24 August 2015

Healthy Food Alternatives! (chips, pastas, dessert)

Healthy Alternatives (links): Chips Seaweed : http://www.vitacost.com/seasnax-grab-go-seaweed-snacks-classic-olive Mary's gone crakers ...

hello everyone so today we're going to

talk about healthy alternatives it's gonna be divided in five different categories we'll have first chips the pasta the breads and the wraps the rice and the desserts so let's get started I have two different kind of breads options for you first of all I do have the mystery measure I don't know if this is how your furniture this is this one a nipple that a Fitness bread it's amazing it's made out of whole grains will keep you full for longer because there's a ton of fiber in it there is only a couple of ingredients such as organic whole kind of rye water organic whole rye flour organic oats organic barley organic like seed an organic seasoning seeds so this is pretty amazing I usually eat one like this for breakfast if I have eggs and avocado and it fills me up until lunch so they're fairly a must to have at home then I I have a bread alone bakery it's local from New York it has organic whole wheat sourdough organic like CDs are getting my leg right so yeah definitely if in New York definitely try out this bread because it's so good it's really good usually eat one or two on weekends and it's very very filling so so for the

second part of this video I wanted to talk about chips a lot of people ask me about oh but I'm craving something salty and crispy what do I get I have the perfect alternative for you so the first one I want to talk about is Murray's gone crackers this is so good I just cannot get enough of it I'm just gonna open it for you and show you what it is exactly it is organic gluten-free non-gmo and vegan you can pair it up with everything with you moose worker male you can make them you can make more sandwiches like this is really really good so let me show you it is them they come in small small bites so this is the way they look and they're so crispy have any particular taste did you have a lot of black sesame seeds which I love it's locally full of grain and no guilt so this is a must so if you ever want to try I will link everything in the description box below I get pretty much everything all those ingredients and food here from Vitacost it's a lot cheaper so just like an alternative are those happy munchies there baby they're baby food but to be bringing everywhere and put in your purse so they

have different flavors that have Apple those ones have blueberries and beets because those are my favorite as well some reason I find the baby food a lot healthier the organic baby food obviously a lot healthier because they had the least amount of ingredients so this is some time you see if I want is that I can just go to the baby shop and just oh baby aisle and see what they have to offer her and I found those one the other day and I was like this is so good so I can't buy so don't rent please agony brown rice organic apple juice red beets are getting blueberry puree or getting black Erik's only good stuff so definitely if you're craving chips rice cake type of things differently I can put those ones do bear feeling and and mmm you penniless for a snack okay good okay then for my third cheap replacement thought they are today I have those seaweed snipe don't look so like I've been eating those chips for over five years that my favorite obviously like if you don't win a leg to take some seaweed it's totally fine because it doesn't taste like seaweed alone don't be afraid just go and try to have single packages

so you can go and try that's not crazy at all and it's too low just soul as I said they have single packages I like the big one so it does what it purchase so I willing to fight across websites down below or you can find all of this food for a lot cheaper and this is vegan and gluten free so it's all guilt-free go ahead and eat it all but Bratz because I've got a lot of Christian my reps do you have a Trader Joe's when you leave if yes go get the rest so I get the handmade 100% whole wheat flour tortillas those are one of the best because to have the least amount of ingredients was get a whole wheat because I will fill you up and have more fiber because I've tried the dick gluten-free wraps and I really didn't like it that much because the texture was very different so this is what I go for when I run a wrap second rep I wanted to talk to you about was this free world rice paper so did you the way it looks like hard and think about have to right here it's hard so what you have to do is like dip damn into above water pick them out and then put whatever food you want and roll them they're very low in calories very

filling I mix summer rolls all the time your face so and plus on the bike you have explanation right here and you have as well like some keys and for it's just something that is great convenient to have a think as does so press I can feel it heavy there how to digests for most of people so what always suggest is to have some organic vermicelli noodle those noodles are made out of organic brown rice so they're all weak and gluten free so perfect for gluten-free diets the brand is king soba it's really really good it takes like literally three minutes to cook and it's really easy to incorporate with vegetables or tough for the second type of pasta I love soba noodles easy to cook very easy to incorporate into a meal with the tomato sauce pesto sauce wanting to talk to you but right when you work and you have absolutely no time to cook brown rice because memory sticks a little while I have two different options for you I found those two in Costco I'm sure you can find employment or I know one of them you can find in van across which I will link the website below but this one is brown cooked rice this is it it comes in to a Louisville

so I like this kind of um packaging bread rice it's very easy to warm up with some ghee and I'm whatever vegetables you want to it it's great here to say a microwave if I don't microwave my food but you could buy cry-face if you would like so this one is a great attentive if you have no time to cook as well as the quinoa and brown rice one yeah it's really delicious so very easy to incorporate into after so those those options are definitely great if you have no time and they were not expensive either so go and try to Matt I'm sure you gonna love it the series I have three different options that you can make at home they're super easy and extremely healthy chocolate mousse and very nice ice cream so let's get back so for this first recipe you will need two small avocado that's what will give the creaminess so for conveniency i'd just everything into a blender then you're gonna need 1/3 of a cup of blue agave nectar for some sweetness and 2 full spoon of cacao powder I like to add 2 tablespoon of almond milk and swidden but you can pretty much add

whatever milk you desire a little bit of vanilla extract and some chia seeds blend everything until it's really creamy and here's the results so for the berry ice cream you will need a full cup of organic berries so I got this one from Costco 2 tablespoon of organic Greek yogurt and 1 tsp of blue agave nectar so here are my two healthy desserts so here on the Left I have a berry ice cream with Greek yogurt and I give it nectar so it's extremely easy as you saw on the video I added some coconut flakes on top and here we have the avocado chocolate mousse and I added some crunch on top so there you go it's super easy and happy so I hope you all enjoy the video bye and have a nice week you