10 June 2019

Healthy junk food! Healthy gluten free shopping options!!

Gluten free shopping options! Paleo bars, Almond bars. Cashew crush bars. Nut bars. Eating healthy. Changing to a healthy diet. Eating healthy food. Healthy ...

hello people so yes rather chilly for

the time of year actually had some rain today and yeah the water butts are getting filled up the gardens getting watered nicely so yeah I'm actually quite happy about it so there we go now I've been doing a bit of shopping today and as well as growing some of my own food I'm also trying to eat a lot healthier now this is not necessarily that easy for me because I do enjoy junk food shell once so now I'm the sort of bloke that can easily eat a whole packet of chocolate biscuits with very little problem at all so you know I'm improving getting they're making sort of slow short strides if you will towards this but progress in the right direction so done a bit of shopping and I'll be shopping in three places okay so the first place I've been shopping at is Aldi's I've been to the local farm shop and I've also been to a local co-op as well so Aldys now what did I buy from hourlies right now these are really lovely cashew crush raw 5 raw fruit and nut bars and they contain 51% cashew nuts and 49% dates no need sugar or preservatives cold-pressed gluten-free great for adults and kids snacks and lunch boxes so there you go so that's

199 for 5 and I purchased these so I do like these nice taste and don't see the size of them so you work that out one pound 99/5 so good price for a tasty snack there and the other one I've purchased is these paleo almond and cashew five bars made with four all-natural food ingredients snacking like our forefathers you make of that what you will but there we go so with regards to what's in them we've got 50% dates 30% almonds 20% cashew nuts and almond oil so there we go and they are 199 five as well so the way that I look at that or whether I look at these is also in cardboard boxes as well so that can go in the younger recycling but you know if you go to like a gas station service station petrol station whatever you want to call it and you know you want to buy yourself urge well known branded chocolate bar you know just for a quick snack I think they're getting up to like between sixty P and a pound each now aren't they well you know one of these bars is not he's not near that price so you know nice healthy snack and very nice tasting nice and sweet and they would be you know with dates and yeah so

that's what I've purchased there now I've been to the coop and I've bought some of this genius scoot and free bread now it's not the cheapest okay that is I can't remember what it was oh yeah three pound for a loaf like this now some of the thinking and you know my reaction was to do the same but I'm thinking well we probably ate or I certainly ate too much bread anyway mainly because it's easy you know you go in there put the old toast down the old peanut butter and away you go you know thinking well if you know I live in a cheap loaf of that sort of thing you know you can just quickly do that you know for a 50 P for a big loaf like there but makes you consider your choices a bit more of a loaf like this so maybe just use it for sandwiches for work or whatever and you know home and sitting around on bit hungry have some toast or maybe not maybe have some you know some brown rice and vegetables some salad some nuts seeds whatever you know so that it's like a way of sort of encouraging myself with regards to you know food choices organization and not always going for the easy option because in many cases in life that's not the best option in my

opinion so there we go and what else gluten vegan mega sunrise now this again came from the coop and this was three pound 29 so again you know relatively pricey for a box of cereal but once again well it's good quality I presume let's let's read what's in it cornmeal corn flour raw cane sugar and there are no obviously sugar is sugar isn't it but I think raw sugar because I still got the goodness bits in it it's better than you know just just white sugar flax seed 5% buckwheat flour quinoa 4% amaranth 2% C's sea salt and some sort of antioxidant Tucker Farrell rich extract maybe is that natural I don't know but you know probably better this than one of them sugar flake cereals which once again are very very cheap and one can just think oh I'll just have people like me Oh bowl and Bowl and Bowl are one after the other of that which is not a problem so for me to consume that so thinking about it maybe you know this and this oh yes certainly paid more for them but it will maybe make me something uh other than having a bowl of cheap sugary cereal I'm gonna make myself a nice salad and some nice fruits pitch

you know blah-dee-blah so that's one thing that I've been thinking of now what I do show you these what I've got from our these so cherries 89 pence for some lovely cherries look at those very nice we look here we've got peaches 59 pence okay for some peaches here you know then it might be edible yeah that'd be alright now maybe another day or two but they're certainly fine so we've got cherries for 89 pence and we've got peaches for 59 Pence and both of those came from Spain yes and varieties we've got van cherry and by Van trees actually I've Estela that you can by Van trees and your spring lady yellow yellow fleshed peach and also I purchased some of these which were really nice price 45 pence for some apricots variety media bell yellow fresh yellow flesh produce of Spain so yes some nice you know produce therefore a very you know in my opinion a good price you know considering you know none of these are grown here because you know yes you can grow all three of these fruits here in the UK even though they are especially the peaches and the apricots are many people consider them still an exotic fruit but

all three of these you can grow properly here with no problem but two hours aren't Radio because it's warmer in Spain quicker and you get the idea so good prices there now these are as you can see strawberries now these are lovely looking stories I mean look at those they are strawberries of pure brilliance and beautifulness and these I purchased from the local farm shop now I could go to a supermarket and if you if you did indeed I think it's uploading now I'm a video of the shopping hall earlier on the Aldi sort of super six and gardening products shopping trip you will see that I could have indeed bought strawberries for cheaper yes I could but I thought no and the temptation is there to do that I agree and it was there with me but I thought no I'm gonna go to the local farm shop and I did and you had a chat with the people there and all that and it's nice to have a have a chat with people to engage with people in a personal basis and they've them you know got their own business go and family-run and I thought you know what yes let let's let's go then it was four pounds for this many strawberries and yes as I

stated you could get and cheaper in the olden supermarket but we'll wait so and then locally-produced these are so I mean that really has got lovely strawberry taste and you know they haven't travelled very far you know they've gone from the field to the packing house and then to the shop and then to me you know low carbon footprint you know low food miles so you know less deterioration of the crop with regards to traveling for you know freshness so yeah and I just keep thinking you know and I'm going to make making a conscious decision this year to try and support local growers if I can and you know purchasing their locally grown fruit even if it's just from some bloke who's growing a few two markers and send them out the front of his house know if you see them know if you feel you could buy them because you know wait where people put their money can they can be different because you think well end of the day I can't imagine this much money in ground strawberries these days maybe I'm wrong but I can't imagine you I can imagine being quite a difficult business and of course you know whether people would like it or lump it you know

you they've got to make money these businesses in order for them to survive and it just makes me think you know if you get the chance to put a bit of your money if you can afford to into a bit of the local produce for the local area you might be grateful you did because when in ten years time you know if enough people buy from them maybe I'm speaking a little bit sort I I'd be a lot ideologically here yeah ideologically I hope I pronounced that right but you know when you're looking at you know a lovely apple orchard no strawberries fruits growing in the fields there and then they're still being jobs for people to work there as opposed to a housing estate or an industrial centre you might be glad you did and that's at least hair of course one person you know born a few punnets of strawberries it's not going to stop that happening but if enough people do it you know it could be very beneficial for the local area and for nature as well because I mean you know the birds the bees whatever you know obviously farmers done particularly more birds all over there you know strawberry crops but you

know bees pollinating you know we all we all need these and it just makes me think you know that's one potential one way that we could maybe make a difference ourselves so and there we go so I hope you enjoyed that video trying to eat healthier healthier choices now that I'm sort of in my I'm in my mid-30s but makes me think you know maybe you start thinking a little bit more about you know health and them support and what's important okay hope you enjoyed that video if you like my work please feel free to like share and subscribe see you next time