency in our country but it's not a vitamin deficiency it's a

whole food deficiency and that is really what this revolution is about and have you ever skipped a meal have you ever been so busy that you just forgot to eat it's a reality today so here's another solution Juice Plus complete is a nutrition shake that is so delicious it's low glycemic and actually helps to stabilize blood sugar it's vegan and non GMO gluten and dairy free there's 13 grams of plant-based protein powder there's also 8 grams of fiber including olio goes saccharides which are actually a prebiotic that keeps your gut healthy which is so important for good health and you can use it so many ways I almost always do a shake for breakfast which starts my day great and I love it mid-afternoon when I want to snack I actually really look forward to it when you're taking the trio of capsules and a complete shake each day you're actually flooding your body with 45 superfoods and these products are truly unique here are three things that set us apart from anything else Juice Plus is concentrated vine-ripened whole food it's not a vitamin the Juice Plus products have food labels and also all of those phytonutrients that

thousands of nutrients that are in fruits and vegetables are in there because the food is in there it's non-gmo dairy free and gluten free these products also have a third-party company that randomly tests Juice Plus in two areas number one the Juice Plus products have to contain what is on the label and number two Juice Plus is stringently tested for heavy metals molds bacteria insecticides pesticides it is so rare for products to be tested with this standard there's no nutritional product made in the world at a higher quality than Juice Plus and Juice Plus is the most researched nutritional product in the world the research has taken place at the most prestigious universities and hospitals for over 20 years the research is done on people of different ages populations healthy people not healthy people and what has been proven in gold-standard studies is that Juice Plus is absorbed by the body and works at a cellular level just like fruits and vegetables do it improves the cardiovascular system the immune system gum tissue reduces oxidative stress reduces inflammation

protects your DNA healthier skin it also helps with insulin resistance abdominal fat mass quality of life and lung health so this is truly how we take healthy back and the research has attracted thousands of doctors well-known physicians like dr. David Phillips say that Juice Plus is the most researched nutritional product in the world and optimizes human health and performance at any level there is no comparison so let's talk about an important topic for many people and that's maintaining a healthy weight because we know that excess fat contributes to over 20 different diseases remember the toxins we talked about earlier well what happens is when our bodies can't handle the onslaught of toxins it protects our organs by popping them in fat cells now the good news is it keeps the toxins from roaming and causing havoc the bad news is the fat cells expand and can cause weight issues so the problem is when you burn fat through dieting and over exercise and you don't have proper nutrition the toxins are re released into the bloodstream which stresses the body so your body

very smartly goes into fat production to once again in robe the toxins to again protect vital organs and the fat returns it's a vicious cycle so there's a better way and that is to cleanse the safe and healthy way to lose weight is to allow your body to cleanse itself by removing the toxic load and adding clean eating especially fruits and vegetables now your shutting fat and assisting your liver so it can do its job and clean up the blood and process those toxins out so weight loss is easier and quicker and it leads to more permanent weight loss the other crucial thing in maintaining a healthy weight and healthy body is blood sugar your willpower is a function of your blood sugar normally our blood sugar will fluctuate after every meal so how often do you eat for many it's two maybe three times a day what if I told you it's actually better to eat five or six smaller meals a day and then the other question is what are you eating the light blue line is what happens when we eat a meal with things like bread crackers box foods empty carbs so there's a spike in blood sugar and then it comes crashing down and an hour to later you need a nap but not before you

raid the pantry then of course we're beating ourselves up so this also happens when we skip a meal or first thing in the morning when we wake up on an empty stomach and we think we have to have caffeine to get going the dark blue line shows what happens when we eat a low glycemic meal with fiber so any sugar enters the bloodstream slowly like with our Juice Plus complete shake then our blood sugar is stable and it makes us so much easier to avoid bad habits and food addictions this is the zone of willpower and you might find you lose your junk food cravings for those of you who want to really jumpstart your health the healthy living revolution offers the Shred ten program to help you shred the food the toxins and the habits that are not serving you for ten days you're gonna follow these guidelines you'll be adding first of all more real food including your Juice Plus trio capsules daily and to complete shakes daily plus you're adding plenty of water sleeping seven to eight hours a night and exercising those days then you eliminate gluten dairy caffeine alcohol processed foods artificial and refined sugars and eating after 6 o'clock p.m.

so with this program you can receive a shred 10 guidebook that includes a Q&A from experts recipes shopping lists a nutritional shake recipes tracking forms and more this program the shred 10 is not a fad diet it is a jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle and this program is literally transforming people's energy vitality and their health on so many levels and our goal is not only to be a resource for support during this health journey but also to inspire you our hope is that your experience in our community is filled with positive engagement and encouragement and we're gonna give you amazing ongoing education our healthy living community offers private Facebook groups with monthly inspirations tips recipes to keep your healthy lifestyle fresh and fun and inspiring there's a free beautiful cookbook that you can download a children's program we have live events which they will be in-person and online to reach everyone no matter where you live in continuing education from a variety of health care and fitness professionals adding Juice Plus is so simple and it's affordable for about the cost of a cup of coffee you can begin flooding your

body with super foods every day and the Shred 10 package includes the trio and two shakes a day and that's lesson you're going to spend probably on even one meal and children can receive their Juice Plus for free for up to four years they must be between the ages of four through college age so if a mom buys juice plus she can sponsor a child to receive it for free and then dad or even another adult can also sponsor a child parents are asked to fill out a quick survey about what affect Juice Plus has had on the health of their family and we've had almost a million children participate in the Children's House study and look at these wonderful results I mean starting with 56% we're taking fewer over-the-counter and prescription drugs that is amazing and 96% were reaping a positive benefit of some kind so the healthy living revolution is about inspiring healthy living around the world and helping people take healthy back and there's several ways that you can be part of this mission you may have just heard some information and want to apply it like deciding to eat more fruits and

vegetables and that is wonderful or you can make one simple change and add Juice Plus to your diet and inspire yourself to live healthier or maybe you want to jumpstart your health with the Shred 10 or you can be part of this revolution and experience the benefits of this community if you're feeling a tug to share this with people that you care about we invite you to join us and to share this with others we're so happy to help you and thank you so much for spending time with us