24 September 2018


Remember it is a lifestyle change. #gethealthywithalex I am late for the upload...a whole week late. SO SO SO SORRY...will not happen again (no promises, but ...

this is the week crap there's no water

in machine what's up my name is Alexa nicole and welcome to my vlog channel it's been a while since we talked honestly I really missed blogging while talking and not only filming my food but I wanted to try something different for last week's blog but I'm kind of going back to the normal for me I guess and right now I am drinking my coffee and after that I think I'm gonna have some fruit which will be later because I'm like still tired so so it's 11 a.m. and I do believe it's time to actually get some food into my system because all I've had is my coffee at which I'm gonna be making another one I'm out of my favorite coffee plugs so I'm actually going to be having this one which is just a grande but spotted intense as I'm naked then I also don't have milk so I'm probably gonna have to be using coffee mate I don't like coffee mate but I want coffee so doing the best I can't with what I've got so I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in a while because it has been a week and let me tell you last week was one of the best weeks doing the meal plan except for that last kind of cheap

meal that I had but I had that cheat meal because I was really good in the week and I just felt like having it I honestly don't feel guilty at all I was uploading the last video of my week 1 and Wow are there some rants of guilt because of cravings and just like cheap meals and things like that I do feel like I feel a lot better with myself I do feel like a lot better and I want to start doing like some little challenges here and there throughout my journey this is my challenge for this week no soda for me no diet no coke nose right zero so yeah I'll tell you my challenge maybe one day we can actually do a week without coffee and see how that goes but we're not doing it yet we'll do it once where we're doing a lot better with ourselves cuz I mean we're still in the beginning it's the first month it's not even the end of the first month let's see how much of this is gonna go into this that seemed good fair amount equal knows maybe I might enjoy this - oh [Music] it's not bad actually not bad at all it's got sugar and that is why I don't

eat coffee mate this is the last one for me we can be a little surprised we're having fruit today I know it's weird for me I've been editing all day literally it's like three PMS right now so I'm gonna go make lunch right now [Music] good morning guys happy Tuesday I am so tired I'm so sorry everything hurt it's 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. in the morning and I am like oh like a light like I can't I don't even know how I'm up I'm just up to take this little princess outside I think I'm gonna get some coffee by the way I am so upset because the coffee that I'm making today like I want to buy that I like but they didn't have it and they're kind of grabbing the ramekins and they're using almonds now that it used to like asteroids have a branch lately did everything with soy and now they're just kind of upset because my favorites my uncle's Oh [Music] oh we all know this damn it so we all know this is a new milk so we have to do a taste [Music] I mean it's good I don't hate it but I

like my sore mouth better it's not like I'm replacing my soy milk with this almond milk but I guess for now I'm in my kitchen again big surprise I am wearing some really disgusting looking braids I really need to take shower but I've been editing and when I edit I kind of just like lose track of time and I'm kind of hungry but I don't really home so I'm going to have more of those little I'm gonna have more mini Brie's these are so good I said I wasn't gonna be drinking any more soda so I bought kind of like a dupe I guess it's got no calories no artificial sweeteners and it's sodium free so this is great so I'm gonna be drinking this and I'm going to leave my two little mini breeze which I was so excited [Music] brought my salsa out I'm actually going to taste it without the salsa because it's only got some ham and some cheese so it should actually just be pretty good on its own [Music] it is [Music] lovely some salsa by the way update on the water the taste of the grapefruit is

very minimal but it's still there and it's kind of not the best in my opinion like I like things with a little bit more flavor so I added a Splenda to maybe kind of boost the grapefruit flavor if that makes any sense I do feel like it tastes better because it tastes a little sweeter [Music] it's been a while since I talked to you guys today I took the longest and most well-deserved nap ever I woke up feeling super recharged and not knowing what day it was honestly and he is playing with her squeaky toys box was so so brutal today guys like so my protein shake today is going to be a little bit different cuz normally I would just drink the protein as it is but today I decided to add a little like tea spoon of this matcha powder and I added a Splenda just to like sweeten it up in case it wasn't a sweet and it turned into like this little like pistachio greenish color so cute let's do a taste test [Music] it is good guys it's so good robust combo ever okay I'm gonna like drink of this all up

while I make my artichoke we also bought some like pork chip things it's called chicha corn we're gonna add some Valentina which is like a Mexican sauce it's really good I'm gonna drink this and I'm gonna eat my artichoke this is the dressing that we use for the artichokes if you wanted to know basically what you do because I don't know like if many people eat artichokes you take one of these little leaves and dunk it and then you just kind of peel off where the dressing is at as you get deeper into the artichoke it's a lot easier like this is like the powder crust area I guess but it's really good it's got a lot of fiber and it's super tasty anyways as I've been editing the recent videos I can tell that I always end my blogs on this day today which is Tuesday so I'm actually going to end the vlog here if you guys aren't enjoying my blogs make sure to subscribe to my channel or really appreciate it because that means that you're supportive of my journey we can do this together because it's hard doing it on your own and whatnot so yeah let's be friends and don't forget to follow me on my social media love you guys

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