22 July 2019


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hey you guys welcome back it's Ashley today I wanted to talk to you guys about hair and tips to maintain the health of your hair as well as the length of your hair especially if you have chemically processed here I've been dyeing my hair for like ten years now and majority of the time I've been dying in blonde which is the most harsh color you can do for your hair I've dyed it red I've dyed it brown I've dyed it numerous times throughout my life so I think I've done a pretty good job at maintaining the health of my hair as well as the length and I want to give you guys some tips on how you can do that as well with drugstore products so but I washed my hair with is nothing special usually I get the Tresemme shampoo and conditioner but I accidentally picked up this because it looks similar this is just the equate brand I think it's a Walmart brand but it works just fine and then get yourself a deep conditioner and this is just L'Oreal él vive total repair so this is like a daily deep conditioner I don't wash my hair daily but I use it every time I do wash my hair and it smells great and it will leave your hair feeling very soft after and then every

once in a while I'll pick up a hair mask so this time I just got a Pantene one-step nourishing mask and this will leave your hair feeling amazing afterwards so like every once in a while I'll just pick up a random hair mask from Target or Walmart nothing specific I just like to try new ones so I'll do that you know every month to every few months and then four before I straighten my hair which I don't do often by the way I've been doing a little more lately because I haven't been at work but usually I only put heat on my hair maybe one to two times a week but when I do I'll use a heat primer and this is just a heat primary from Pantene it works just fine and I think it was like five or six dollars okay and then as far as products go there's one more thing I have and it is what you put in your hair as far as hair bands so if you can pick up these and I'm gonna show you why I know this isn't everybody style and maybe you know this won't look good with whatever outfit you're wearing but if if you don't want to wear it during the day at least wear it at night I know most women like myself wear their hair up at night so at least try to do this at

night okay I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about so if you see this like normal regular elastic hair band it has a bunch of hair on it because over time it'll tear at your hair so I have plenty of little hair strands wrapped around this because it's wear out my hair okay so we're gonna move on to the more important things as far as hair health and hair growth that I do and the number one thing I'm gonna say is water you guys water is essential it's great for your hair it's great for your skin it's great for your body it is great for everything so I drink about two of these bottles a day maybe more and this is 50 fluid ounces so I get close to a gallon a day and I've been doing that for years and it has made a difference in my hair and it has made a difference in my skin you guys it is very important to drink water that's like all my house drinks like my daughter my husband we drink a ton of water and the only other thing I will drink is coffee because you got a heavy coffee okay so the other important thing I want to say is you do not have to wash your hair every day okay maybe wash it you know every two days every

three days but I only wash my hair once a week sometimes twice so I know when I was a little younger I used to think oh like once a week was gross it's not okay hair needs the oils your hair does not need to be washed every day there's no reason for that if you want your hair to look a little more fresh in between washes just go pick up some dry shampoo like that's all you need do not wash your hair every day okay I've been washing my hair once a week for a very long time what else what else what else trimming I know that hairstylist they suggest trimming your hair every six weeks and honestly I think that's a little excessive I don't do that I mean maybe that works for you that doesn't work for me I lie long hair so I don't do that I maybe trim my hair every three months which might be a lot but I don't think it's necessary to go every six weeks to get your hair trimmed so I trim my hair about every three months usually that's when I'll go in and get my highlights oh then I'll get a trim as well and also when it comes to heat just if you can avoid using heat on your hair then do it obviously that's not very realistic for

a lot of people especially if your natural hair isn't the texture that you like my hair is straight but it's like frizzy and you know not a cute kind of straight if I was just to leave it so I do use a straightener like maybe once to twice a week and like I said just put put some kind of heat protector in your hair before you use it as well as before you blow-dry your hair you guys that's about all I do for my hair and I think that you know you don't have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive haircare products like these are all from the drugstore and as long as you are not washing your hair every single day as long as you're drinking plenty of plenty of water and you know sometimes people take care of Ottomans and they say that helps I've never taken them but you know it doesn't take a lot of money to take care of your hair you guys it really doesn't just take care of your body take care of your health and don't wash your hair every day okay that's what I've done for my hair and that's what's worked for me like I said I've dyed my hair so many times and you would think like my hair would be fried by now and it's really not it actually feels pretty

good you know and like I said I've been able to keep it long for all these years so you guys I hope you like this video and I hope it helped out in in some way and I will see you guys in my next video