23 September 2018

healthy eating 2

today I'm meeting with Deb who is a 55

year old office worker that was just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and her diagnosis has given her a bit of a scare and she's now ready to explore fitness and health journey so today I'm just going to be meeting with her and having a chat about healthy eating oh I just saw can I start off by saying how I can write I think it is that you've taken the first step to follow a healthy diet and exercising program to assist in the management of top of your diabetes thank you well thank you it's been quite a scare for me to find out that I have type 2 diabetes yes well unfortunately many people in the Western world are now experiencing the adverse effects of poor nutrition and chronic diseases such as heart attacks and type 2 diabetes but yeah we can only get our bodies get out of that what is what we put in so our bodies are just like cars bodies need good fuel to um and oils to be in peak condition to perform by eating healthy foods not only we are fueling our bodies to grow and develop normally but we are also fueling our brains for optimum cognitive development and functioning many people are very confused about what food is healthy what is unhealthy as we

are full with prepackaged packed processed products with fancy advertising on the wrappers do you all look so good yes do you feel about how do you feel about making food choices for yourself are you confident or confused I don't I don't like going to the supermarket if I go to the supermarket and I look up and down the shelves and everything is it's just colors and it's like going on a bright lights and you don't you read the back but I don't exactly know on the back what's good what's bad because everything's got a scientific name on it yeah sometimes we choose for my appetizer low sugar but the other hidden ingredients for example dried fruits actually adding sugars which making else bigger for example measly boss yeah yeah usually by the very Fianna fáil sorry hobros healthy and low in sugar and low in fat if they're actually so a very good way to eliminate help eliminate food confusion is by having a copy of the Australian guide to healthy eating is that what this is yes on frigid times so cool yeah food so this takes you back to the basics and reminds you of the quantum like your amount of quantities

per day yeah it's all fresh fruit a bit yes nice yeah it could be more difficult around maintain a positive approach they'll be eating especially with all the advertising of high fat and high school foods being plastered across our TVs and Internet however staying focused on your overall health and your last life goals will help you to stay on target and having your PT beside you and your medical practitioners to guide you will also help to keep you focused and heading towards a happy life sounds promising yes it will be a journey but I'll get there so because you do have a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes I'd like to refer you to a dietician for further evaluation of your day eating habits and I like to watch how you tell me what to because I'm not a dietician so qualified in that area so I can help you with Fitness listen me but I don't know all the little scientific reasoning behind every little piece of food that you're gonna eat that's gonna help you steer away from those a lot of bad foods anyway I would also like you to see your GP and get clearance to commence fitness program with me so the

four of us together perform this support team for your future journey as I think it sounds really good yes I think it's gonna be a very positive thing and hopefully I can get the diabetes under control yes so I will just whip up some referral letters and hopefully thank you very much