23 March 2017

HEALTHY Dollar Store Taste Test | 11 Healthy Snacks from the Dollar Store!

Our family tested out 11 of HEALTHY snacks from the Dollar Store and are here to let you know which dollar store snacks passed our family taste test. This dollar ...

hi guys welcome to Penny's and April's

and today I have the whole family with us and the reason is we are doing a dollar store mood style and it is on the healthy version so everything we're tasting for you guys today I have no timer added except for the yogurt covered raisins and the shredded coconut has some sugar in it as well I believe what we've done is we've gone to the dollar store and actually the 99-cent store my name is they are circus more not dollar change a a bunch of different products that we thought looks good looks like a good healthy snack and then I also went to Target into the price match for you guys to see per unit per ounce program because actually it's actually a good deal or not as our family is 10v optic products we're going to let you guys know where they're manufactured because I know there's lots of concerns with that when you buy food from the dollar store we're going to be paying attention to expiration dates because sometimes at the dollar store the expiration dates are coming up quick we have to pay attention that with food especially and then most importantly we're going to be talking to you guys

and sharing everybody but we have some piece of heaters in here on the taste so are you guys ready yeah and like I always mention don't forget to follow me on Instagram because a lot of my and we'll be going to the garden store and things like that but I don't have time to put together a video so we do want to like dollar store haul they are hauled quick daily through the Livington on my Instagram stories and on distres make sure you call me then and of course if you guys like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up so we can do more of these types of videos for you in the future if you like and if you're new to the channel don't forget to subscribe so we have two requests to start with the Keyser's Keane watch it so anyways all the ingredients on the back of the bag are read me this is just a brand that is from the better in the u.s. is vegan non-gmo certified gluten-free and one gets the taste one no I want you what do you guys think have anything I actually really like the texture of it for them being quinoa chips actually tastes pretty good what do you think bud yeah you like on the kids are big barbecue fans for them

being teeing off like quinoa powered flavors I am I love the texture is very soft - something I would say this is a thumbs-up from everybody the next thing we're gonna try out is this vanilla granola and naturally flavored sticks out it's the nature grow brand on expires Austin and it's just a cane sugar canola oil rice flour salt Barney and integrate let's try it out take a little bit have a taste I have a little piece let's see what does everyone think hmm thumbs up she's good take a bite mmm it looks like it's just like oh test some of that light right of like Rice Krispies tree stuff so three grams of fiber in it and in five grams of protein so that is a really good option when it comes to setting and breakfast food things like us so for all the Corollas that we are sampling from the dollar store I went and price match them at Target and so the ones i target but then also some granola bites which would be like the Apple ones that we're going to try then for helping let me see what I wrote down he said you're not from this dollars for works

out yet per hour in the granola as market works out to be about 29 cents so he paces it on nutritional and it's a great price so definitely a good option okay that's a good one I think you're gonna love it next we're going to try these all-natural freeze-dried peach crisp there's 100% no additive it's a bit a 50 gram pouch about two pieces in each bag one two double one serving and it is 55 calories one grandma Dramamine manufactured in LA doesn't expire until December 2018 so let's be mad whoa whoa she doesn't love the smell of them a little sour so sour mm-hmm but you said you did like okay I did that's right okay take a bite you can do it so here we go do you like it power okay one No ha ha one yes one yes that's what one negative slice Keller what does it taste like maybe that's just the taste of free dried peaches I've never tried and restraining peaches before it's not my favorite flavor but I've got to take the price comparison with these on pieces from the dollar store and then the ones from Target

start off with everything are no seven cents during the program as a dollars war and then seven cents per gram at Target and when I did like the target Red Hood I felt like that was literally arable than like the sanatorium so not to use prices realize next up are the strawberry banana crisp if you watch our Instagram you know that's strawberry fruit freeze-dried I know that it is there are six strawberries and one Nana in each bag fifty colony or die which is in her servings but this one has two grams of fiber try these ones out okay you like the banana try rubbery okay your mass strawberry we already know that he loves these that's robbery and my mama bananas are good right how are the bananas done are they oh you didn't like it so I already know that I love the strawberries they were really good I love the texture of freeze dried fruit bananas were okay I can see why it may be a little kids didn't like it we need to have a bag of change like strawberries there's a lot more spider we try strawberry so from the dollar store they're about seven cents per gram then from Target they're about search -

goodnight oh oh I know the mice at Target and Isle of Android strawberries from the dollar store oh that's definitely worth a trip because that is a big savings and same with the granola next thing we're going to try as rinoa at the dollar store is about 17 semester peroneus and then i partiers about 29 cents brown you know wait you brought the dollar store know has great nutritional factors which I decide what color I am so fiber and six grams of proteins the expiration on this one is August of 2017 so plenty of time still it is manufactured in commerce California oh there's little teeny tiny bits of dried apple in here okay let's see never do you like it how do you got it yeah good does smell really good what does it smell like yeah apples maybe she's good at good I reckon oh the Apple granola clusters what you liked right these ones are a lot crunchy er than the vanilla but it has a really strong apple flavor it's really good great snacks again good on movie bowls and yogurt season this one is strawberry and raspberry granola same facts as far as the sticks out back saying I am Mike fiers end of August this one has 4 grams

of fiber and 6 grams of protein so let's see what in hate it smells like is everybody ok so what do you guys think about this berry strawberry raspberry granola do you really like it ok thank you about what I saw it's a little bit bigger clusters not quite as big as the apple and then it has a tiny bit of dried berries in it serious head standing very very I would just say not a lot of flavor and it's not super speak either so now that Maui and Sons coconut chips these are lightly roasted and crunchy preservatives 1/3 1.4 ounces composite natural ingredients what is vegan non-gmo very very free cleanser all free never fried perfect snack does contain coconut or sugar in a roll so there's not two grams of fiber button in one gram of protein and the fat in it oh the container is 35 here's what they look like back they look nice and crunchy like a chip no it's not you it's good oh now you like mmm these are really good ooh Meredydd good taste one yes okay there you go see does Oliver Kennedy love them they're good you decided you liked them are you just saying that

okay have another one over here whoops okay if she goes for more than we know that it's a true reaction these are good yeah no it need to be good on some like ice cream but can I throw up right Harrison Ford's I'm coconut chips in 71 times we are now in dollars one so they're a little bit more pricey and snacks eritrea but they're over a dollar twenty per out for the brand on at Target so they're way more expensive that target saw any focus really good ones from the dollar store so very high for a hot cat are these yogurt bite for homework outside hey this is what they look like in the bag this kid has been wanting these out of everything the very most try it so these ones do make it taste like a yogurt covered raisin not a huge fan of the snack itself but I think it tastes good look at this kid loving arm this is a 4000 - anyway I earned in July 5 funniest hiding your friends a fiber one gram approach a43 for that and they are manufactured in Maximillian yeah alright so we have two more I can't touch that we did for you guys but they were in the frozen food section so we did all of our taste

testing in the kitchen so we'll switch over to that video right now and then we'll come right back after all right next up we are going to be trying Italian mix the cauliflower broccoli carrots cut Romano beans zucchinis and red peppers in Paris we're going to open it up and actually what I'm going to do is I have some chicken cooked chicken that I froze after I chopped it and I'm just going to I'm heat that up add in the frozen veggies and then I'm going to mix it all together with a sauce some cooked noodles and we'll mix it all together and I will report back to you guys after we taste it and see how it is from MD farms located in the LA California is a 1 at 1 pound or 16 ounce bag that's before October of 2018 this looks like a Krogan bag of vegetables let's cook it down and have a taste now one thing I will say is there's a lot of carrot maybe a piece or two of zucchini a good amount of cauliflower but like barely any red bell peppers barely any zucchini not much of the good stuff just the cheap stuff so here is dinner I didn't is cleaned up now as you can see there's just laundry over there I've cleaned up

the kitchen anyways it wasn't a big fan of that um frozen vegetable mix and I don't know how there could be a difference but they just didn't taste that great the texture wasn't very well it is mostly carrots so all right we're trying out Minute Maid orange juice from the dollar store let me see is it good is a good spell so sister's birthday that's where we got all the fancy stuff out how is it birthday girl do you like the orange juice this is just a brand name so I think really the only difference then would be the expiration date March 16th so I think maybe in stores they would have a little bit longer expiration date March 16th is about two weeks from now so we've got plenty of time and we will definitely drink it probably in the next day or two next thing that we're going to try is this tropical fruit mix that was from the frozen section it says that their strawberries peaches mangoes and that is a 10 ounce bag so 10 ounces of frozen tropical fruit for a dollar and thought that we're going to make a smoothie with it this morning and so what we have a little teeny tiny the smallest little

pieces of fruit maybe a couple peaches and then who knows what those little tiny things are but pretty much it's strawberries we'll see what it tastes like we are going to add some of our orange juice that we had from that we got from the dollar store as well and then I think we're going to add a banana into kind of just bulk this up a little bit okay who's ready for some smoothies anybody think all right let's see hey oh is it good I mean how is it Sunday nah look oh okay do you like it is it good thumbs up from the foot ready you know like Ronnie tastes good I think it tastes really good if you need a little bit of the tropical fruits in there but I think mostly probably the flavors that we're getting are strawberries right guys so they might be like a good filler if you're doing any like if you're in need of some frozen berries but I'm probably not going to go specifically to the dollar store just to buy this root it's not that great of a deal number one I mostly just buy fruit when it's in season and then freeze it myself when is that the very cheapest making it even cheaper than this price

but overall it might be a really good option if you need a filler all right guys [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]