27 February 2018

Healthy Eating Tips With Sonali From Miracle Foods

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now you came up with a miracle foods yes how long ago was this and what prompted you to do it um it's been two years will happen like when I used to work I used to have a very crazy schedule so by the end of the day I don't even have enough energy to cook myself a decent meal at home or even pack something for my lunch so I used to always opt for options around me maybe it's a phosphor joint or a very greasy curry or something by the streets in which let me being very unhealthy brought me a medical issues I put on quite a bit of weight which was very depressing and as a self-image it kept on going down so there was a day which I woke up and I'm like enough is enough I need to do something about the food so overnight I decided to quit and start this journey about teaching people how does an eating right being vegetarian awaken how it's actually gonna help you to live your life better way and that's where the miracle first started and when I started I realized like how many people out there are actually looking for such options like quick easy healthy hassle-free food around especially when they're working yeah all right so now is it a business

time days sorry you change me it's a business now yes alright so your passion or rather you changing your life turned into a business yes how was that transition was it just simple it was a bit difficult considering he never had owned the business before this was my first entrepreneurship and the only reason why I did this was like it brought change it made me happy and I decided it would be really nice to share with people outside and the Sun session went really smoothly considering like when I put out my word that this is what I'm doing this is what I would like to do and the amount of people responded back the amount of people who were like on a hunt for someone or something who can help them with their dietary girls get them going with healthy eating because as a single individual when you're trying to change your lifestyle especially when it comes to your meals it gets really difficult so they need that booster that motivation somewhere down the line and someone who can help it make it a breeze for them so you don't quit halfway you don't just decide okay one month I've done and next month I can't do it

because it's too much of hassle yes all right now let's take let's get down to business [Music] what alternative sources of protein can someone use it for vegan considering someone like me Sonali I love meat I would eat meat all day breakfast lunch didn't all the way but it's not healthy can I tell you there is a substitute called seitan which is a perfect mock meat when you cook it you can cook it exactly like half chicken is done or fish or beef you can literally marinate the way it's meant to be done and it's exactly like I said either chicken or any of the meat that you prefer there are other alternatives like you can go for legumes beans tofu even on vegetables like broccoli kale spinach yeah you can opt for anything you know almonds all right and just strictly vegetarian yes but vegetarian sonali and I know you agree when I say this it's it's there's the stigmatization it comes to vegetarians and vegetarian food I know many people have that knew about it yeah but the truth be told it's up to you how you're gonna change a dish like

if you we're not just Ball vegitables gonna find it okay a bit tasteless but as Kenyans we are so blessed like the amount of amazing vegitables we get around and the natural flavour it's like it's not you're not gonna find this anywhere outside Kenya so you're just mixing your herbs you put in your chives just tempt it a bit and it's gonna be amazing it's all about just experimenting and just coming up with all the flavors mixing it up and just going for it all right so just search asked for the purpose of our views is honey vegan honestly it's not really yes there is a massive debate about whether honey is biking or not but if you actually look at how wagons leave they don't use any product that are derived from animals so honey comes from honey bee and cow's milk yes even that's not wagon what so what are the alternatives for milk you can offer like the soy milk coconut milk oat milk rice there's plenty of other option even hazelnut milk for like for egg substitutes you can always opt for like non-dairy yogurt tofu these like um even for honey as a sweetener you can opt for like stevia there's always an alternative whatever

we are trying to do there's always a way out dates as well yes we have to do you have dates as well care now mmm stamina BBQ hmm yeah and I've started this vegan journey I will not refuse to hang out with my friends somali because i don't eat meat anymore i will go hang out with them and i will watch that may be invested but question is what am i supposed to eat in such an occasion then well definitely no gonna miss out on this good opportunity because you can grill your own burgers made out of beans made out of turfers you can have vegetarian kebabs made out of carrots or certain vegetables mixed together with marinated you can make plenty of parcels like for a wagon Panera's out of options so put it like a tofu parcel where it's full of herbs corriendo oregon oh it's tangy of moist it's juicy at the same time you know go to miss meat at that very moment I'm so I'm still trying to get convinced and I don't know if our viewers are with us and what about eggs what's what alternative Jennifer eggs especially if you're trying to bake if you're trying to bake for baking instead of like you can use the best option is almond milk

it's much creamier and it will give you that fluffiness that you require the one that eggs always provide you and sugar when you're baking your especially a normal cake a marble cake and you want to put your eggs and just to make sure that it's moist and it's soft mm-hmm so instead of that you can use a little bit amount of sugar which is gonna give you the same texture at the end of the bake all right now um I can see we have products yes on this at the end I don't know if you're supposed to cross over or we bring them here and maybe we can we can we can stir kindly let's move to the other side no maybe we can we can just chitchat about the different products that you have here Wow interesting this okay one by one take us through okay this is basically what I do mm-hmm we have mills in a jar and then we have paw fights mm-hmm so mills in a jar is like a perfect on go move like when you are working out as in when your office and you want a really healthy meal vegetarian vegan but yet really delicious mm-hmm you up from meals in a jar it comes like in a glass bottles and we even have a plastic alternative

option they believe in going green so we always have a recycling program on go so after ordering always written as the plastic jars so we can put it forward for manufacturers to recycle it right similar girls were par-5 one of the yummiest and the best breakfast you can ever have as a vegetarian really yes it will help you balance your intake of your nuts your yogurt you have energy to go through the day and fruits fresh dried fruit yeah I can see that here huh yeah so you saw them like this yes and where can one get you all the food we are purely online if the person wants to place an order they visit our website wwlp.com and there's an online procedure where they can follow mom always send us an email mm-hmm email colors we are always very active and I deliver yes and deliveries look we have like the red 11:00 to 1:00 all of our deliveries are done between that slots mm-hmm yeah if a person place an order there for 9:00 a.m. the same-day delivery is done you