04 May 2015

Healthy Breakfast Ideas 2015 + Ways To Eat Healthy !!

Hey guys Its Keira! Today in going to show you some yummy, HEALTHY and easy breakfast ideas ! These don't even have to be breakfasts they can be eaten as ...


I've been time No hey guys it's kira and today i'm doing a very different video i'm showing me three healthy and yummy and easy breakfast ideas these are grateful if you're trying to eat healthier you're you're on a diet or if you go to school really early or if you're just looking for something y'all need to make or to eat so as you can see I'm kind of in a different setting I am in my new room so I'm going to give you a hint on some of my new videos I'm working on a bedroom decoration video and possibly anyways I'm so excited for you to see me I'm so glad that you clicked on it if you are new to my channel hi I'm here and make sure to subscribe as a button here roti like me this sparkly question or you can click link in the description box so i hope you guys enjoy this video so let's get started so first i'm going to show you how to make these delicious cheese and fruit muffins the ingredient you nigga a home laughing fruit I'm spreads chia seeds and butter so first you're going to want to cut your muffin and pop it in the toaster for however long you

want it let's not just about this base you really think I could be replaced now while my muffin is toasting I'm just going to cut up all my fruits wash my strawberries cut them up and cut out my banana we got straight so once it's toasted you're going to want to butter it now i'm going to use crafts I'm and spread you can use whatever topping you like you can you peanut butter nuts spread arm and spread and I've also tried this with honey and is super delicious so if you like allergic to nuts when you don't like them definitely try it with honey now I'm just putting on my fruit and then sprinkle it with white chooses you can use black cheesy but I just use what was in my cupboard and there you have it yes now I'm going to show you how to make these delicious simple and healthy banana pancakes the seams you will need are some oats one banana and two ends you can of course double the batch by just doubling all the ingredients I'm then taking my one quarter cup and filling that with oats and then putting it in my blender food then I take a moment nada and peeling it and then splitting it in half cause if I put it

in Hollywood you spit in my blender is better then once all that was put in I crack the eggs and of course you don't have to put it in a blender you can hand mash all the banana and then mix all the ingredients in I just like to blend it so all the arts went chunky though it was a nice and smooth pancake then I'm taking over to my blender and I'm just blending this tool to pancake consistency then I'm just turning my stove on and heating up my pan and I'm putting a little bit of butter in it just so it doesn't stick while my pancakes were cooking I headed over to the fridge and grab some strawberries and blueberries I then wash my fruit and cuddle up then when they will all cook I stack them up on the plate and then I use maple syrup a great alternative is a guard a syrup and there's also an organic maple syrup that my family loves but it's quite expensive but it's worth it cuz a lot healthier than you for maple syrup like I mean it's still maple syrup it's not healthy for you but it's a healthier hmm so those are the banana pancakes I hope you try this out because they are so delicious and they are one of my

favorite pancakes to have n brackets now I'm going to show you how to make on the go overnight oats and this is super yummy and you're going to need half a cup of oats one quarter cup of yoga and one quarter cup of milk and I'm putting it in this cute mason jar and then you're going to need some other special ingredients to flavor it motel across them to the big city then you're just going to want to put all your ingredients and you're going to put your art your yogurt and your milk and then you're going to want to mix it loads going down now here's the time you want to see if it's too thin or too thick and add anything else in you but I got a style then I hiding all my flavors and I'm putting honey apple and cinnamon in so here I'm just shredding my Apple as you can see and then you can grate your Apple but I'm just shredding this part because I didn't want to wash up a greater as well as a skin peeler and then I'm just adding that early and mixing it then you're going to want to mix it all and anything else in if you feel like it you can of course do any type of flavor

I'm doing an apple cinnamon and honey one you can do chocolate strawberry whatever and I also seen people do peanut butter ones which would be nice and then once it's all mixed I'm putting screwing my linen and popping it in the fridge and you're going to want to put this in overnight or at least for two to three hours and then in the morning get it out and eat it we could last forever hey you like God lost it in life was iMac whoa thank you guys heaps watching this video make sure to give it a thumbs up you like to also leave a comment down below on your favorite recipe or one you would like to try it and also leave me some um video requests down below so please subscribe to my channel by clicking at the box right here all that I'll leave a link in the description box hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys next time bye