22 March 2019

Healthy living 101

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hops on here good all right sorry guys I'm a little tired today amen Willa hope that's how you say your name probably singing horribly wrong I'm sorry those you guys jump on just let me know that you're here wave or say hi or whatever if you guys haven't tried these bubbly drinks that are really good I have a bunch of flavors this is cherry hey I'm just going to see if anybody else jumps on I have my phone around here but I guess I don't all right well I'm gonna go ahead and get started just in case anybody watches this um replay cuz I know a lot of people are probably eating mom I'm gonna eating dinner but chilling out for the rest of the night and are we trying to relax so I wanted to just kind of keep it to the point here I've been posting about this 30 days to healthy living challenge and this is something that a lot of people are having so much success with and the whole point of this sorry if you hear my kiddo in the background is to cleanse your body if you think about your body like a septic system if you get things clumped up in there clods up in there yucky stuff in there it just backs up

and your body just can't function at its optimal level so this program it was designed to help people with a lot of the common irritations and complaints that I see in the office because I forgot to mention that I forgot to introduce myself so I'm Kelly Parker I'm actually a family nurse practitioner full time and I found myself doing our bond about two and a half years ago after I was looking for a much cleaner brand for my kills I have two kids I have a one-year-old and a three and a half year old I'm a three and a half year old at that time was only can I had and he was having a lot of sensitivity reactions to um soaps and fragrances and even Johnson & Johnson gentle stuff it just wasn't working hey can you be quiet please thank you sorry so my friend actually invited me to a facial parties what it was called back then and I'm like against like I don't want to be sold to I feel like I know enough about what I know and I wasn't really open to it that my husband was like just go so I went and when this girl starts talking about our bond the

nutrition difference the ingredient difference the policies and procedures that they follow and the income that she was making with the business I was definitely intrigued but at the same time like yeah I don't like that's for me like I don't have time for that whatever and so I left with samples I didn't I should purchase anything and I started using samples on my face like the facial line think you're lying and then I started at a nutrition program because she convinced me to try it after I had a host in my own party and she gave me a really good discount and I had phenomenal results like you guys can see the results that I put in there on the page and you'll see like I'm not lying it really works these people have these are real people reason like my clients these are my friends and they really do get results so who would benefit from this I really say anybody and everybody anybody with the plant inflammatory disease like hypothyroidism heart disease cholesterol issues blood sugar issues I think I said most of the main ones that I see all the time and anybody who has inflammatory arthritis and inflammation based pain whatever they

actually do really well with this - but a healthy individual like you and I who were watching this or joining would benefit from it too so what you do for 30 days it will sound challenging but it works really well and it's like an elimination diet if you went to a functional medicine doctor and they're like you need to do an elimination diet this is essentially that you cut out gluten soy dairy alcohol and caffeine for 30 days but you get caffeine replacement because cutting out caffeine cold turkey but put you through withdrawal give you terrible headaches and all that and the biggest drug that's abused right now in America is caffeine a lot of people don't think about it like that but we're all highly addicted to it myself included imma see you get Cathy replacement in that so this program works by you replace one meal a day with a protein shake but it's not just protein and water that is not considered a meal replacement you add in fresh fruit frozen fruit actually I think tastes better makes it a better consistency almond milk because you don't want Dairy and some vegetables and there's a green balance you can add in

there what else and a good fat like almond milk or avocado I mean almond butter and avocado so then you have your proteins your carbs and your fat everything that you need to make a full meal replacement this whole system is low glycemic index gluten free vegan non-gmo no artificial colors flavors sweeteners which is huge because a lot of protein powders use all that and they claim to be healthy and all-natural but petroleum and gas is all-natural and you can still claim that that's natural but doesn't mean that it's safe or healthy so that's something else that I like to point out is there's a lot of false advertisement with these types of things so this system is created to be a lifestyle change you can actually continue to do this and continue to have results like I have some of my clients have actually gotten off medications because they've done this system a couple months in a row my mom actually was somebody who struggle with weight for such a long time tried Atkins tried Weight Watchers try just like low-carb what else does she try oh she's down 25 pounds now doing this for about two and a half months and I'm so

proud of her because she never sticks anything but was the taste of this stuff so that makes it easier so you do a shake once a day the way it describes and then you do two full real meals and some people actually do two shakes a day a snack and a meal but I like to market it as one shake a day and two full meals and you can even add a snack into that so what does your typical day look like well a protein shake like I described this morning just a few minutes ago and then for lunch is usually my biggest meal of the day I have about three ounces of a lean meat and then I do beans rice some type of whole-grain car because you're allowed to have cards on this because your brain runs on that for reason on and vegetables and then first snacks I do fruit I do fools and hummus I mean there's just so many things and what's nice about this program is we plug you into an accountability group so you're never alone in this I'm actually your health coach I walk you through it I answer any questions you have we'll give you recipes to give you grocery lists we give you everything that you could usually need to be successful all right

I'm gonna jump more into the products because that was the overview already describe these proteins what's up in these bags on the claim this will be will last for 30 days but in my experience hold on my computer's gonna die sorry 30 days because my husband and I will share this and it seems to last much longer than that so you get two bags of protein in this system vanilla or chocolate there's 20 grams of vegan protein the protein comes from Peapod there's over 24 different micronutrients vitamins and minerals and it they say if you use the shake and you actually crave it in the morning which I do you're probably neutrally deficient in something in your diet so I know for a fact I don't get as many vegetables they showed in my diet I'm so by doing the shake and putting spinach in there that's a great way to start my day well I'll tell you who's actually in ginseng root in here coenzyme ten which is really good for a vascular system and you can see I'm paired sorry I'm just looking down here because the list them and rinse the riddles is huge but down here the list

of ingredients is super small compared to the other stuff at GNC and stuff and I don't know this but at GNC and places where you get vitamins and supplements it isn't that if deregulated nobody really looks at it and they can hide anything they want in there so it's very scary and they have actually found rat poison and certain over-the-counter pre workouts and stuff um what else is there to say about that ou are buying bans over 2,000 ingredients the FDA here bans 11 it's very sad and the European Union bans 1,400 so r1 is surpassing the European Union and they're actually European based and that's why they put out those 1,400 already and then they went above and beyond and cannot another 600 that was you guys could try because it tastes really good I think manuela tried it before so I'd love to hear what she alright the next product I'm obsessed with and this is something I think everybody in America would benefit from because of the high salt high sodium and high fat diet that we have I said salt and sodium I meant high sugar too and this product is something that G is actually recommend that specifically this brand

but they recommend probiotics right and now we're learning more about prebiotics both of those things are in this vanilla is great yes I love the vanilla my husband loves the chocolate so we always have both but when you're looking for something sweet on the plan the chocolate it makes really good brownies and actually mixing the vanilla and chocolate together make really good protein balls you get all those recipes in that group I was talking about so probiotics feed your bacteria in your gut but they could be feeding the bad bacteria if your balance isn't good so probiotics get the balance where it should be and not all probiotics you buy over-the-counter actually get in your small intestines where it should be this is a pant not it because it's free stride and activated by gastric juices which guarantees what you're putting in is getting rich should be there's also a digestive enzymes in here which help break down your your food into protein carbs and fat I feel II and thanks for joining and watching and commenting I appreciate that and this also helps break down fiber and lactose so if you do take in dairy it

will help break it down further for you so that you um feel better and don't have as much abdominal bloating and gas a lot of people find when they take this they actually see they're bloating and they're doing kind of decrease in size it also helps get your nutrients out of your food quicker and makes you fuller quicker because you're you're absorbing it better all right so that's the digestion plus the fiber I fetch by the bag over here but it looks just like this is just doesn't taste like anything and does well and cold or hot um temperature water which is nice or you can really mix it in with anything like if I'm making spaghetti and I want to make the spaghetti sauce a little more nutrient dense oh and a scoop of the fiber in there you don't taste it my kids have no idea it's in there but fiber is more than just forgot regularity like I think that's what a lot of people think about it for but it's necessary for a cholesterol your LDL cholesterol actually goes down when you take in more fiber and your HDL or good cholesterol goes up you also stay fuller longer and it helps keep your blood sugar stable so the whole point of

this system is to avoid ups and downs ups and down in your blood sugar and they say if you could keep your blood sugar stable you will not have a weight issue that's been proven in studies as well so what else is going to say about the flavor how you use half a scoop to a full scoop a day if you don't use a fiber supplement at all what you recommend that you only do like 1/4 or 1/2 of the scoop until your body gets used to it and then you also um it's really important to increase your water increase your water increase your water because fiber will pull water into the school people who have ero labelled with constipation or diarrhea actually most of the time are recommended by GI to get more fiber in their diet there's a lot of Americans do not an average American gets 13 grams a day and we're supposed to get 30 so that's another thing we're very much lacking because we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables and whole foods so that's where the fiber comes into play I put that right in my shake in the morning and don't ever think twice about it because doesn't taste like anything okay moving on these fish stick so seriously one of my favorite

things these are the caffeine replacement because again you cut out caffeine for 30 days and if you went cold turkey on it you would get withdrawal symptoms so this is very different that a cup of coffee it's actually highly beneficial to you the 50 milligrams of caffeine comes from green tea extract so that is something that it already has benefits with a coffee there's a bunch of antioxidants in it and it keeps your energy levels more naturally stabilized like coffee you get a really good some people feel really awake and then they crash and then with green tea and you feel awake and it sustained a little bit longer and it tapers off nicely versus a big crash and also hydrates you versus dehydrates you and there was another thing I think it balances your blood sugar once again and then Arbonne puts even more benefits into this so they have Co Q 10 once again they have chromium in here and that's the part that actually really helps you focus and stay on task I feel and I know when I utilize these they taste awesome and a great pick-me-up yes they're perfect I know that me personally at work when I

write my notes I do so much better when I have one of these on board than coffee and I actually put it right in my detox tea which I'm going to talk about in a minute as a warm drink in the morning I used to be a coffee person all the time all the time and did not realize how much that was actually upsetting my stomach until I cut it out and I actually don't drink at all anymore I don't even crave it I don't even want it um and when I do try to drink it I feel crappy so these are awesome so they also have gin zinc in there a little bit of taurine and everyone gets the wrong impression of taurine because they overuse it and energy drinks but it's actually from a plant so it's safe in small amounts and so there's a little bit in there as well for that added energy and there's a bunch of B vitamins and of course if you don't use those you just PMS they're they're not very dangerous I think that was everything else could talk about oh there's nice and in here too which also helps the cholesterol so there's pomegranate and citrus and again in this kit you can pick your protein flavors and you can pick your

fistic flavors alright so the last two products are is the detox tea and the cleanse and I like to talk about this kind of hand-in-hand because during the detox you do a detox tea in the morning and at night for three out of the four weeks and then you do a seven-day cleanse instead of the Chi for one week this again if you think about your body like a septic system we only have so many H territory organs to get rid of the stuff that we take in that our body doesn't use is your skin your lungs your kidneys your liver and your guts this particular products the detox teas by naturopath all-natural path sait you should be drinking something like this once a day to support the health of your kidneys and liver because they are on overdrive all the time especially with American diet so there's certain things in here that really really help your kidneys in your liver fennel is one that's huge dandelion licorice elderberry milk thistle all this stuff may be whinnying bells for you for things you've heard in the past are good for you milk thistle is actually a huge support for the liver it

helps the master antioxidant glutathione which is solely in our liver we've worked even better to keep your immune system stable and improve it a lot of people after doing a system don't get sick and as long as they remain on most of these things it really don't get sick as they're getting all those micronutrients as well this tastes like kind of peppermint chamomile ish the seven-day cleanse is actually they redid the flavor thankfully because the old flavor was disgusting but this one's good it's lemon ginger and it actually tastes like lemonade um and I will actually because you're supposed to put one of these little packets in 32 ounces of water I'll mix it in with like warm water so it dissolves well I'll put ice in it I'm gonna add a citrus fistic drink it over three to four hours although I can tell you this is not dangerous because I accidentally had like half of one of these left at the airport and of course you can't take liquid one end with you know I wasn't thinking so I chugged it and the plane all it did was make me go urinate more often but it did nothing to my GI tract didn't even like hurt my

stomach because this is more targeted to get excess toxins and stuff removed from your gut three weeks in because if you did this right away when you're cutting out those really highly allergic and irritating foods way too much for you so this is once a day for seven days in the third week of the challenge and you drop off the tea during that time there anything else go the key ingredients in here at gamble probably ring bells because I think some of you guys might be from medical field as well so magnesium obviously helps things move a little quicker in the GI tract aloe is actually really good for cleansing and things in the GI tract ginger which keeps your helps keep you like soothes in the GI tract and al glutamate which is an amino acid which I have to look more into that cuz I don't remember what that does is far yes GI tract but that was everything with the seven-day her the 30-day challenge that was what I mainly wanted to come in here and talk about and just to touch upon like if you wanted to purchase how you would do that there's a really good deal I have going on this month you can get the entire kit which is actually over for another $44

retail for I think 266 there's usually a one-time $29 fee to sign up to get that discount it's like the sales club membership you can't get their discounts unless you sign up for their membership our buns are similar it's $29 but I'm waiving that until tomorrow at midnight and I'm offering a free protein shaker cup which is like a $10 value and it's just easy and easier when you have one of those for your protein shakes I'm saying oh you get free shipping and a free yet so you're really spoiling their clients this month and some people can actually get this system to last almost two months instead of just one month because if with free gift you can get another digestion plus and if you're only doing one shake a day you have over 60 servings because there's two pools serving or two full bags of the protein so it's actually a really really good deal compared to buying just a couple of things if you were somebody who just wanted to purchase a few things they coming up to fur client is with a 150 retail order and you get 20% off right away with this big package you're actually getting 40% off so this is the better deal um mostly oh and of course

you can just buy one or two things if you wanted and not become a preferred client but then you don't get that 20% off and free shipping and free gifts there's none of those scary like we're gonna make you get automated shipping all the time or we're gonna keep charging you every month like nothing like that the only time you ever purchase anything beyond what you're perching is purchasing as far as product is the $29 fee which gives you the 20 to 40 for full-year plus free gifts and free shipping consulting I like to just throw this out there it's 35 percent off for us we don't get the free shipping but our ship things like just standard shipping which is seven bucks each time we order something no matter how big or how small and you can actually make an income if it's something that you're interested in and wanting to help other people get healthy and watching how other people work on themselves because that's essentially exactly what I do so again thank you so much for all of your time and I look forward to talking with you come and other things in the event here so you get a chance to win a free

box of this six years later see if I can