10 June 2019


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click the link below in order to find out more all right so right now we're headed out to Flushing Queens Queens as a borough of New York and it's super diverse but right now we are headed to Flushing which is specifically the Asian zone all right so in episode 2 of make it happen we are heading out to Queens New York to meet up with some Flushing natives that are making their imprint on the sneaker economy and this hyper supercharged food scene so Perry and his friends run one of the most well-known sneaker consignment shops in the city and Carson and his partner are introducing healthy Asian flavors to this new modern quick-service restaurant style let's go see how they make it happen out of Flushing Queens thank you so much for clicking on that video about food and sneakers out in Queens you're really gonna like it but first I got to give a big shout out to the sponsor of this series Wix they're helping you make dope clean websites super easily all right so I sat down with David and we talked about what kind of website we should make and we decided that we're gonna make a networking website one where other people can contribute to a

lot of people hit us up when they come to New York in LA and ask hey I'm coming to New York is there like a video guy photographer talent anybody I can eat hey I'm coming to LA to make emotional silent films do you know anybody that can help me out personally I may not know that person but hopefully you'll be able to find them on that site or at least find someone to start with so with that in mind let's look for a website designed so first of all it is free to sign up and then you click on what type of category your website falls underneath you can either answer a few questions about what you need or browse through a bunch of templates yourself I love this feature I'm gonna let Wix Adi help build my website form it's gonna ask you the name for the website which I will reveal later you can even buy a custom URL domain through Wix and you don't even to go through the outside system if you want to choose a template for yourself you can easily browse through them all so let's just take a look at what I get when I type up forum because you know it might be like a form or a networking business site which has all of that by

the way and even when you do find a template you still get to edit and modify it you get to customize an already unique template alright everybody we are making a lot of progress on this website but I will tell you the actual name of our website on the next drop but until then please enjoy make it happen episode 2 [Music] starting off we're gonna go to image and why let's talk about the pros and cons of owning a brick-and-mortar sneaker shop and about possibly disappointing their parents all right everybody I am here with Perry and Greg of image and why you know thank you guys for being here there's image my welcome to Flushing so in the past we have filmed a lot of videos here but today we're not talking about the latest drop or the hypest shoe I want to talk about like your guys's story the struggles and the successes of owning your own consignment shop so you guys provide a physical storefront in a trusted place where people can buy the shoes from Nike or their Foot Locker and then they resell it through you guys you

guys take it go yes how is selling sneakers changed and about the past ten years from when you guys really started oh well back in the day a lot of people did a lot of meetups sneaker exchanges and anything but people get caught with fakes and like or they get scammed online we skip that whole process you bring it here okay legit check the shoes the buyers are confident they get authentic shoe when they come in and shop [Music] so how did you guys come up with the idea and muster up the courage to start a shop together and your first shot was started out of a ball yes yes this was 2011 we were 21 our passion was sneakers and then we had an opportunity to open in a brand new mall so we're like let's take a risk we're young but you know let's go for it so in 2011 you guys decide to open up a shop in the mall what's your inventory like whose other shoes are you selling is it just your collection a piece of your collection what is that like well majority of it was our collection and then we had some friends they wanted to get out of the game and they had like

hundreds of sneakers so you know they trusted us they were our friends that was the hardest part like we had no connections with Nike there was no adidas contract none of that because we wanted to build something where we just saw the hottest shoes you know we don't want to just sell regular stuff that you can find a full locker and finish line you know we were like a one-stop shop in Flushing [Music] there's a lot of kids out there who would imagine that owning their own sneaker shop is really just fun you know they come in everybody's just chilling but really what is the work that happens behind the scenes that a lot of people are not thinking about with a sneaker store you got to make sure your inventories right we're dealing with customers sneakers no but we got to take care of it like it's all right you're telling other people's property oh yeah yeah and if it somehow gets lost or going that's on us and then you got a deal with fraud fakes hearts bags so so you when you come in an image and you see them kicking it they're actually worrying about all this stuff I mean

even security I mean I'm sure you guys have a bunch of merchandise sitting in the store yeah we we probably have over a million dollars in there but it's it's we're friends with the local police or make sure you know anything happens you know they're there on call right away finding roles in a team any good team maybe even if we're talking about the NBA I mean people can't all do the same thing so I guess how did you guys determine that anything you do you need a good team well you gotta trust each other like this guy's gotta handle this quite good but like all the online stuff because you know he's to run a lot like the online forums like I was more in the backend I handled like the thing the lawyer is getting the accountant I was good at that we each had our dedicated roles you find what you're strong at and I'm focused on that we got a law we trust each other 100% good at bad you know we still had each other's back you know once you lose that trust with partners is that pretty much it that can be ya know you all gotta put in the work you know blood sweat and tears that's how you make it happen

what are the biggest pros and cons in your guys's opinion of going the entrepreneurial route instead of going the more clear path the most obvious pros you know we didn't want to work for anyone else we wanted to work for ourselves you know I feel like that's the biggest Pro freedom you know you know it's not all rainbows and butterflies like straight off the bat we were grinding for like the first three years we were like all our friends went on vacation were like yeah we weren't doing that no days off yeah that's a big thing if you start a business you cannot take a bunch of vacation we had all our money put into it we were like broke you know you're not making money at first you know but you know if you love what you do and just keep grinding we were a little discouraged after like you know the second third year but then we're like yo it's gonna happen I think a lot of people they get discouraged and they quit what made you guys grind through that and really believing about yourselves well we saw the sneaker culture just growing and we're like there's so much money to be made we're like all this money is not going to wait

there was a point where we had we didn't even promote consignment it was just word-of-mouth and this was right before Instagram came out people just started bringing us their shoes and we were like wow no I mean you guys saw the market growing for what you guys were doing so it was almost like you guys were on the right path yeah it was just probably a matter of fact of how are you gonna capture how are you gonna get involved all right so last question for you guys what do you tell a young person who's coming up to you and saying oh man like I want to start a business I want to start a sneek store but like I don't have the capital I don't know anybody I can trust I'm a young kid I don't have any of that where do I start alright stop making excuses that's one first you got a grind you gotta make sacrifices Network networking is a big thing you know whatever it is go out to events you know find people with the same interests if you guys have the same vision you know you guys work toward it everyone starts somewhere I start we start out over a basement so we got a growth you know shout-out to Perry Greg

and everybody else from image and why oh thank you so much for doing that but hopefully that was very helpful to you guys if you guys have any questions don't be afraid to ask we're always here to help when you're gonna answer all the DMS yeah you know you have me Perry stacks you know you need any help just keep grinding do what you love do your research I know not all shop owners want to give out so much free advice cool that wraps it up at image + y and we are continuing our flushin episode of make it happen I'm about to go around the corner to a fast casual Asian restaurant let's check it out [Music] we just came from image NY with Perry and Greg now we're outside of Queens crossing to visit our friend Carson his spot okay la just opened up and it's one of the hottest spots around here let's check it out all right everybody I'm here with an arson and Neil thank you guys for being here yeah but you're just one of us you guys two queens crossing plus in New York welcome to Oh Kayla it smells delicious out here you guys I would say are the hottest Asian new American fast casual

spot in all that's there are you guys chefs or not officially chefs or you'd love to know what to do I'm actually chef trained and schooled in New York City open up my own restaurant lumpia Shack and also worked in like several fine-dining restaurants me never classically trained but school of hard knocks just working on taco trucks okay cool and now you guys are serving all these different Asian flavors all time I mean we try to call it like American new American this is like you know he's an American growing up and the foods that are from our backgrounds we try and take flushing keeping it healthy keeping it light and keeping fresh [Music] so we got two plates here guys we got a view knees marinated hanger steak on top of our house herb salad we got kale arugula mint Thai basil radish carrots we're gonna make a house-made chili lime vinaigrette for this salad and over here is our chicken adobo with some Singapore noodles and the number one bestseller it's our silken tofu sample really the tofu is the de try it begin Moodie I

have this dish before a form of it flavor is quite different very sweet has a little Krispies in it I'm a really nice switch up this is marinade and a fish sauce and you take it by the mmm-hmm like that house-made sriracha so I like how that sriracha works with it even better than the original sriracha I'm not afraid to say that alright that wraps up the food portion we're about to move into the kitchen talk about some business this is the kitchen of okay la so I do want to talk about you know opening your own business the glory behind it but in glorious moments what is one thing you learn since opening up a physical spot some of the biggest thing I learned is to be patient things take time you know especially with this place we signed a lease December 13th we didn't open to one year later December 8 opening up anything it has problems for example our contractor left us halfway through the building your contractors and the person who builds out that off yeah so this is a person who built out the front right keep building a half half of it half of it any leaves and he leaves well we're we're we're scrambling we're trying to figure out you know me

and you know we're not builders we're not we're not plumbers we're not electricians sorry good food we were trying we became contract the upper limb class putting on balls coming up everything was there a point when your contractor left that you guys were like oh my god this might be the end south of me and Carson had several conversations and if you're willing to start your own business I think the most important thing is they got to think are you willing to put the time in 24 hours a day seven days a week if you're not up for that don't sign up for a business [Music] I mean anything to happen right even within the next year or or months you know what really keeps you going for us what gets us up every day is that vision to do something better for for the community and other people and people to see that so there is no such thing as like opening a restaurant because I just want to cook food no I think I think I'm gonna go back to the word vision I think when we first started I was talking yells hey look I believe that we could do something greater for the committee I mean there's a reason why we came back

to Flushing we've got a dump in hat but we said you know I don't think Manhattan or Williamsburg needs us right now I think that's a better story to tell in Flushing a little bit more of a serious question yet what does failure look like and what does making it look like let's talk about failure first four months ago we were almost thinking about failures and so you know so you guys open three months ago yeah and four months ago you were honestly thinking about giving up we were in a boardroom we were two months behind rent no contractor and we just up by ourselves and we had a meeting we said we cannot move forward unless you divert our two months of rent 2008 so that we can hire another contractor or you just take our security loans wrapping this up we lose everything we put a lot of our own money just to start this place and we haven't seen a penny yet so and we should just take our security deposit we're at the end does every it also lasts there was a lot of end [Music] but luckily the management believed in us they saw something deeper than just

saying we're making money or you're joking around like no this is it what's a successful place well hopefully down the line we will be very successful but in the three months we've turned over business maybe tenfold when we first started getting so many more customers to come every day to enjoy our food and also having the stories of them saying wow I feel great right eating your food losing weight being more energetic that is like ultimate success for me across the last thing is there anything you can tell young kids out there what's the first step do as much research as you can get as many numbers as you can to see if you can make it happen that's the most important I guess I think I think having a plan definitely is most part also going back to human s but you got to know who you are because there are gonna be a lot of days when it's not glamorous and you're look in that mirror and you need to know who you are and what you're made of when you don't get a paycheck you need to figure out what what you're worth and if you need to believe that you're worth more than another dollar in the bank [Music]

Thank You Neil Thank You Carson man I'm so glad to see you have your own spot now I'm wishing the best for you guys and yes the food is pretty good it was pretty good I'll take it all right thank you guys I appreciate it that was okay to outsiders flushing is known for the most and best authentic Asian food but insiders know it's changing fast it already has a super busy intersection and with large-scale developments backed by money from Asia flowing in and might just become the Asian Manhattan so it's important in this hyper-competitive New York market that you got heart soul and a mission you stand behind and that was today two different businesses and different stages and their maturity both serving the community they grew up in image has been a solid contributor to a constantly growing sneaker economy and is now looking to expand into other ventures okay la has finally got up and running and with some raving reviews there Asian American fast casual spot is looking like a hit I'm wishing the best for both of them and I'm looking forward to seeing them make it happen all right everybody that was episode two of make it happen out in Flushing Queens New

York I know there are so many more people to cover and so many more things to learn and so many more different types of businesses I'm super excited for the rest of this series it was so cool to cover my friends out here all right in the comments below let me know what you guys might have learned after these conversations with the guys from image and ok-lau because I think they said a lot and even I learned a lot too so definitely let us know in the comments below give this