16 September 2011

Healthy Filipino Foods, Part I

healthy Filipino dishes yes it can be

done by substituting some of the ingredients and we'll show you how a struggle by in LA starts right now it doesn't feel like work today on the show because this studio actually doesn't feel like I'm in the studio it feels more like I'm in my mom's kitchen because it smells like heaven it smells like ketika day which is one of my favorite Filipino dishes and also my mom's specialty but I'm not sure if she's able to make a healthy credit card and that's what we're gonna be learning today on the show and more welcome to come over in LA and we have some familiar face here yeah hello once again thank you and tell is a new face for a couple by in LA hello and welcome to once again and they are here to talk about a big party you know we've been talking about parties this weekend Harvest Moon Festival happening on Sunday but before that there's another party on Saturday and that is a caregiver Appreciation a domestic worker appreciation party so we're very excited mm-hmm this is the whole effort between PwC to my company greater resolve health care education we're gonna give away free CPR

free healthy demo free lots of give away scrubs it's just a way for for the caregivers to get together it's a way for domestic workers to get together they work so hard at work crazy hours to get them together in one place a one setting as a whole effort and I like what you're doing with PwC and also your company created result because you're taking care of our caregivers by also teaching them how to live a healthy life yes and of course I'm talking about healthy life we have to talk about healthy diet exact which is very difficult debate Alma is a Filipino food you know we like oil we like pork and we like all the things are a bad philosophy and salty and so today you know Thelma is going to teach us how to make a healthy cut it cut it are you ready yes I am yes let's do this what do you mean so I'm your assistant I'm elegant we are we have previously alum both being upstairs stay on board okay the first thing is you harness anew jamuna's our poi Leucippus unit Pocono Manteca manchinga Padma Anita you channel this is our olive oil 1/2 teaspoon cuz the olive oil is very easy olive oil is healthier than vegetable

oil Paramecium has don't want a but it's ok you're investing in your hair okay how many total agony in Dalaran boot kill number one no I'm good enough power take a yawn okay Mary Tyler okay and by Isabella gain immunity and bully Seto Sita okay okay it's Obama Munna brownies brownies and again see policy medium I forgot I got some little toys okay so major panic autonomy do well you're like cream Asha is some onion and zucchini zucchini okay well my bong sook you need a good mechanic Allah Karim Allah he needs a zucchini and vitamins and minerals given a primal ambien well you get to be charged My dear mmm and then a pile again on in rapport you're okay so I don't wanna be having healthy curry curry I know evolved ingredients compared SAR regular curry curry nimona in Manteca Nagina gammak nothing is okay I got apples later on you class in a peanut butter nylon again not in a slow preparing a conical se la misma McBrine see exactly augmentis a traditional a traditional metal okay a pnina casamassina therapy on Daniel one the one you bought Oh better not in because

if we're busy here the star environment the heart council my dear found out that well there's the Seton Medical study that have shown that people Philippine Americans have migrated to the America mm-hmm have eaten more poultry skin fatty foods such as processed foods and meat because there's more available here and so they're really teaching it's part of the studies to really go for for film Americans to choose healthy processed foods because I know this are so right I mean we yeah and so we use a low fat peanut butter and then what else Deepa well what did you want did you want the onions no that was before what am i end up summoning opinion in Luton okay okay customizable that's amazing okay that was annoying young packet opposed Susumu name peanut butter okay another thing that I noticed here is you oxy R&D Machado madaba a certain angle on table on y'know panopticon wanted Pina Palumbo's in Vichy amitaba nice coupon you enter Banyana huh I said um I was on your cholesterol right yeah what about PETA you I am co-op a producer Harry Caray Antalya shahi own

alumina try the bar or a misogynist Iran healthy oh he'll pick up in class and a cutter cutting back I set up a massage Iguchi empathy Nick man yeah animal posture you reminders when we return eternity thick man kana ienaga healthy narcotic array and I'll tell you how it tastes like when we return on the show don't go away honestly