08 April 2019

healthy eating plan - weekly meal prep for healthy eating

healthy eating plan : http://bit.ly/2KiTh4N - 26 Jan 2019 - I went to ALDI with the 'shopping list' for the healthy eating plan and was disapointed that many of the ...

so I'm meal prepped for the first time

so I'm kind of just showing you guys what I did and sharing with you guys my three day meal prep a little disclaimer this is not just what I ate in a day because I would literally starve to death one thing about me is you know everybody's body is different and I know myself and I know how to eat I know that I do not eat large portions at a time so you notice my portions are kind of smaller but I am a big snapper so I eat a lot in between but I don't eat a lot at once so I eat throughout the day basically a lot like probably like every two hours two or three hours so I didn't share with you guys any of my snacks I ate because I feel like that's more of like personal to you I guess I could make a separate video for that so he just showed the meals and with the meals even with that I learned that sometimes I was more hungry and I would add something to it so it's not just who I'm saying like this is just what I prepared but I modified some of the things as the days went on and I was like hungry and I was like you know what like I'm add something to this because this isn't enough or I actually don't want to eat broccoli right now which is bad you

should but sometimes I win it also if you're new to my channel be sure to subscribe if you're new also follow me on my Instagram SRX oh follow me on my snapchat and yeah I really hope this video is helpful because I've seen a lot of meal prep videos and there's are like so much more like fancier and all that so we're not getting that fancy because half the time in those videos they like make the recipes so fancy that you don't even got half the stuff in your house to make it and you got to go shopping for every single little ingredient so if you notice mine are like very simple very basic you'll probably have some of the stuff around your house so these are some of the things I'm gonna be using to make mud breakfast so usually I will have oatmeal in the morning my favorite is maple brown sugar this organic line but if I'm not gonna make oatmeal then I'll have something else so I usually make two eggs in the morning like literally every morning so I am cracking some eggs I'm just gonna scramble them up then I'm going to cook some bell peppers I had some in my fridge you'll see where these came from

in a minute and then I'm just adding some cheese to my eggs I know cheese is not that good for you I know dairy is not that good for you but no I just have to put a little on there so I'm also fusing some wild arugula and I am rinsing that off and sink because you know you know it says is clean you gotta make sure that it's on point and I'm just gonna throw that in the pan stir it up a little boom there's my little breakfast burrito super healthy and it's good so okay now on to lunch and dinner so for lunch I am making some ground turkey and this is lean ground turkey I'm sorry if you're vegetarian this video is not vegetarian friendly now that I'm thinking about it my meat got a duck truth the pan but it's okay because this is literally my life but here the bell peppers I'm rinsing those off again and I'm gonna cut those up I just cut like a syrup on the top to like around the stem heat it out [Music] and I'm gonna cut through the middle to get rid of the seeds and they were still like some seeds in there so I went back to the sink and rinsed out the rest of the seeds went back to my turkey and it

was almost done so I just seasoned it with any seasoning of your choice I usually use there's no specific kind that you should use that though and then I wanted to make my bell pepper smaller just so that they're not in long strips [Music] using some extra light olive oil and this is what I've been using on my pan to help it not stick and then we just gonna saute that up you know move it around and get it moving and get it good and I'm gonna boil some water and make some brown rice and this is the type of brown rice I use it feels for curious and after that that's all I'm making for my life [Music] so for my dinner I am making some chicken breasts and I am rinsing them off again I told y'all I'm real serious about rinsing off my food so I put that in the pan and I'm cooking it and I'm seizing that with you know whatever you want to use I use pepper some what is that I don't even know what that was but yeah and as you can sell I like my chicken a little well-done by making some our ganic broccoli also

do it on can cooked it up have to add some water have to look at the directions to make sure us without water but yeah added some water and covered it up and just use that same brown rice I had for my lunch for my dinner and boom baby duck you got a dinner meal a dinner meal you got a meal for dinner [Music] so as far as what I'm going to drink with my meals and throughout the day you're supposed to drink eight glasses or bottles of water a day but I aimed for five bottles of water and I also like to drink my protein shakes I use RSP nutrition's whey protein a lot of you guys ask me about what I use this is what I do I just mix it with some milk and that's it milk and my protein powder shake it up and it's good to go I will usually drink this once I come home from the gym and that can be any time throughout the day so when I come home from the gym this is what I grab immediately and then after that I will eat one of my meals