24 September 2018

Healthy Grill Meal Prep | Ashley Kaltwasser

IFBB Bikini Pro Ashley Kaltwasser seasons and cooks some of her favorite contest prep friendly foods on the grill. Videographer: Nedim Vrabac ...


[Music] welcome back to my channel today I want to do a video on how I prep my meals on the grill because that's getting a lot of questions asking what is it do I cook on the girl how do I do it what's these things do I use so today I want to show you alright first I would love to go over with you guys the seasonings and spices that I like to use before the grill they're very important they add a lot of flavor and the great thing about seasonings is that it adds flavor without the calories so anytime we can replace flavor with calories then that's a good thing so first I have my Bragg's Liquid aminos here I love these things it's a soy sauce alternatives and yes of course it has sodium honestly sodium isn't a big deal unless you have a health condition to where you have to monitor your sodium intake but I do think that salt and sodium get a bad rap and it's not unhealthy your body actually needs sodium to function the second thing I love to use is this product - your cup liquid smoke it adds that nice smoky flavor which is perfect for barbecues and grills this seasoning right here a

double I love it it adds a really good flavor to my chicken and then I have my burger grilling spice which is great for beef and then here I have this chicken wing sauce - it's hot sauce but without the calories make sure that you're watching this calories on the back because even if they have let's say 25 calories per tablespoon those actually add up a lot so just monitor the back of the label and the other thing that I really like to do to season my food is garlic here garlic adds a lot of flavor without the calories it does have a few calories in it as you can see but garlic is pretty healthy for you love garlic the night before I actually prepped all my vegetables I cut them up I put them in bags which we will reuse these bags since it's only vegetables I'll put the cooked vegetables back in once they but I have some squash zucchini onion I have mushroom I have a vegetable mixed with cauliflower broccoli peppers and have brussel sprouts and I also have more mushrooms and zucchini mixed and then I have in the foil because I'm cooking them differently because I love to prepare my food in different ways to keep my taste buds occupied to keep them

excited I also have about the same thing in this it's onions that's gonna be more of a steamed and then I also have and here what is this one I cannot even remember Oh more mushrooms and then this one is more Brussels sprouts so the reason why I sections I'm off in two different bags is because I either marinated them or spice them up differently so they're all gonna have a different flavor and a different taste and the same thing with the chicken I actually the night before I cut up my chicken and I marinated them different ways so this one looks like it's just with the burger spice I did this one with the chicken wing sauce and I can apply more sauce as it gets on the grill as well but I have about five different seasonings marinating in here I also have my extra lean ground beef I think beef is another thing that gets a bad rap this is 96% lean so anytime you can get like 96 above is great this is good this is good stuff guys make sure you get it lean I also had bought some vegetables too they were on sale for a dollar how could I pass up that deal one tray of chicken which I am gonna cook plain maybe add a little bit of

seasoning to it but the most part I'm gonna cook it plane because the can taste good plane as well tray of sweet potatoes here yes I obviously don't have a french fry cutter so we're just cooking them chunky like this I'll put it on the foil and flip it over bro and I cannot forget my utensils that I'm using today I got a spatula I got these tongs I got these bamboo sticks so I can make skewers as well soon as I get the food all out another helpful thing I like to do as well as half my bag is ready to go so I know what's inside this one right here says 96% lean beef patties so once I cook those I'll let them cool and I'll put it in here that way I know what I'm eating and I could freeze it because a lot of times what's gonna happen is obviously I can't eat all this food at once I'm gonna end up freezing it and then I love these aluminum trays they come in handy they can be disposable I like to use them as well though you can get a few uses out of them but to cook the vegetables in here this is nice because vegetables like this that are smaller they might fall through the cracks with that being said I'm ready to head out to the grill

let's do this [Music] it's super important that when we're cooking on the girl or even on the in the kitchen or whatever we're not mixing like utensils so once I use this knife to cut this open I can't use this anymore unless it's done another raw meat because I don't want to mix anything that was on raw food with the cook food very important semmen Ella is not fun I'm also going to make sure I'm always washing my hands after I touch something like chickens that hasn't been cooked because I do not want to get sick [Music] cook it up here my chickens gonna always make sure the chicken is definitely fairly cooked these got to go on longer the process but you know what's great about grilling is you can get all this done like in one shot - a lot of food and cooking it all at once yes all right so I'm trying these today this is this like blows my mine right here Yoshii copper grilling bakemax see I'm using right here apparently good put it right on the grill it's like how does it not know I don't know but it's definitely come in handy for these

vegetables that are smaller that would fall through the cracks technology gotta love it [Music] burgers are done do you want one 96% lean come on nope but there my name is 96% lean no no yeah nicely here we got some of Brussels sprout these guys take a long time to cook the pretty solid it and really chop them up that much but I put some balsamic vinegar in here too by the way some onions all right so that's it for today's reeling session you'll prepping on the grill yeah I made a lot of food some of its going in the freezer some of that's going in the refrigerator and then stuff it I'm going to eat right now so I want to chop it up prepare it so that it's ready for me when I get that thank you guys for watching [Music]