09 December 2019

Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

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I'm Kelly and one of the help food is

the parsley help and today I'm gonna be taking you through one of my favorite stores oh I would be talking about healthy holiday swaps we make this year so that your favorite cakes cookies and pastas are actually super delicious nutritious and healthy for you the holiday season let's go hey guys for our next healthy slop we're gonna be talking a little bit about how do you replace sugar in this pies Cajun cooking that you take around holidays you either think about natural sugar sweeteners which we're going to be less processed and gonna contain some great natural ingredients but do you have a lot of sugar in them or you think about sugar free sweeteners that are naturally derived first we're gonna start with our natural sugar sweeteners a lot of options for honey and those are going to be two of our top options for natural sweeteners ideally we're looking for an organic raw and local man it should be a little tricky to find and usually if you have a safe bet with two out of those three what I mean by that is here you'll find even the Whole Foods brand as organic still maybe organic some kind of feels best for you for

those with seasonal allergies very enticing raw might be some one of the biggest things to think about people think on your new journey by being exposed to allergens in your environment your honey is a really good way to boost immunity during the cold winter holiday season in addition to honey another great natural sweetener alternative it going to be maple syrup similarly for highest quality you want to ask for organic brand as we know both honey and make this year of law much less processed than refined sugar it's still gonna have a lot of sugar in the final products you want even conscious of the amount they are using also because they're the queen nectar like speakers they're gonna maybe offer a different texture consistency if you're replacing for a cane sugar another option for a natural sugar if you're not wanting to use that's in a liquid form would be a proven on sugar product which could also replace my teacher for those of you trying to find to help the alternative to a sugar free recipe break Samuel saved and using Splenda sweet'n low and speak with a super low sir aspartame to create that

diet cake for your diabetic envelope for example a better alternative is actually going for a sugar-free sweetener that is naturally derived instead of chemically pure Michael today two of those things on the market right now they're very popular or stevia and melon extract just like with all the other products we've talked about you want to make sure that quality comes first in these things right two favorite types of natural sweeteners or stevia and mushroom stevia comes from the South American plant used to have it when I lived in Peru but max also most of the producers actually paired them with erythritol which is a sugar alcohols make it a little less beats to make them more of a one-to-one substitution for sugar in your recipe one last fun fact about these because there's your calorie and sugar free they won't send your blood sugar even when you're enjoying high after that they stop is gonna be for all good sugar all purpose flour at your supermarket is bleached obviously for those back we've got allergy I thought I wouldn't get for Bria but it does serve it's a mortar flour so it's really good to bread named Smith for example right

here buddy chicken or for an ex-colleague healthy holiday soft we're going to be talking about pastas so typically for the holidays I don't elion out there any American out there really loves the great pop the dish around the holidays the reality is that your typical wheat pastas are going to be from refined flour and they're going to be a super nutrient to pleats they're not going to have a lot of fiber in them or really offer you anything additionally oh they're no big spider phurba hydrators white hair blood sugar there's actually are shoots or different pastas on the market caution just because something is cool free try new parts is healthy I really mean it is really want to look at the ingredients in these products because sometimes you're gonna see an agreement list that's super long with ingredients you can't pronounce it actually anywhere out the ingredients follow suit organic green lentil flour it is the only thing you're gonna find in this product fun fact I checked I'm alone into eating this after I served with some awesome meatball so pleasantly surprising the reaction another really alternative to

if you're not a lentil fan this is another humates pasta pasta to make it even more of a protein rich substitute a lot of fibers similar to the lepton pasta because again they're really your base and the games are really really high in fiber what roads you know that some people have a lot of digestive issues when it comes to the use only news so if you fall into that category and you're still trying to look for a really see really good examples are going to be squash and zucchini so you can buy them home like this and you can actually buy just a handheld spiralizer at home you'll take this rinse it off you wouldn't have to feel it you just fire lies it with the squash or become so popular these days they actually sell them freeze finalized for you this is something you can find in your local Whole Foods or supermarket it's going to be in the refrigerated session section and this is what this guy looks like also I realized out you're not a zucchini and and you don't necessarily want to be noodles another great option or squash based prospect right that's massive firelight - your Rosa net a lot of supermarkets - just something

to keep in mind this is a starchy vegetable so it's a bit more starch in it a little bit more carbohydrate that's not a bad thing might me feel a little bit more people a little bit more sense like you can have like squash I love spaghetti squash like the neat universe is a great option and of course spaghetti alternate it'll just be my Holy Spirit touch these things so be really careful use a really sharp knife you wanna come but this thing it has to be suit drizzle it I guess the olive oil and salt and pepper first place it facedown on your baking sheet put in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes matrixsort tender in the oven actually swim out stream Oh spaghetti problem is with roasted spaghetti lastly there's gonna be delicious you can eat as is or add in the tomato sauce pesto olive oil and butter wouldn't everyone and it will act just as it would a week no special delicious call the mortgagor systemic risk what