09 June 2019

Healthy Bliss Balls: Cooking with Gia and Olive

These healthy bliss balls are the perfect snack for morning tea or that afternoon 3:30-itis. Connect with us! Web: https://www.mumsatthetable.com/ Facebook: ...

lissa boles this is what we're making

another lunchbox idea the reason why I'm making lots of lunchbox ideas is because a lot of mothers are wanting that and also a lot of people that go to work are thinking what can I have that's a bit easy to make at the beginning of the week and then have it for the rest of the week and that's how I roll in my house I make this stuff at the beginning of the week and then I've got it for the rest of the week that way if the kids want a treat you're not running around the shops at Kohl's or Woolies or wherever you shop walking around and kids are like I want something to eat and then you end up buying them chocolate or chips or something to keep them quiet you can have these in your bag ready to go okay okay before you finish them all can you put the oats in here let's show people how to make it okay oats can we have the desiccated coconut and cinnamon thank you good work maybe not there not in that hole very good work and you've got the Pepita seeds so put the Pepita seeds in there you've got which ones of those ones sunflower seeds okay what else have we got there little raisins no they're black currants or

little currants and can you do the chocolate Momo hold on olives got raisins so we've just put raisins in there you can put this in and because you're doing that you can give one to you one for you one for litsa one each okay and the rest one goes in your mouth and the rest goes inside there so can you put that in there carefully good boy I can trust you didn't even steal any that's awesome and oh a bit of maple now the maple syrup you don't have to put that much in it cuz you only need a little bit to make it be put in that and you put the little bit of vanilla and let's already put the vanilla in and now all you have to do you have to process it until it's a crumbly mixture like a sticky crumbly mixture [Music] done deal okay so we're done it is a sticky texture can I show everyone well there we go there we go okay crumbly sticky texture the best way to work with something like this is to either wet your hands with a little bit of water or if you have some just I've got a little bit of oil here some coconut oil that's like easy-peasy

so if you just put some coconut oil on your fingers even though mothers can moisturize their hands are they doing what I just want to cut it okay so then you just give it some of the mixture in your hand to make a nice little blissful actually might put some more in there make a good-size one and then after you've finished rolling all the bliss balls put them in the fridge just to that will just harden up a bit more they'll be firmer there we go and these are for your little oh we need that cuz I'm gonna make them and you can make a little face on it for your little children if you're need if you want to if you've got time to run at the time there you go so there's one of your bliss balls so just so viewers know he can't switch this on okay so I'm up in it nothing's gonna happen he can't switch it on cuz it's got a safety switch and the blades are in there so that's good so there you have it you have your little lunch box idea your blissful mother's put them in your bag when you go to the shops this is the best way the kids love it and it's chewy so it takes ages for them to chew and

swallow and then that way they will keep enjoy up this bowl so what I've tasteful that's right not until it's cold do another taste on my people [Music] [Music] [Music]