11 March 2019

HEALTHY FOOD MUST HAVES + Food Shopping Haul 2019

oh that sun is shining it's making me

happy hello sunshine where have you been hi guys and welcome back to my channel I'm just a bit dark and myself up because I just see UV rays and all that John is trying to keep my skin young for life okay so today's video is all about food shopping how to food shop the healthy way not wasting your money and actually get it organized and planning ahead remember what I've been 2019 is about doing this for you but most of all actually planning and organizing so you know exactly what you're doing with your fitness journey in this video I'm going to show you guys what my top buys are like food why's that I always go back to that I always rely on and the foods that I love in my fitness journey you may be different these are just stuff that I absolutely love and always go back to I'm also going to show you how to smart food shop so you don't waste your money you shop the healthy way and what I mean by the healthy way is you know exactly what you're buying you know exactly what you need for the week and you're not like put in chocolate in to your basket okay I know you do I know you did because I

do anyway so the first thing we're gonna do is I'm going to sit you down okay so the first thing I do is in the Turner sculpt out there is actually a shopping list that you tick off and that shopping list is kind of for the week so you know exactly what to buy and so you know you don't have to sit there and figure out what you're doing but if you don't have the app here is another alternative get yourself a little bit of paper or even on your phone you know be environmentally friendly animals and basically on I just wanna show you guys and I don't want you to make the list just yet of things that you think you need the reason being is because the first thing we're really going to do is we're gonna clean our fridge okay I don't care how weird this sounds okay this is gonna save you so much money the reason being is when you clean your fridge you see exactly what is in your fridge you're not assuming you're missing things you're not just writing a list and being unaware you are actually going to take everything out in your fridge clean it make it all nice and shiny and then you know exactly what you're

missing in your fridge and that's when you begin to write in shopping this saying with your pantry saying with your cupboards that is exactly what I want you to do so tip number one let's clean our fridge out and what I use in is actually it's called method multi-surface non-toxic surface cleaner yeah now the reason I used it is because it's non-toxic and I love the fact that it's plant-based as well it's kind of it just makes me feel good users on my services like the no top things I'm going into my lungs into my system and also I know it sounds crazy but ever since we got buttons I'm just so much more aware of things that I put around my kitchen on the floor because she always on the floor so I don't want her you know inhaling unnecessary things so looking out for my dog oh you know in my doggie right so this is my freights my fridge is tiny when we bought this house this house had this inbuilt fridge the kitchen I actually never designed this was how it was but we're actually gonna get a bigger fridge but for now this is good for me and Jack it's just the two of us so this is good enough so as you can see it's a little bit chaotic

there's a little bit of a mess in here but we're going to sort it out all right the hell is that doing so I'm going to take everything out clean absolutely every single surface and then we're going to see what I'm missing and add it to my ears [Music] [Music] garlic effects garlic makes a dish also the leakages Oh [Music] cleaning my friends ooh making its policies ok so now that you've a thoroughly cleaned your fridge and it's nice sparkly and smell good what I want you to do is divide each section into like meats and dairies fruit and veg and then drinks that's what I personally do if you have another method stick to your method if that works for you and also comment down below and let me know how you organize your fridge and your pantry as well also what I want you to do is the things that are going to expire first kind of bring them forward so if you are more likely to use those items first I don't want you pushing them in the back I want you to bring them forward so you use them

and so they don't go to waste so what I'm going to do all my milk somewhere oatmeal like normal felt all my juices I'm gonna try and sit them upright cuz I don't want them leaking anywhere so I also use filtered water I never really buy a bottled water and this thing's a is a waste of money and it's a waste of plastic so if you can just get one of those and then a refillable water bottle you are winning so I'm going to keep as many i7 Arkwright as possible surly there we go and then the juice is the other juices are kind of do lay them down make sure that they are well like tight instilled this is not alcohol you guys okay this is apple cider for the cheeky mixing for vanilla a little once I've got my drinks and I don't you can see that you kind of yeah you good then what I do is put all my fruit and vege together in one section I've got some celery so instantly I know now that I knew way more celery than that because I drink so to reduce every single morning with ginger and apple so I go now where's my pen and paper like I said you don't need to use pen and paper I'm just doing this I just want to show you

for purpose reasons for this video so I know I need celery and I need to lots of celery good then half the strawberry already they're fresh I don't need any strawberries but I do need some raspberries and blueberries because I add into my oats and they're so convenient to snack on I've got lots of cherries my mom bought me some cherries or she came over I have some open green beans they're still in date so what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to use these today for lunch and this is also what I want you to do if you're especially shopping in the morning food shopping in the morning or either food shopping in the evening hours yourself what are you gonna eat that day so if there's any food that you are going to use from your fridge already and cook with it take it out so you know that you need to rebuy if that makes sense I don't enter see that in to buy some more green beans because I'm going to be using them for my life I'm also going to be cooking in Stan's and salmon and green beans I need to restock them because I'm losing that right now right so also I need some other green veggies apart from

green beans I always try and have some sort of vegetable with every single meal that I have or fruit just to get as much micronutrients into my system as possible so I know that I love asparagus so I want to get some asparagus and I'm going to get some red peppers and also some broccoli moving on Oh and it's a bit of desert this is a friend Ella cram whatever this is called it's some friendship Lillard but um yeah I'm just uh yeah we're gonna put it up here with Jerry so Jerry I put some munch munch as well I know I need to eat those because they are coming out of date soon put them over there I've got some AL pro protein yoghurt put that in front so I'm going to eat that first some cheddar cheese from whenever I want some cheese on first and then I've got some normal butter which I've actually put in the back because butter is quite good it doesn't go out of date too soon and I've got some dairy-free butter which I love and then I've got some soft cheese spread is this some day yes it is you're going in the back girlfriend and then I've got some winter vegetables here these are expensive but when you're so busy you just want to grab the most

convenient thing and the healthiest thing so just grab this and I'm actually gonna make this with my famine and green beans for lunch we'll leave this out I put all my seafood and any meats that I'm buying on top just because this is a like coolest area and I want to keep them as fresh as possible these are just some King bones I'm gonna make some pasta with those I can throw these away these are old chopped tomatoes I should have fallen out a long time ago garlic as you can see I need to buy a couple more ingredients so I know exactly what I need to buy now I know I need to buy some more salmon and some chicken I know any survive some more yogurts because I absolutely love eating Greek yogurt as a snap some more fruit and veg and potentially some more juices I'm gonna sit down and add to my list like I said if you have the tonus cob that it's already been done for you so you really don't need to do this which is so convenient and easy because your meal plan is already created for you if you're someone who is - and prepping ahead of time this is amazing for you as well because you can bulk by and you can cook it in advance

and make sure that you eating good nutritional food if you want me to do a whole video on milk prep and how I perceive milk prep to stay ahead of time and to make sure I get all my good micros and macros in let me know in the comments below and also before we continue have you saved are you doing press that subscribe button join the family join the fit fam and make make 2019 all about you [Music] once you have cleaned out your fridge and you know exactly what you need in your fridge I want you to do the same thing with your pantry and this is amazing because it gives you a reason to declutter highjack budget it gives you a reason to declutter it gives you a reason to actually clean and make sure that all your surfaces are clean so I'm going to display all my pantry kind of already know what I want my pantry is quite organized and muscle so myself once you've completed that we're going to go food shopping and grab all the food shopping that you need and also I'm going to show you my must boys for my fitness journey personally but I know it will help you as well so stay tuned

[Music] [Music] okay so just a little white food shopping and I came back I got all the goodies that I need and now I'm going to go through the items that I Germany always pick up always love always rely on and they really do help me with my fitness journey and to always kind of like maintain a healthy diet I always have these things in my fridge and in the country so the first thing is onions now I know you're going to think what the hell really again but honestly if you're someone who really cannot stand the thought of dried chicken dry properly and dry rice and you will change your life all you need is to add half an onion and every single dish that you cook and it will change that dish completely season in fresh healthy and it just tastes good healthy food does not need to be boring healthy food definitely never needs to be boring you can just add fresh types of spices I added over your pink salt pepper lemon juice and onion into my dishes and it transformed a dish from bland - but yes definitely onions always in my household

also if you don't like onion garlic is another alternative and yet the pre present means into the next one is lemons lemons are just one of the best and most amazing foods in the whole world you can add lemon juice lemon zest to practically anything and it would transform a dish also such an amazing detoxifier in the morning if you just boil some hot water add some lemon and honey you have a fresh tea and also if you add just a little bit lemon into your water it makes flat water taste amazing lower minute so someone gives you 11 diseases make lemonade okay so moving on now in terms of fruit and veg I personally love berries berries are sweet I add them to my cereal I add them to my snacks and they just make it so much more enjoyable to eat but I know berries are very expensive they certainly can be expensive in different parts of the world depending on the demand so you don't always have to have berries bananas are great alternative full of potassium as well and amazing fiber for those days that you just can't seem to get winner Bob in there don't worry more family here but seriously

berries always in my household but like I said any type of fruit is amazing so definitely fruit in my house the next cream veggies this is some dark kale and these are some asparagus I have to have some form of vegetable in my house it is just a must every single day I mean some type of vegetable do I like eating vegetables do I like eaten cold broccoli not necessarily is it going to be good for me it's gonna be amazing for me my body needs it you're putting these micronutrients to function well to change and to see those results I am a firm believer that you should be eating the rainbow so definitely definitely invest in some vegetables into your diet it's just a must so you don't have to have a Spanish to have dark kale probably super cheap it's like 60 P in the UK which i think is about 72 70 or 90 cent in the US I'm not sure might be different but super cheap you don't have to have a spiders and cow any type of green on green leaves are really good for your body so the other thing in fables you can also opt for toast gluten-free especially if you have any gluten allergies I just think the bagels

are convenient easy and you can add absolutely anything Internet you can add some tuna Mayo with some sweet corn and pepper to make a really nice sandwich or you can add some peanut butter banana and honey for a sweet treat so super convenient and easy does my force wanna drink anymore the last thing I am going to share with you that I always have and I always buy the last thing I'm going to show you that I always have in my house and it's such a healthy alternative is dark chocolate I am the chocolate kind of gal I absolutely love adore worship one chocolate to be in my soul that's how much I love chocolate I just oh I love it so instead of having mine's dairy milk or really sugary chocolate really dark chocolate is a great alternative and it's amazing if you just cry some bit into a snack so when we yogurt berries and dark chocolate is an amazing healthy snack and it's just a little pick-me-up that's what it is a little pick-me-up so dark chocolate always in my household so that is it guys I hope this video truly helped and you learn something useful make sure that you are subscribed to

this channel and make sure that you are following me on Instagram comment down below for any future videos that you would like to see and for absolutely every single person who has download the thing up and you are loving it thank you so much for your ultimate support it means the world to me and I'm so happy you are genuinely enjoying the toner sculpt out the link to download and it's a seven day free trial for the monthly subscription is going to be in the description box so just download it have a little sleep around have a little go have a little workout and see if this app is for you let's hit our fitness goal