11 March 2019

Healthy Grocery Haul | Costco

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you can eat these straight up as is as a snack you can add these to like a poke a bowl highly recommend trying it out if you haven't already [Music] hey health nuts welcome back to my channel I'm Nicole and today we are doing a healthy Costco grocery haul we recently went to Costco and like literally bought it at the store we are just hibernating for the winter it looks like so we got a ton of stuff and I just said I was gonna film this last night when we got home cuz we went today's Sunday and we went grocery shopping on Saturday and I thought oh I'll just like we'll get home and film and it was already dark so it's the next day some of the stuff we've opened but I'm so gonna share it with you guys but we bought a lot of things cuz we're trying to meal prep more Matt's trying to meal prep more for work and we're just trying to be super healthy and eat more meals at home so before we hop in if you aren't already subscribed to this channel you can hit that red subscribe button down below I post every Monday Wednesday and Friday on this channel and without further ado let's hop right into

the video so we've categorized them into sections I'm first going to show all of the produce the fret veggies fruit that we picked up because there were a lot and I always laugh because it's really heat just Matt and I that live here we have obviously visitors once in a while but we eat a lot of food and because when you do make homemade meals more often or like a recipe testing we go through a lot of produce so it's nice that you can buy things in bulk at Costco for a cheaper price than a regular grocery store first thing I will show you is this a large bowl of lemons it looks really pretty see you can eat lemons and also use them as home decor so we got a bunch of lemons I use lemons in my morning lemon water I use them in salad dressings on like steamed veggies I go through a lot of lemons and if you guys watch my meal prep box video you'll know a really quick awesome tip is to quarter them and store them in a large glass mason jar in the fridge and then not only to get more juice out of them but they're just like easier to have on hand and you're more likely to use them up so we got a bowl full of lemon next

up I have some cauliflower I really like buying the one at Costco because it's already chopped up which makes things just that much easier and I like using this too in my smoothies I will steam and freeze them and then I could add them into smoothie and then I also love to just ropes these is really good and you can also make cauliflower pizza crust which I want to test so I picked up some of this to make that and I will report back soon if it works out next we have some Brussels sprouts this is something that we have not had for a while we try to like rotate our produce and our food just to get a variety so with Brussels sprouts I like shredding them I like roasting them sauteing them you don't really steam them that often but if you do steam them I would recommend like sauteing them just to get them a little bit crispy but they're really good for you and you gotta you gotta get those greens in so I like having a variety next up shishitos these are sushi dough peppers which are now becoming very popular in grocery stores I was really surprised to see them at Costco because

I've been seeing them pop up everywhere and at Costco it's a bit of a better deal you get more of them in the pack for like just a little bit more in dollars so these are delicious they're the easiest thing to whip up as a side I will literally just throw these on a pan with olive oil and salt and pepper I don't even think I put garlic and I just toast them until they get nice and blistery maybe I'll show these in a what I eat in a day video soon so good and you just eat them whole and once in a while you get a spicy one it says one I think a one in 10 have heat so and they're not super spicy like it's bearable but they're really really good and it's just yeah another fun way to get in more veggies next I picked up some olives I mean I'm Portuguese so I feel like it's a necessity when you go to your sister and these ones are stuffed with garlic which I don't know what kind of actual olives they are oh how could Dickie super colossal olives probably didn't say that right but these are so so good they're stuffed with garlic even though it's not like you get garlic breath afterwards I don't I will eat

like six of these as a snack or so good so I want to share those with you guys next up cute combi so this is one of the top 10 foods I buy every single week if you haven't watched that video I'll link it down below I cucumber is a staple in the health nut kitchen I use it in my smoothies salads have it for hummus it's a great staple it's really hydrating and I mean I don't know why Costco like double wraps it I wish they didn't do that but it is a better deal to buy it at Costco so I get that speaking of hummus I got a double pack of hummus I really really like this brand fontaine santaís still don't know if I'm saying it right but this is the caramelized onion one and it comes in a packet too they have actually a bunch of flavors they have roasted red pepper I think they just have like plain and this one is really really good so I like to have this even on like an open-faced sandwich I'll like spread some hummus on it first that's another recipe that I'm gonna be sharing soon because it's been like a super quick like five minute lunch that I've been making on busy workdays so this is really good to have and we go

through hummus a lot cuz it's like a nice quick like kind of protein snack that you can have that will fill you up without just eating junk food next up I picked up some beets because I love these ones at Costco they're already peeled and cooked and you don't have to worry about staining your hands beets can be a bit of a pain although I love them the whole process of them is sometimes like it requires extra love and effort so I really love that these are just ready to go they're vacuum sealed and you can add these to salads I love doing like a warm green bean salad with these beets and I think what else I'll sometimes just like toss them in some vinegar and Dijon mustard and have just like a straight-up beet salad for on a side of my dinner and they're just really good so these are just organic cooked beets no preservatives and I love them next I got some raspberries I feel like we haven't been eating enough berries lately because it is winter right now and I just feel like berries are delicious and the blueberries and raspberries that Costco didn't look the greatest when we

were there so I got the raspberries which raspberries are one of my favorite fruits raspberries mangoes papaya I love like tropical fruits I don't know if but mango or raspberries are tropical but like these are one of my favorite fruit and they're really high in fiber because they've got all those seeds in them and the one thing is like when you buy berries from Costco use them up quickly because I find berries in general don't last that long so these will go quick and yet they're really delicious every time I go to Costco we get the greens and this time they had baby kale which I don't know they've had them there before but if they do not they don't always have them and then I got some Oh some baby spinach and I this is also a staple that I get every single week and Costco is the best value like I think it's like four dollars for these packed containers like there is a lot of greens in these we use greens pretty much every day in our meals whether it's in smoothies salads stir-frying it I'm actually gonna have a video coming up soon if it's not up already on ten ways to add more greens into your food so stay tuned for that but it's definitely

a staple I always get baby spinach but I'll usually switch up like kale or romaine or something else I depending on what's in what's in stock at the grocery store all right so for protein we picked up the big container of organic eggs this is like a staple we always get I go through a lot of eggs whether it's baking or just frying up an egg to add to my lunch yeah Matt makes like he'll make these like egg cups that egg muffins that go in the oven what else do we do with them pancakes a lot of things require eggs for binding and I just think that they're just like a great staple food to have on hand and yeah we always have them in the fridge at all times and then we also picked up organic chicken it's not the prettiest thing to show on camera but it's what we got we got two things we got this one is organic chicken wings and organic chicken thighs we actually picked this up for a recipe we're filming today which is a mushroom and leek chicken potpie so good I've made it like three times already too make sure it's perfect before I show it to you guys but the it's a really good

deal to buy it at Costco when it comes to organic meat so I like that they carry it I want to support the fact that they carry it so I always pick it up when we're there they also have chicken organic chicken breast there and I wish they carried organic like ground turkey and stuff but I haven't seen that there yet at least not in our local Costco's then for like dry foods we have two snacky items that we picked up that we already kind of opened so we have the smart or the skinny pop and this is just like what flavor is this I can just just plain nothing exciting and yeah Matt loves this it's like his go-to late-night Munchie cuz he has to be careful with the munchies he if he opens like a regular bag of chips like he'll devour it so this is just a lighter option and something that like you can eat a lot of but there's not like a lot of not that we count calories but there's not a ton of calories in it it's just popcorn so and the ingredients are pretty good it's just popcorn sunflower oil and salt next up I picked up the organic toasted seaweed Chloe and I are like obsessed with these but I haven't

actually had them in a while so I like that these ones are organic because they used to have another one and it wasn't organic and this comes with so much in a pack like I think does it say how many it must be like a hundred sheets or maybe 50 if there's a lot of seaweed in these packs so you can eat these straight up as is as a snack you can add these to like a poke a bowl you can add the crumbles on a salad like there's lots of fun ways to enjoy seaweed but it just straight up as like a chip is so good I highly recommend trying to if you haven't already so we got a lot of freezer stuff just because like I said Matt is really back into meal prepping for work because he kind of been getting into the habit of just buying lunch which is like such a bad thing to do because you know there's not usually a lot of good healthy options when you're get something quick on your lunch break so he picked up this large bag of frozen mixed vegetables in its organic which the one that these two carry was not organic so I love that they have organic now and this is like a hefty bag and I think it was only it was like twelve or fourteen Canadian dollars so you get a

lot for your money like this is bigger than my head there's a lot in here next I picked up some cauliflower pizza crust I heard this one's good so I'm gonna try it out I've had other ones before that we're not so good so we're gonna give this one a go and I like that you can just kind of put your own topping some stuff and make it whatever pizza you want so I think we're gonna try this at tonight so you'll probably hear from us on Instagram whether it's good or not by the way if you're not following me on instagram it's at your health nut I post every pretty much every day I'm on Instagram next we have chicken so Matt this is part of like Matt's meal prep if you guys want to see Matt's meal prep let me know maybe we'll do that for you guys in the future but I feel like I've asked you guys before we just haven't gotten around to filming it so he got a big bag of chicken breasts that's frozen and this is part of his weekly meal prep he also got a second bag of frozen beds this is a really good mix I like this one it's basically just black beans pinto beans corn and shelled edamame so it's a really nice mix and this is really it's good to put in you

could add it to Chili's stir fries just as a side and yeah it's pretty good I don't know what else he does with it but that's what I do and then last but not least we got a large bag of some frozen while blueberries I actually haven't picked up frozen fruit from Costco for a while just because we had so much in the freezer from like recipe testing but I finally stocked up on blueberries I really like this one that they carry and they also have like they have everything from like frozen mango to frozen avocado chunks to like pineapple they like all the essentials so if you're big into smoothie making Costco is a great place to get some frozen fruit so and they have both organic and regular so that's nice too I am obsessed with these sweatpants I bought last night and I'm already living in them hey like Wyatt okay add my phone in here but just not on and then on the bottom they taper in I know you guys don't come here for fashion advice it's for food but I thought I would share you guys do ask me you guys ask me all the time about the clothes I'm wearing so I thought I would share these lounge pants

because I know I'm gonna be living in them and it came in a pack of two the grey ones I'm wearing now in black and it was like sixteen dollars I thought was a great deal and I tried them on right away and they were amazing I got the extra small in case you're wondering and they're not like super tight they're already stretched out a little bit but I'm liking them and these are gonna be my filming pants from now on so that was everything we picked up from Costco I would love to know what is your staple item that you always pick up from Costco leave me a comment down below and as always don't forget to subscribe you can click that red subscribe button down below we are almost at half a million health nut subscribers which is so crazy I'm so excited you guys are so supportive and loving thank you so much for all of the awesome feedback I've been getting for my videos lately I feel like I've just been on like a good roll in 2019 and I have so many video ideas I can't wait to bring on to the channel and I'm really excited so thank you so much yeah subscribe I post Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays so I will see you guys in my next video and have a

fabulous day bye guys [Music]