08 April 2019

HEALTHY ALDI FOOD HAUL || What I buy for weight loss

Hello friends!! Today I am sharing with you what I buy on a weekly basis at Aldi for myself and my partner! I try and focus on eating a healthy but balanced diet to ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Marley for those of you who are new here and today's video is an Aldi food shop so I've just come back from Aldi and I have done the food shop for the entire week I shop for myself and my partner Jack we eat all of our meals from home well we don't actually eat them at home but you know what I mean like we pack lunches and stuff and take them to work with us we do have one meal out a week which is usually a Friday night and the rest comes from home I would say that I do have a pretty balanced diet I mean I try and eat healthy about 80 percent of the time but there are some treats in here so yeah I guess I'll just go ahead and show you what I bought so the first thing we have is just wholemeal Warburton's bread as we use this photo stalk econo tough sandwiches free-range eggs just a pack of 15 because we go through those like crazy some tomato ketchup lighter than light mayonnaise you know you can never go wrong with ketchup and mayo a pack of these instant noodles chicken flavors again this is one of those treats I was on about a pack of cheesy bakes again don't have these every day but they are nice as a treat every now and then

granny smith apples these are for Josh I'm not a big fan of apples I'll be honest pack of lemons some roast potatoes and some cauliflower cheese we will have those on a Sunday with our roast dinner for a pack of Hass avocados some tender stemmed broccoli that will just have one night with dinner British parsnips again we'll have this with our roast and our on a Sunday a bag of sweet potatoes I've really been craving sweet potatoes fried sweet potato fries lately so I thought I just picked them up some baby Bell lights really good for snacking onions because you know you need onions a pack of mini bananas a cucumber for salads and snacking and some salt reduced fat soft cheese I again love this for snacking or on some toast yes I do like cream cheese on my toast then I just have a jumbo pack of kitchen row any very big pack of wonky mushrooms we love to add mushrooms to our dinners every night just fry them up and so good another treat here this is just a variety pack of Lights crisps you've got ready salted salt and vinegar and cheese onion a corn cottage pie Jack likes to take these for work

they're just a really quick and easy lunch a pack of light Greek style yogurt in the flavor honey I absolutely love these with some strawberries as a really easy kind of light breakfast a pack of delicious lentils I love these you guys these are a lifesaver a really good side for dinners or lunches just to add some carbs into the pack of these instant noodles some super soft sweet chili wraps you guys that these are absolutely amazing with like chicken wraps or tuna salad wrap two packs of basmati rice these are good to just have in the cupboards a pack of baby spinach I love having salads during the week these are also really good and smoothies they're good and wraps I mean you can really put spinach in anything a bag of dry roasted peanuts on the weekend me and Jack do like to sit down have a beer and some peanuts as a little treat a pack of easy peelers some baked beans these are just a ladee's version I think they're completely fine I'll be honest I'm not a massive baked bean person but jock does love them and we haven't actually had any in the cupboards for a long time which apparently is a sin in

this country you always have to have baked beans in your cupboard so make sure to pick some up today sliced carrots for our roast on Sunday two packs of icebergs chopped iceberg lettuce again we have these with our dinners or they're really nice and wrapped I got two packs of wonky strawberries I love to have these with my yogurt in the morning a-another corn lasagna again for Jack to take to work and some garden peas again for our roast on Sunday so the next bag is all of our meat products we are not vegan we're not vegetarian we don't really restrict any food groups so apologies if you don't like seeing meat picked up two of these chicken breast strips these are just frozen really handy to just have on hand in case we like really need some like a quick lunch or a quick dinner some smoked cooked ham trimmings again these are really good to just have in the fridge for snacking these Ready Set cooked smoky barbecue ribs Drock absolutely loves these he'll have about half for dinner and then take the other half for work smoke back bacon this just has ten

rushers I absolutely love having a bit of bacon on the weekend then I've just got some lean pork loin medallions I love cooking this up and having pork tacos for crispy chicken breasts Oh No dang it I just realized that I got the crispy chicken breasts Phil it's what I meant to get the hot and spicy chicken bites which are basically the same thing but yeah these are just really good for a treat on the weekend Ready Set cooked chicken fajita stir fry these are so easy for weekday dinners really quick easy one pan meals we chopped up some mushrooms add it into this have it with some iceberg lettuce and have it with like some lentils or some rice or some cauliflower rice honestly you guys really good macros are really good on this and it is two portions so it is perfect for me and Jack I also picked it up in chicken tikka that's how much we love it they do a couple other ones but the chicken tikka and say chicken fajita are our two favorites and then I just picked up one of these large chickens so this is literally such a lifesaver I will cook it up on a Sunday and we will have it

with our roast dinner so we'll have a chicken dinner and then there will still be loads of leftovers which I will then have for my lunches so it's just such an easy way for meal prep like you're cooking it up for dinner anyway and then you've just got your lunches sorted for the next blood days then I just picked up some toilet roll because I think that's pretty self-explanatory a pack of super soft tissues these are huge tissues but they do work really well two bottles of dry neck these are for job four cans of cider just two toothbrushes because ours are getting a little scratchy four cans of Abbott ale some diet lemonade oh my gosh you guys this diet lemonade is so freakin good and it is 17 pens like seventeen pens and it is so nice see a little thing of semi skim milk or go skim milk for Jack I don't drink this milk I just have almond milk a small carton of orange juice and then just some himself so yeah that is everything I picked up this week from Aldi it will see us through breakfast lunch and dinners for the next week I did spend about 75 pound today but I mean we will only eat out once on

a Friday evening for treat night I know my diet isn't perfect but I think I have a really good balance of healthy foods and treats because even if you're on a weight-loss journey or just a health journey or just trying to be healthier you guys cannot deprive yourself because if you completely deprive yourself that usually leads to binges and it's just not realistic and you know life is meant for enjoying yourself and if you want a packet of crisps then have a packet of crisps thank you guys so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give me a thumbs up so I know to make more types of videos and if you want to see more of me then make sure you hit that subscribe button if you are not currently subscribed in the comments down below let me know where you do your food shopping so I will typically go to Aldi and if I can't find what I need an Aldi then I'll just go into Tesco but I don't know if I'm missing something so let me know where you do your food shop you know in case I'm missing an absolutely amazing store out there if we had a Trader Joe's in the UK then I would be shopping at Trader Joe's but

unfortunately we don't have one here so again thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys next time bye