22 July 2019

Health tips

Never sick without sugar.

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worse than you know that little tickle you feel in your throat when you just know you're about to get sick well our guest today says you can actually keep that from ever happening again it sounds kind of hard to believe dr. Raymond Francis joins us live now from Fort Lauderdale Florida hi there doctor hey how are you good good I'm so glad we could make this work out so you have this book that's called never be sick again and that sounds amazing but it's hard to believe well it may be hard to believe because we don't experience that but it's true and the thing is this here's what people need to know the technology exists to not be sick we already the information we already have is sufficient to prevent and reverse this epidemic of chronic disease that we have in America and as you pointed out you don't even have to have a cold and I can tell you that I have had in the past 26 years I've had one cold and I have a very good excuse for that one cold so at 75 years old I'm in perfect health I don't take any medications whatsoever I have boundless energy I have a clear mind I don't have an acre of pain in my body I'm living

proof that you can be that you can be healthy and you don't need to be sick now I think I've kind of started to take it for granted that I'm gonna get one cold every year and I just I plan ahead for that and I think a lot of people live like that I can't imagine a life where you never even get a cold hat what so what are you doing well I have to tell you at age 48 I almost died my death was a medical certainty and I had to save my use my own knowledge of biochemistry to save my life and then to restore my health and that's what got me interested almost I really got my caught my interest what I do I changed my diet I changed my lifestyle I've learned how to eat good food I take very high quality supplements in fact I had to I now make my own son Amundson Selvam very very high quality I get regular exercise i Neda Tate on a regular basis so in short I changed my diet I changed my lifestyle and I take very high quality supplements and that's why I'm so healthy so what are some changes that all of us can take because not everyone is able to you know make their own supplements in their homes so what are some simple things that we can

do right now to keep ourselves from getting sick again okay well simple things you know if you want to do one thing and only one thing get off of sugar sugar is a deadly metabolic poison and if you look at it from a biochemical standpoint as to what happens to you when you eat sugar I wish I had a black board here right now I hope I could fill a whole wall with what when you eat just one teaspoon of sugar now what about the sugar and say like fruit or apple juice or something like that well apple juice no but but fruit if you eat a piece of fruit that's okay a fruit juice is not okay because you get too much bioavailable sugar and you get a sugar spike in your blood but when you get a sugar you can eat one teaspoon of sugar within two hours your immunity will be reduced by 50% and then people say oh I caught a cold no you didn't you reduce your immunity and you then made yourself susceptible to an infection so that's why I don't get colds I don't get infections because I keep my immunity strong I don't eat sugar all because of sugar so that bag of jellybeans we've been passing around here in the news room ever since Easter that's something

that's hurting us bad idea yeah you don't want you don't want to do that sugar as I say is a deadly metabolic poison and what I mean by that is that it screws up all of your biochemistry just just one or two teaspoons of sugar will throw your normal biochemistry into chaos for a period of six to eight hours and that's not very much sugar it doesn't sound like a lot trigger you know one one one Cola drink has about 10 to 12 teaspoons so you week one to two teaspoons your body is going to be biochemical chaos for six to eight hours now health is when all of your biochemistry is balanced and all your chemistry is working right when you eat sugar you throw that balance out for six to eight hours so if you eat sugar in the morning yeah put some sugar in your coffee or how about a breakfast cereal with with a contained sugar and then have more sugar at lunch and more sugar in the evening guess what your body is going to be in biochemical chaos 24 hours a day so what what's in a good amount then to get on a daily basis nun nun nun yeah basically should be outlawed we should not and here we allow

children you know we don't allow children to smoke cigarettes we don't allow children to drink alcohol but we allow them to buy sugar and eat sugar sugar is far more dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes really yeah I was gonna ask you what do parents need to do cuz you're gonna have a hard time convincing your child who wants candy right now that that's not good for them right yeah III understand the problem I'm well aware of it but you asked the question what can people do that's one thing anybody can do to improve their health sugar causes every imaginable disease a for example Alzheimers sugar is the leading cause of Alzheimer's sugar is a major cause of cancer a major cause of heart disease a major cause of diabetes this is you know it's it's a major cause of colds and flu sugar is a deadly metabolic poison get off of it now let me ask you how did you come to this understanding of sugar because if it's so bad why aren't we hearing about this all over the place a lot of you know my doctors never told me not to eat sugar yeah well you don't nobody ever told your doctor and your doctor is not doing the research to find out and the

sugar industry spend so much money on campaign contributions to members of Congress that sugar is actually subsidized in America it should be outlawed and it's subsidized and it's hard to convince people not to eat it because it tastes so good that's why we all love it you know no thanks good I want to ask you how does this all apply to allergies I'm actually fighting some allergies right now I don't know if you can tell but you know I feel a little bit sick on a daily basis and it's because of allergies not a cold can you affect allergies this way as well absolutely sugar screws up all of your biochemistry you know health is when all of your biochemistry is running smoothly when you screw it up you're going to get diseased and allergies are just one manifestation of disease so yes you can even help allergies by getting off of sugar what are some of the misconceptions you think then that people have about health and about staying healthy because a lot of people feel like I'm working out I'm counting calories I'm gonna be fine and and it sounds like there's more to it than that

there's a lot more to it than that and that's why I wrote my book never be sick again and really everybody should read never be sick again because it tells you all this stuff and it tells you how to stay well it tells you how I got sick and how I got well and how you stay well but basically it's all about comes down to the cells we're all made of these little violin you know little microscopic units of life called cells and we started life as one cell in our mother the average person is now somewhere around 75 trillion cells 75 trillion that's a lot but it all comes down to if every cell is working the way it's supposed to you can't be sick the only way sick is when a large number of cells malfunction so your job is to keep all your cells functioning properly well how do you do that very simple you give the cells all the nutrition they need on a daily basis and they have a grocery list of what they need so give them what they need on a daily basis and keep them free of toxins that can interfere with the normal of the cell and then the cells will function normally and then you can't be

sick so you see you can you can live a disease-free life simply by keeping your cells functioning normally it sounds so simple when you say it we do need to take a quick break we have so much more to talk about you actually wrote an entire book just on cancer and I know a lot of people are going to be really interested to hear what you used to have to say on that so we're gonna take a quick break again the title of the book never be sick again we'll be right back [Music] you