07 August 2018


PLEASE READ | I'm not used to making health and fitness videos, but I have been super into my personal health lately. Let me know if you guys love this video, ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel I kind of always wanted to do what I eat in a day and I have noticed like since I've been here in Sydney and I've been eating really really clean and really really healthy and I've been basing my diet off of the Paleo diet and if you don't know what that is it's pretty much just like very natural food eating as clean as you possibly can supporting local farmers you're not supposed to have any corn but I I eat corn my from Indiana what do you expect we were not strict about it at all we had some snacks and I kind of show you guys throughout the video what we did but I just wanted to experiment a little and try some recipes I've never tried before and let you guys know how I feel about them I will list some below if I can find them yeah let's uh see how the weekend went [Music] dog or two do you love all this attention you are the sweetest wittle puppy girl would you not be a bad we are on our way to the beach I haven't been yet Lilian hasn't been yet Ellen wants ya Jerez been once so we're going there now this morning

Lillian and I made well I made us smoothies and then we had a brunch with eggs and salad and now we're off to the beach hey Lillian you fight about the board meeting spot here do you like [Music] we're back from the beach we did stop and get some cuddle cooked potato chips because we're at the beach for like 4 or 5 hours and we were getting kind of hungry or we knew we were gonna be hungry so we think these up the ingredients are potatoes vegetable oil and sea salt and although it's process it's not like natural and fresh it is I had the most natural ingredients that we can find at the at the gas station without having to buy a cooler so we went ahead and snack on those and now we are Mickey laughs yeah these have been designed for a while and they are down at the pool right now they just can't get away from the water so I am going to season these and then take those down to the grill for Jeremy to grow [Music] I'm going to cut this up into slices and

put that on the fish and then I'm going to use some spices to cover it and some oils so when it cooks on the grill it gets nice and crispy [Music] and now we're just going to use some free means to be the side and then I wanted to make a healthy ice cream dessert using bananas so what make some green so my bananas are not ripe enough to make the ice cream so I'm thinking maybe I'll continue this video till tomorrow and maybe I'll go buy some bananas that are a little bit more ripe so I think I'm just gonna have to continue this video until tomorrow so I'll show you the result of our dinner and then I will see you all tomorrow I'm going to make a little bit of quinoa which is not paleo which I wanted to eat all paleo today but I feel like we need a little bit of something more than just like the fish and the green beans so I'm going to make a little bit up [Music] here you go sunshine [Music] you [Music] so for a little snack to eat today yeah

banana and Lillian's favorite some veggie straws and now we have to go to the grocery store to get some ripe bananas for our kimber hates going in their cage so we can make our banana ice cream and we gotta get some screws for our dresser project I just went to the grocery store and for lunch we are going to make some about stuffed bell peppers got some ooh bowls some peppers some bananas head of lettuce more peppers Jeremy loves peaches this is going into peppers food we got what are you doing the cauliflower steaks yeah and then we got tomatoes diced tomatoes and green chilies they have an obsession with pickles I'm not a fan the watermelon was on sale and then we go through IG's fast so we got some eggs and an onion and some tea one single I found the recipe on Pinterest is what it looks like a link to it below well and I years ago we decided that after we were done eating all the pickles we had all this wasted pickle juice we had a cucumber laying around so we put freshly cut cucumber into the used pickle juice and then just munched on that [Music]

[Music] [Music] so we have the stuffed peppers in the oven I think they're gonna be delicious we tried some of the mixture the stuffed mixture and it's yummy the stuffed peppers are mostly paleo we didn't buy cauliflower rice but we have keema anyway so we might as well save our money and use what we have so we use that for the stuffed peppers instead but overall pretty good I think right yeah not bad yeah we'll see how it turns out yeah well let you know yeah 40 minutes to finish it eat it and get to a friend's house because this [Music] huzzah [Music] but I got so excited about my banana ice cream that I forgot to so we took it out of the freezer and now we're gonna blend it and then we're just going to put stuff in it then we think with these good works when you buy the cheapest blender in the store this is exactly how it works we just put a couple spoonfuls of the almond butter in it and we're just technically the recipe just said you need to put peanut butter and

bananas in there but I'm gonna put a little bit of vanilla in it and then also some cocoa powder it wasn't look at that does that look good almost it said you can't work gloves at me no an ice cream scoop feel like this would be that hard to make with if it has it wonder yeah we definitely be done by now so it's not the most like buzzin looking thing but it tastes absolutely delicious so William what do you think she thinks we should have it more often yeah yeah what do you think Jer does it look how face I think it's better than regular ice cream so for our last meal of the day and of this video you got some chicken what kind of seasoning did you put on it here salt pepper Cajun yummy my favorite part mashed potatoes probably made like 10 I wanted some leftovers to eat for the rest of the week and then I used instead of like milk I used some chicken broth so there is salt or garlic salt pepper and just the chicken broth in here so yummy so instead of getting like the Kraft barbecue sauce we tried getting a

different one from Publix and the ingredients were a lot better yeah that seems good it's a I think it tastes better it's a little more expensive but I think it's worth it for today's video I hope you guys all enjoy it I really enjoy making it and I really hope you guys liked it so I can make more videos like this if you don't like it please let me know if you want me to just stick to my regular like lifestyle kind of videos and like home saying minimalism and things like that because I will definitely do that that's what you guys want to see but I know this I thought this video was really fun and I would love to do similar videos so let me know down below if you like this video what kind of videos you want to see from me nice and what kind of diet you prefer to eat if your strict paleo keto vegetarian vegan like I would love to hear your story down in the comments and I will see you all in my next video thank you for watching see ya [Music] you