23 March 2019

Healthy Living and Entrepreneurship - Success Story and Business Plan

Join The Challenge! http://HealthAndSuccessLife.com Stephanie shares her success story of how she was able to quit her job and earn a living helping people ...


hey it's an time with build your business online and today I'm really excited to introduce you to someone that has inspired me and I'll show me an amazing opportunity I want to share with you today I'm 38 years old I have a family I have a job I'm also an entrepreneur stephanie has shared an opportunity to help me live a healthier lifestyle lose weight and actually build a business a legitimate business helping other people do the same so without further ado I want to introduce you to an amazing woman that has helped and change so many people's lives including myself I hold up Stephanie what's going on hey I'm super glad to be here thank you so much for having me I can't wait to share with everybody how our buns changed my life and so many other people's absolutely absolutely so I work at a hotel and um I met Stephanie at she was actually in town for a job at the time and actually she was starting to build her business and build up a team at the same time so um I found out she was into internet marketing digital marketing and that's my passion that's something that I love so we were talking social media marketing digital you know

all that good stuff and um then but she said two things that stuck with me one one day she comes in I mean her face is just as bright as ever and she actually told me she had the freedom to leave her job and I was like oh my god that's amazing and then later talking to her another thing that stuck with me was she was able to help her mother live a healthier lifestyle and and help change your mother's life as well which stuck with me as well I wanna do the same for my mom so Stephanie can you tell us about the 30-day challenge what is it all about yeah absolutely and with that 30-day challenge I mean it's changed so many people's lives and yeah my mom actually lost 45 pounds on it so the first thing I would say about the program is that it's not your normal diet it's not a diet at all it's actually meant to be it's designed as a lifestyle switch right so we coach you along the way and Replace allergenic boots with these tools that are actually part of the Arbonne brand and we can talk a little bit more about the Arbonne brand and how it's actually more than just nutrition but the nutrition part has really blown

my business up and to help transform so many people's minds and when I started the 30 days to healthy living program I was like you know what I don't wanna live just on cheeks I was scared of bad diets yo-yo diets I was scared of something that I would lose weight and then gain it back again or I was torturing myself because I was just living on liquids or drinking cayenne pepper and lemon juice in the morning and it would just taste terrible so what a typical day on the 30 days the healthy living program looks like you're never ever hungry you're super full that's the first question I get some people you wait you wake up in the morning have a priam probiotic and which I usually either put in my shake or I take by itself and then a detox tea and then you replace your coffee with an energy physic which is something that I am totally obsessed with infinitely without it's become like not just a coffee replacement but I have two or so a day when I feel that slump in the afternoon as well and then I make a shake and that shake is actually vegan everything that we have is vegan cruelty-free non-gmo and it's never

tested on animals I'm gosh what else gluten-free soy free all of that and it actually tastes good so I make a protein shake and I add some fiber to it and my digestion plus I want to and then I can add fruit a healthy fat maybe like an avocado you can just switch it up we have so many different recipes and people start to find their favorite and so chocolate and vanilla are two main flavors and the other possibilities are endless so you do one to two shakes a day and then two healthy meals a day and snack healthy in between so you're never deprived and what's going to happen is that your gut is going to become alkaline you're going to see your gut heal best helping your digestion and then as a side effect the weight loss happens and it's not just weight loss this isn't really a weight loss program it's really a conscious eating program but what I've seen for me is that my hair started to grow better my skin started to glow my mindset change the brain fog went away I started sleeping better just my attitude in general because a lot of people don't know that our gut is directly affecting our brain so the program is super simple you get

recipes you get a full-time coach you get put onto an online group which actually helps with accountability and you get to see other people's journeys along the way and I think that's probably the main thing that's different and that is helping our customers and our clients succeed is the accountability and the support along the way that you're not just picking up a book trying to figure it out yourself and quitting after five days because you're hungry and you don't know what to do and you have no results awesome awesome that sounds wonderful I mean I'm deaf I can't wait to get started I'm gonna actually share my experience when I order my 30-day kit I'm gonna make sure that my whole group sees that and and I can't I can't wait for this amazing opportunity now most of you are already in our members area and it looks like this and then but if you're not just before a link around this video and there's a there's a link you can get right back to where we are now and you can log in get into our group and we can help you make some amazing things happen okay

now the next question on the company our bond what is it all about so our bond is actually a 39 year old company it was founded by a Norwegian botanist oh my gosh I'm almost 40 years ago it's crazy to think of that and it was always founded on the same principles of pure safe and beneficial and actually the flagship line for our bond is skincare and so pet arm work our founder really had a vision to share with people that there is a healthier way and he saw that there's a disparity especially in America for healthy products that were actually clean ingredients and so the main thing that is different about our bond than any other skin care company or any other kind of personal care product out there is the ingredient policy and I think that's super important to touch on because in the European Union they ban over 1,400 ingredients and of course so we were kind of based on that Swiss heritage as well and in the United States the FDA only bans 11 of those ingredients and carbon actually bans over 2000 so we actually go above and beyond the European Union's standard and that to me was the biggest reason I said

yes was because I felt like I had a social responsibility to share with people not just my friends and family but people I meet along the way or people on social media that there is a cleaner product out there so it is a social marketing company it has been around for a long time and we have all the certifications we do not stock product we do not do anything weird or slimy or auto-ship like that I think that's kind of what makes this company different than others is that it really is a click and ship company and that is based kind of on that family value and our ethics of really just educating and sharing with people that there's a better quality product out there so we really have everything from skin care to baby care aromatherapy if you're into essential oils and makeup shampoo and then our nutrition program which I love so I mean when I wake up in the morning I probably use a day without eating the nutrition stuff about 40 things that are in my own store so I found that genius because if I'm already using these things like mascara or shampoo or toothpaste or deodorant then why

wouldn't I just shop out of my own shopping cart because one it is the best product out there and two I get to attach a profit um you know to something that used to be an expense right and with this company here there's a direct profit at the point of sale and the business model is incredible and it's something that I can do part-time alongside what Anton was saying was my full-time job at the time nice nice so um and you know once you have your own your own store where you get a pretty significant discount on all the products as well right yeah absolutely so I'm preferred clients and if you're just a client it's only 20 million dollars to be a preferred client and you get for that whole year you get oh my gosh opportunities for free shipping free products all of that and then you get a 40% discount on our 30 days to healthy living kit or our skin care kit and then 20% off any individual product kind of Alucard out of those over 300 products that we have but as a consultant it's actually 20 dollars more to become a consultant and then you have the right to actually have your own store in the six countries that our carbon is in and

your discount goes up and so you get 50% off those kits and 25% off the rest of the catalog and well something else to mention about our bond is that yes we're Swiss heritage company but we are actually based in the United States in Irvine California with hubs kind of all over we also are in Canada Australia New Zealand Poland and the UK so I actually have a business in all of those countries because I use some in that country or someone I knew and knew someone in that country so it's a global opportunity it's not just a us-based thing nice nice that's huge and in front from all the research I've done this company actually seems like they have a part in helping the world as well we're the number one network marketing company that gives back which is incredible because we're not the biggest in the world but we're the number one that gives back yeah that's awesome I mean that's definitely something I would I would like to stand by now so how did you how did you get started with this what would actually sparked your interest in this program so my story is everybody has their own story

in this but mine is a little unique because when I met this brand I actually went to the school for construction management so when I met Anton I was working in the construction engineering world and I was actually in Raleigh North Carolina yet based out of California so I was traveling a lot I was kind of exhausted and yes traveling sounds nice but you get burned out really quickly when someone tells you where to go and like when you have to be there and you have to be in a cubicle for most of the day and I just knew that I was made for more and out of school I actually started a blog that was about fashion and travel kind of weaving already in the blog to my day-to-day life which was traveling for the company work for pleasure on the side but when I met our bond I actually heard about the products and that was the big aha moment for me is that as a blogger or anyone that's online sharing things we all do it you know we all share our favorite movies our favorite restaurants all of that but as a blogger I was getting paid to say that I loved certain products which seems great except for the fact that I had no idea that what I was

sharing with people was testing on animals 90% of what we're buying on shelves here in America it's testing on animals contains harmful ingredients like those you know 1,400 that are banned in the European Union and I just felt like I had that social responsibility to share with someone a better product I met some incredible men and women that were doing this and I just said you know what I'm all-in and I just switched my products over and slowly started to use social media or even just word of mouth I mean people started people start asking you when you start looking and feeling your best and your mindset and your skin starts to glow and you lose weight people are gonna start asking you and so that to me was just I'm also an entrepreneur you know I I had to say yes to this business because I saw the opportunity I saw the evidence um and I also saw that this is not just shoe money yes it can be if you just want you know an extra pair of shoes it can be your rent money your car payment sure but then I started realizing that if I did work at this business part-time you guys like I start on like 15 minutes

a day then I could grow a recurring income asset which would allow me that time and financial freedom and that's exactly what it's done so I was able to walk away from my engineering job and I actually was able to match the income that I was making there and now our bond is giving me under dollars per month towards a white Mercedes of my own which is that social evidence and that Arbonne does so they add an extra $800 a month in my paycheck because I've grown so big and I've changed so many people's lives and who doesn't want a free luxury car right of course not everybody needs a free white Mercedes but it is really nice when you you know when you pull up somewhere and you're like look this business really does work right awesome awesome so that that's amazing I really appreciate you coming on today and sharing this with us so I've been putting together a digital platform that's gonna give most of you more access to you know all the tools and kind of walk you through every step if you're interested in getting involved with this and Stephanie I'm gonna be sharing a lot of that with you as well

and I'm hoping to see you actually started a Facebook group and I'm hoping to see I'm pretty sure Stephanie's you know she's gonna be in she's great she's so involved she has her hands on everyone that she brings into the business she always helps them I mean to the barehand so I'm just looking forward to this like I said before if you're interested in this if you're not already on this page then find a link around this in the description somewhere and make sure you get involved sign up and I'll get started it's totally free and we'll be walking you through the the rest of the process and I can't wait to see your success Thank You Stephanie it's been amazing it's great to see you again and I appreciate you coming on all right of course I'm super excited I'm excited to meet everybody that's been able to watch this video because like I said you're in business for yourself in this business and also in the 30-day program but you're never by yourself so we're here for you thanks Anton [Music]