16 September 2018

Healthy Habits Haul: Salmon, kombucha & more

Hi guys! This video is more first Lifestyle video!!!! :) The video is one of many in my Health Habits series. Showing what you can incorporate into your daily ...

you guys learn hearing so welcome back

to my channel today I just wanted to do a really quick grocery haul on some items that I've been getting lately and I always say it starts from the inside so whatever you have inside or whatever you're putting in inside and reflects on the outside so without any further ado let's just go ahead and get right into this haul okay so the first thing I wanted to mention is this bread of Norwegian roasted salmon I just got this from Whole Foods [Music] but this is pretty much just a Norwegian salmon salmon up everybody knows has very it's very high in fat high in and a fatty acid it's also very high in protein and I'm so salmon is really good and corporate into your diet and so I get this printer from Whole Foods it's pretty much already cooked it is roasted on birch wood with a little bit of salt and it's so good it is so good I couldn't get the bigger packs that come in variety packs at Whole Foods they have salmon but they're not already cooked precooked and I'm off to cooking myself and I just I can't really cook salmon that well so I have a precooked one that's so good and I love the

roasted flavor that again this brain is really good guys to go check it out next I just got some bananas these girls in my protein smoothies that I make myself see some organic cooking smooth like I buy about five bananas a week and I put one in each of my smoothies for a day they're about 80 to 100 calories has a lot of potassium a lot of Omega I believe magnesium potassium and a ton of other different really great things of course B vitamins like b6 and I believe b12 and bananas good for like bone health and also of course your hair elasticity enshrine saying that about bananas so next by God avocados I just got to medium sized avocados and these are really good I just like eating avocados but regardless if you eat them with whatever you eat them with eggs toast whatever I eat them with wraps salads and at my eggs and different things but I love a lot of cuddles us off with they're really good and amino acids they're high in fatty acids and you need those type of fats to help promote healthy hair and skin elasticity again so these are really good for that and plus they just taste

really good and they're good a good natural fat in your diet I try to supplement as many plant-based things in my diet and also get some that are high in fats and high and proteins and high and carbs because I mean next I just got just a some style it's a mixed salad from their selling bar and you pay by pounding this $1 a pound and of course this is not even you know so it's really cheap a lot cheaper than the ones that are preached that come in pre rap and they're around three to three to four dollars it's not you know a lot but it's still a lot cheaper and plus I get enough grades that I need for the week and this is not even half of this box so I'm not to eat that mini but they go in my wraps and they also sometimes go in my smoothies then I also picked up some traditional soft and thin flatbread ready to wrap flatbread as well and these are pretty much just a wraps that I make a one of the meal preps that I make for lunches once I use my salad with avocado or the half an avocado hummus and my protein of choice which would be chicken this week it's already precooked chickens ready to go just got a few in my wrap so super easy next I

got the silk coconut milk I do not drink regular milk anymore just because honestly I look at a documentary I believe Food Network or something and I got really creeped out so I used to drink milk like non-stop for my protein smoothies but when I found out that they have to filter the milk because of what I want to gross anybody out pretty much they have to filter the milk and it's like all that stuff does not come out I don't care how high of a high of a quality of a machine that you have you cannot tell me you get 104 so that stuff out of that milk every single time and then Plus honestly it's not really natural for people to be drinking animal milk you know so I've been of course incorporating more plant-based things into my guide of course and tried to keep them on the fattier acid side and high protein high calories high fibers and this one is coconut milk and it's the only one that I've like so far other than soy milk so another good alternative if you do like soy milk this is kind of like that it's the coconut milk from a silk brand and it's 80 calories so it's really the highest calories that you can get from the silk

brand I think other than the chocolate one and it's 100 calories but it's really good for smoothie so that's what I use it for the next strings I got is a kombucha brand so this is just a kombucha organic raw and this is in the Rose flavor been drinking a lot of kombucha I honestly not not super happy about the taste it takes a little weird honestly maybe I'll get used to it one day but I'm really just drinking it for the probiotics that it has the enzymes and the electrolytes that it has really good for skin for just overall health so I drink about two of these a week I got only one this week so I tried a new drink that I'm going to show you guys the next thing I hired is pretty much some potatoes um like I said with the plant-based thing I'm trying to do which I'm not completely odd because I I can't I just need some type of meat so I choose fish and chicken and things occasionally but potatoes i evil a potato of the week these are good and of course magnesium Emily and fiber and protein and they're just a really heavy starchy vegetable that will definitely keep on weight and it's they're really I just like mashed potatoes a lot of

hey the next thing I have is the Whole Foods 100% cold-pressed juice and this is the rise and shine rise and shine one they have like five different other ones but this one was recommended by Kelsey and Kendra grant twins and I've been drinking the beats one for a while the beats one and the green one for a while and I like them they're really good and they really taste very vegetable yeah but they're still really sweet tunes and they're really good but I never tried this one because it looked a little too pink and I was like okay I eat enough fruits already so I don't really want to buy a fruit drink um but it actually tastes very gingery and it's still a little vegetable E but still more a lot more sweet than other words just because it has apples pineapples grapes and mangoes in it so that makes it sweet and then it also has ginger in it as well so if you guys like those ingredients plus ginger you're gonna love this I love it's really really good so I think it in the bigger jars lately I have about two of these a week and so they're just really good you know I mean it's better than drinking soda so a lot of my drinks the

only drinks that I have in my house is water orange juice milk which is my almond milk and alcohol started back incorporating juices and I wanted to get of course an organic healthy juice and I was thinking about getting a juicer just to cut out the middleman but since I have gotten recommendations for to try the Whole Foods juices that they make daily I tried them and I really really liked them they do taste very like they just made it and they put it out so that's why I like this about this so you've haven't done if you haven't tried these juices cole pressures just from Whole Foods go definitely try them there is a good butt juice juice cleanse thing that you can do to really cleanse yourself and it helps with belly fat and helps with skin like glowing this it helps with this overall health so I not doing juice cleanse I'm just drinking juices in my day-to-day life it's like more of a lifestyle not necessarily a one-time thing you know they do have juice that whole foods for you to do if you do do the juice cleanse and they're really good he's the new juices that I'm wanting to try this is the lucky Layla yeah lucky Layla farms

drinkable yogurt so I love yogurt I get frozen yogurt at least once a week from my frozen yogurt place down the street having one incorporate some more yogurts into my diets just because it's high in calories and it's actually just good for you and they say like regular it is the best but I wanted something truthful because I easier for me to drink my calories than it is to eat my calories so I've been focusing a lot on that this is actually 170 calories per bottle and there's a little tiny cute little bottle so you can take one to work with you every single day so I actually got two of the blueberry ones and I got two of the peach ones and these are great a drinkable yogurt so I can't wait to try these they look really really good I think they're not showing up color in the video unfortunately but this one is more of a purpley color and this one is of course a yellow color of course it is gluten free so anybody who is gluten free these are good for you didn't maybe that but it happens so you are gluten free all of these suggestions will work for you that is it from my very small grocery haul like I said what you put in your body is what's gonna work like

outside so definitely guys incorporate a lot more healthier options into your diet it's not super expensive you definitely can get an app to save money which I do I'm not like super like balling you know I could just do that maybe if I was I wouldn't be that crazy to you know not save money so like I said you can get an app on your phone and so that little green one there is the whole foods out I use this app every single time and when you hit the app it comes up a little barcode and you can use that barcode in whole food every single time yes trees and it's usually four things are on sale different little items yeah but thanks so much for watching it all for you guys my next one bye [Music]