10 December 2019

Healthier Food Options For Clearing Up Your Skin

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what's up everyone welcome back to a new

video so today I'm gonna be giving you some food replacements that you can be eating instead of the ones that you eat every single day that may be causing you to break out okay ones that aren't really that healthy for your skin and instead I'm gonna show you options that you can swap it out for that's healthier that is better for your skin that's probably gonna make you break out way less all right and that's gonna clear your skin up faster and that's ultimately better for your overall health and body because that's exactly we want this video is actually inspired by a section that I have in my e-book called cats recommendations you haven't downloaded my ebook yet stop playing okay it is free you can get it hit the link down below it's called the ultimate guy so we're venting acne and clearing your skin and shout out to everybody that's been hitting me up saying that they love the ebook makes me so happy I really feel like you're gonna find this video real helpful I hope that you do let's get started the first replacement you guys this one's gotta go it just has to all right I'm pretty sure if you eliminated milk for like maybe a

week and a half two weeks you started noticing that your skin just got so much clearer and that is because milk can really interfere with our hormones it's just overall very acne triggering and actually skim milk is found to be the most triggering so whatever you do stay away from skim milk here is your replacement okay plant-based milk almond milk oat milk coconut milk for me my favorite is almond milk when I was making the switch a few years back the worst thing was not having my cafe Comaneci morning okay my coffee with my milk every single morning was just like the reason why I woke up so when I decided to switch over to almond milk I was just like all right I got to make this fancier I gotta kind of find the routine that I know is gonna work for me so what I would do is I would heat up the almond milk just a little bit and then I would whisk it up a bit to try to make it look like a latte have like that cappuccino consistency and I gotta say this routine right here it's okay it is not good and it made a huge difference in my skin right away and I ended up actually liking this routine so much that I can't

even drink regular milk anymore like I used to be all about the skim milk every single day the 2% it takes a little bit of adjustment but I'm pretty sure if you try this you're an end up liking the plant-based milks so much more and speaking of your daily classical niche a I'm gonna say that there's something else that you're putting in there that really isn't that good for your skin and that is the refined sugar okay so first of all I do have to say that if you're in the midst of kind of healing your skin I would probably back off from coffee from drinking too much coffee throughout the week okay I'm not saying to cut out completely just you know to kind of limit it but we're gonna say that for another video love get back to the sugar because sugar is a huge trigger for acne and it's really the type of sugar that you're putting in your coffee and that is the refined the white sugar even the brown sugar okay the reason why these sugars isn't really that good for you is because they spike your blood sugar levels really fast okay and this can affect our hormones and then it could also be very triggering to our skin

especially in that chin area right here when you break out a lot in that area it's a really big indicator that you want to cut back on your sugar when it comes to replacing these type of sugars you may want to start with healthier natural sweeteners so like maple syrup honey coconut sugar the reason why these are healthier is because they do have some nutrients in it very small amounts but it's still there you know like fiber which helps slow down blood sugar and they have antioxidants so all of these are better options than the white and the brown because they have at least some nutrients in it but beware that they are still very sweet and that your body still recognizes them as sugar however if you want to skip the transition phase of coconut sugar honey maple syrup and you want to go to like the healthiest sugar option then stevia and monk fruit sugar is your best bet they are low calorie sweeteners I won't spike your blood sugar for me I personally can't do stevia because I can't do the aftertaste but a lot of people do like it monk fruit is another one that I haven't

really tried either but it's becoming very popular um so you might also want to give that a try next up those refined carbs mmm they're so good but they're so bad for skin for me they are so acne triggering and I do my best to stay away from them that white pasta that's like pink refined car right there I know it tastes so good but it has gluten in it which can be acne triggering for a lot of people and also carbs that are refined they also spice our blood sugar levels alright so here is my replacement that I promise you tastes just as good and not better I would suggest to replace it with red lentil pasta this has been my go-to it's going free it's packed with protein and fiber which helps like I said slow down your blood sugar levels during a high carb meal I make it with red sauce I'm making with pesto's a few of you have actually reached out to me and said that you love the one that I recommend it told you it was good you just got to give it a try and test it out for yourself here's another suggestion don't feeding cards okay they get a bad rap but it's actually our body's preferred

source of energy you just want to make sure that you're eating the right carbs okay the unrefined one so that you're getting those nutrients okay that fiber that is really good for your gut and your skin moving on to cooking oil see the canola oil the vegetable oil a lot of people don't realize that these cooking oils I used to use them a lot back in the day but they cause inflammation in the body and it could be because it's very high in omega-6 which can throw off our omega-3 ratio let me make this make sense okay so modern-day diets are known to be very high in omega-6 we need some form of omega-6 in our bodies the problem is is that we are getting way more omega-6 than we are on mega threes omega-3s are really important because this is what helps lower inflammation in the body so we want to make sure that we get them as much as we can another problem with these oils is that their form of omega-6 aren't really that healthy okay they're highly refined a lot of times they are loaded with pesticides so we want to make sure that we switch them out to healthier options like olive oil okay

olive oil is really high in omega-3s you know it helps lower inflammation body the reason why it's a better cooking oil is because according to studies olive oil actually remains stable even when people heat it up to high temperatures because of the antioxidant it has and even when it's heated up to high temperatures for longer periods of time olive oil has shown to release a lower amount of unhealthy compounds compared to canola oil plus they are loaded with like I said omega-3s to help lower inflammation so don't be afraid to add it to your salads you know a little bit goes a long way let's talk about fast food the pizza French fries the papaya chicken sandwich it pretty much has everything I already mentioned so I don't really got to tell you how not so good it is for us you pretty much know that however I am all for indulging every once in a while you know we have to live a little okay if we want a slice of pizza go get that size of pizza I'm not trying to sit here and say that I never eat that again I do you want that slice of cake go eat that slice of cake don't make it a thing okay just don't feel so

guilty I used to feel so guilty about eating certain things that I would kind of like just sit there and just like like talk so down on myself for eating like something that I knew that kind of would affect my skin and the stress of me eating that food is probably affecting my skin more than the food that I'm eating so if you're gonna eat it just enjoy it but I will suggest you not to eat it every day and instead replace it throughout the week okay with something that is a healthier version of that my suggestion for replacement would be just to make these foods at home for yourself okay it's not that hard let me show you how a few videos back I shared this dairy free gluten free pizza that me and my boyfriend loved to make especially on the weekends it is so good and let me just tell you that he the likes @ra I never even thought that he would like any type of vegan cheese it's a healthier option when you're trying to eat clean so that you don't deprive yourself too much that's the last thing we want it's packed with lots of veggies too I'm gonna link the video down below

so you can check out the full recipe and how I make it another thing I've been making especially like when I come home from work for like a snack or like on the weekends you guys I've been making my own french fries I will add in some sweet potatoes sometimes some white potatoes it's so easy to make it comes out so crispy oh my god it's so good and I've been pairing it up with some hummus on the side yes hummus this combination is the truth okay I don't know how it works but it just works I'm telling you have to give this a try the hummus will add in some healthy fats and it also just makes it super tasty the point is is that you can always find healthier versions of your favorite foods whether you're cooking it yourself or you're buying at the store you just have to tweak some of the recipes and test which ones you like and which ones you don't like alright also this video isn't to make you feel guilty it is into you know deprive you of certain foods you just want to make sure that you're mindful of the things you're putting into your body and find those everyday replacements to healthier versions if you want more

recipes i'mma leave this video right here thank you so much for watching make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful imma see [Music]