10 June 2019


Hey cuties!! In todays video I show you my healthy grocery haul full of my go to food staples for health and weight loss! One of my favourite things to do is to go ...

okay guys so just got back from my

favorite place to buy products I love it because it is fully organic and locally grown vegetables and fruits and meat and all types of things like that and I got lots of veggies to show you today lots of my favorite staples that I always like to get that I like to have in the apartment to cook with so I thought I'd show you my favorite healthy staples that I always get from the grocery stores so bananas always have to get bananas perfect for smoothies perfect for just like on the coast snacks I always like to get them up when they're a little bit green just so they don't go bad right away if I don't eat them within like four or five days so bananas and then I always get eggplant now eggplant has been my favorite vegetable is it a vegetable or fruit I feel like it's a vegetable correct me if I'm wrong it has been my favorite thing to have lately I actually love it coated in panko breadcrumbs I love making eggplant parmesan I like to just bake it in the oven with a little bit of tomato sauce and some basil and it is so so good so I got two of those I always always always get yams they had this really big guy here

absolutely love it can't chopping it up putting a little bit of salt pepper some oregano parsley putting it in the oven and having it on the side with like eggs for breakfast or even on a salad is really really good for some good carbs so I always get yams or sweet potatoes carrots are a must I'd love to when you use in soups or salads or I love just having at my snack of just cucumber and carrots in a bit of ranch they're really good shredded and wraps I just I love carrots so always have to get those so they were actually all sold out of iceberg lettuce at the sort of veggie store that I went to so I got this leafy green lettuce which looked beautiful I mean look at that color if I don't get iceberg lettuce I'd say this is definitely my second favorite I did get this in plastic I try actually not to put my produce in classic just you know helped save the planet so like things like zucchini and tomatoes and eggplant and sweet potato I just put in my cart but things like potatoes and lettuce I like to put it in plastic zucchini I like to use zucchini for very similar things I like to use

eggplant with really good in pastas zucchini Parmesan zucchini fries I don't really eat zoodles a lot but another really good thing you can make too which I think I'll make a video on is these delicious zucchini mini pizzas really good so yeah I love zucchini are used to hate zucchini now I love zucchini I also got some cabbage now this hasn't always been something I picked up but lately I've realized that I really really love it in stir fries it is so good it's really good in like a soup arugula it isn't a mushroom bag but it is not mushrooms and beautiful irregular there goes - I love the color green I don't know I get so excited when I go veggie shopping I just feel so like cuz the place I go is set up like a market so there's little stalls and it's outside and people just seem happy and there's a little section for flowers and herbs and plants and I don't know I feel like there's a farm girl in my past life I love that kind of thing I want to have chicken coops when I'm older in my backyard have like farm-fresh eggs um yeah okay so there was a really good deal actually on for cauliflower they had a two for $5 cauliflower - for five

cauliflower Deal which is amazing because usually it's like five dollars a cauliflower so again like Walmart a cauliflower was always five six bucks for me but a place like that were locally grown is two four five so you never know which place you'll get the good deals love cauliflower I like it steamed I like to add it in stir Fry's I like to put it in curry I like to make just baked cauliflower with some grated parmesan cucumbers are a absolute must I actually just planted a cucumber plant on my deck as well as a tomato plant and then a bunch of herbs so I'm going to give you a tour on but anyways until my cucumbers start growing I always like to pick up two cucumbers because my boyfriend and I go through them quite fast I usually pick up a couple onions but we already have two in the fridge but I did pick up another one I use onions so much I use it in pasta dishes I use it in like breakfast hashes I use it for omelets sometimes so I always like to get an onion for sure peppers my boyfriend's obsessed with peppers um I never used to be a huge fan of peppers but I don't know as I've gotten older my

taste buds have become way more open with what they like so again usually I get two or three but I already have a couple remaining the fridge so I just picked up one and it matches my shirt that's fun yeah picked up three lovely roma tomatoes again I can't wait till I can throw use my own tomatoes that I'm growing in myself lb so amazing but for now I always get Roma they're a little more expensive than some of the other Tomatoes they have but I just find these are always more firm I don't like my tomatoes mushy like confirm so these always deliver on that I juggle no okay also I don't know if I mentioned this maybe I did in the beginning I always get green onion always always always I use green onion and almost everything but I totally forgot to pick it up so I will have to go back and get some of that and these things aren't really staples I don't always get them but I decided to get a to coat my eggplant and zucchini if I'd like to I got these panko bread crumbs and what it says is panko breadcrumbs are made from bread bags with hota crust and then ground to create fine silver as

a crumb has a crispy airy texture and resists absorbing oil or grease when fried resulting in a lighter coating it is often used on seafood but can also be used if the meats and vegetables show it was like for five bucks and cutting on staying where on the like I'm gonna get some anyway okay again I love curry it is one of my favorite foods and I've been meaning to get a red tie a red curry paste so I got it Thai kitchen and the calories aren't too bad in this because I don't use that much of this and it's 15 calories per tablespoon which I probably only use like two tablespoons really if I'm making a dish so I thought that wasn't bad and yeah I think that's it that's some got some good stuff there I'm super excited I always get super excited when I'm all stuffed up on edge because I just start imagining all these meals I'm gonna cook all right so there you go I would love to hear your healthy grocery staples in the comments and make sure you like and subscribe to join the sweetie clip I would absolutely love to have you and I will see you in my next video