10 December 2011

Healthy Food according to Sunnah - Imam Hasan khalil

Eating healthy is important so we can do better ibadaat- imam hasan khalil ( Arlington ,Tx )

in a hundred eleven affirmative

understand you know Anna stuff euro when I ought to be Larry mr. Lawry unforeseen elements a year yeah Melanie my idea level Emily Liliana you little fella had yellow why should I learn a hail along whatever sherry killer why should I don't know Muhammad and I'll do or a solo my dear brothers and sisters our topic is health the spiritual aspect of it and the physical aspect of it I will be focusing masha'allah on the physical aspect of it as we all know there isn't anything in this life but we have a clear guidance from our prophet muhammad sallallahoalyhiwasallam and one of those things is dieting hood we all love food we eat and we do it every day therefore I will be addressing the topic of excessive eating or excessive satiation as we know overeating is a global problem not less than the financial global crisis and many people die because of that and millions if not billions of dollars are spent to counter act this problem and the solution is very clear and very little and simple summarized by a loss of hana wa taala in part of a verse work hulu wash trouble weather to see fool

Waku loo wash trouble pilatus lee who eat and drink and do not be excessive eat and drink in moderation this is the solution that allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala had given us it is a golden rule that many people don't pay too much attention to excessive eating or overeating really weakens the body because what the body needs even though it appears that it is enriching the body or fertilizing the body it is really weakening the body because what the body needs is what it can take or what it will accept anything beyond that is extra and it is a disease prophet muhammad sallallahoalyhiwasallam also gave us another golden rule which is an explanation to the golden rule that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala set for us in that area were called a washer Abu were led to civil prophet muhammad sallallahoalyhiwasallam said Mammalia a Dominion we had and caught shall run min button the son of Adam never filled any vessel worse than filling his own stomach the husband me Adam look I met ow ooh Collette you came no Silva sufficient for the son of Adam few morsels or bread or food but just to keep his back straight just to keep you

alive then he said sallallahoalyhiwasallam if you insist Fethullah flip on worthless rock what a little inhale one-third for food 1/3 for drink and 1/3 for breathing so prophet muhammad sallallahoalyhiwasallam 1400 years ago talked about an innovation or a bida that might or will be taking place which is overeating now this problem came after the first 100 years of the time of prophet muhammad sallallahu wasallam because prophet muhammad sallallaahu seldom gave that Golden Rule to the Companions and this is an awesome way of turning people away from excessive eating when he said sallallahoalyhiwasallam nothing worse than filling any vessel except you like filling your own stomach so prophet muhammad sallallaahu cell then turned the companions and everybody after the companions away from excessive eating because it is evil why is it evil it can be harmful to you excessive eating it can lead you to number one diseases if you go to a doctor don't eat this don't drink that eat some of this some of that moderation with this and moderate with that

excessive eating leads you to what laziness in a machete rahim allah said I have not eating I have not filled myself for sixteen years because if I do that then it will remove the understanding and the thinking and it will make your body heavy and it will induce sleep innings and what would that do to you you miss a lot of worship and then allah subhana wa ta'ala is messenger also said that the disbeliever eats so much he eats with seven intestines and the believer would one showing that a believer should not indulge himself to the max to overfilling himself because we have other focuses to do and we have other things to do we want to be healthy we want to live good and we want to please Allah subhana wa taala and everything that we do now reflect on what the scholars do the scholars spend their time and they spend their money and they do lots of experiments strenuous work day and night they have no funding those they have no light no guidance except what they see and what they feel and they end up with a conclusion that Islam already had given to us 1400 years ago if we understand our religion and we

understand the teachings of our religion we would always live healthy so make sure you eat and drink according to the Sunnah you will be healthier shock-jock allahu khairan salam alikum a polite havana cat