30 May 2018


so basically my whole entire life I have wanted to create videos, specifically youtube videos, because I just have so much fun doing them, and I love youtube, ...

hey what's up you guys water now I'm a

vlogger now welcome to the vlog so me and someone were talking and they're like Ellie you should write a book since so many things have happened to you that are just like what and then I was like you're right I should write a book except for one I'm not important enough to write a book that anyone would care about and two I don't read books so I wouldn't read my own book so I thought I should just start vlogging because maybe I'll catch something or maybe I won't and because it's on camera and won't happen because that's actually what usually happens to me is if I pull out a camera it'll stop where are you going it's like right there so tonight this is my sister Emily only tonight this is my sister other nights let's do the same thing should we go in so we're on a mission if you can tell right now I have this I'm not in shape I've gained drumroll please Emily 25 pounds since I moved to Utah started just trying to lose them all so we're at this place a bowl of heaven and we're gonna have some healthy treat tea [Music]

my thumb keeps getting in the shot but I got one [Music] show yours Emily of color stupid someone tell me how to say this pity yaw pitaya pitaya dragonfruit it's called dragon fruit I don't know what you were reading pit yeah [Laughter] Emily made me leave because she didn't wanna wait for me to finish because she wants me to do her eyebrows the joke's on her we have to go to my work to do them you've been there before what do you mean which one you have fortune