27 August 2019

Health Food, Junk Food and Disney - CHCP70 - 3 Day Slob - The Chris Hunter Comedy Podcast

The Chris Hunter Comedy Podcast Episode 70 - 3 Day Slob In this episode I ramble about Health Food, Junk Food and Disney Here are the links to what I ...


hello Foucault's and what could this episode 70 of the Crisanta comedy podcast with me Chris hunter hello folks how are you doing you well I hope you are well I've I don't know like week I guess it's it would been that glorious thing that we have in England from time to time known as the three-day weekend because it was Bank Holiday Monday on Monday which was yesterday which meant that it was a whole load of doing nuttin for three days however I was supposed to do but I got nuttin Dern son and you know what sometimes it's okay sometimes you just gotta have a day off or three if you like me and fat and lazy but to be fair it was kind of really hot all weekend and this this guy don't do great in the heat you know I'm saying today was very hot and it was like driving a Ayatollah to the dentist this morning so I went to work a little bit later than normal which is the norm when you got appointment because obviously it can't be in work if you aren't your appointments otherwise even two places at the same time the government get clunky they try and kill you for being a time traveler so instead I went to work about 9:00 instead of 8:00 and it was 20

degrees in the car on the way to work at 9:00 a.m. it's like I'll be thinking oh that's gonna be so good I'm hot today and I don't like being hot it's not nice anyway enough about the bloody weather we didn't commit stock weather no no no no we can wait to talk burgers in cheese hey don't we folks yes we do you're damn right we do this week Cafe at the end of the universe and dark side of the spoon I had the specials from both I had this sausage party burger from cafe at the end of the universe which was bloody for Rican delicious if there's one thing people who know me know about me it's usually that I like sausages mmm now the sausage party named after the aforementioned film which was funny I enjoyed it not many people seem to enjoy that film but I did so there but yeah they had wouldn't have now I had a double double cheeseburger no I can't remember I I might have to look this up I'm gonna go off memory it was a cheeseburger with a Cumberland swirl on it and I had a deep-fried tasty smoked sausage on top which was odd listen more and add some kind of mail it was mustard mayonnaise or thinking that

was really nice too and ketchup and oh it was just so bloody good I would have had um had candy onion rock and it was the word what's the word caramelized onion on it and you know what I took one bite and I said to Charlie this tastes like Christmas because to me it tasted like when you get those delicious massive fat bratwurst sausages at the Christmas market you get some onions on it lovely bit of ketchup good day is had by all once one of those things have been consumed and that's what I did I consumed that bad boy on Saturday we went at an awkward time of the day because I wanted to go for the special I was not missing this one Charlie wanted to go for the breakfast she is on a proper chicken and waffles kick at the moment she's always talking about it Anakin's I can see why it's freaking delicious but we decided would go for our normal Saturday afternoon luncheon of burgers and such and instead of going at lunchtime like we normally do we'd go a bit earlier so the child can get the breakfast menu item of waffle with chicken or chicken and waffle as normal people call it and I had the sausage party so that was good we weren't like

eleven you know just before the cutoff and it was perfect it was great so we saw there we had some food we had a chitty-chat and such and it was great and then I finished I was drinking my juice we had some mellow yellow' which was Coca Cola's version of mountain - apparently but apparently not many people are drinking it because mellow yellow' sounds can like piss and you know what it cannot does it even looks like it if you kind of a bit diseased or going through some kind of you know radiotherapy and just going off breaking but purely that's my research for that it'll look kind of green when he had it anyway um it was it was like too tasty it tastes a little bit like Mountain Dew you know it does what it says on the tin fizzy drink bitter citrus flavor boom but as I finished my food I glanced to the right and I look upon the board of specials and I see two words that make me very happy inside in front of the word cheesecake I see the white Jaffa and the word cake because they had a Jaffa Cake cheesecake and it was monumentally good now you might think I

said that about everything and I say a lot things are good because I do enjoy a lot of things not as nothing my standards are low my standards are fairly high it's just that these more folks knocking at the park every goddamn week but this was one that goes up there on the higher tier so the premium service section this is no midnight on hot babes TV no no no this is the you pay for a plus one o'clock in the morning no I'm saying this is the good stuff I assume I never did that but still you know the adverts lead you to believe it's gonna be better after one o'clock anywho it was damn good that's why I'm saying about say it was bloody bloody good so yeah didn't do much this weekend I was supposed to do work let's see was I supposed to do I supposed to get back to some personal work you know I'm a 3d record I've been working on myself oh that would be beneficial for everybody I was also supposed to be doing some more of my Japanese studies and it's get back into that properly and that's when I was supposed to do it this weekend but being the lazy slob I am I simply forgot to be

fair this weekend absolutely flew away I don't know how it went so quickly it's like a blinked and boom Monday nights you don't all well done Chris you did a great job but what I did do is I played Tetris effect on VR now if you guys haven't played Tetris effect this is gonna sound weird you're gonna say what you talking about you idiot but hear me out okay and in bringing the water to this podcast recording today and I'm regretting because I have a dry throat anyway Tetris effect is Tetris how's the game we've all played before the one with the blocks they fit together nicely however Tetris effect you can play it not in VR but it's best to be played in VR now what you do is watch as you're playing it you've got it on the screen in front yeah it's kind of normal but then around you as you complete the level which has by the way an amazing soundtrack the music in this game is ridiculous but you're kind of controlling the music a little bit as well so the more lines are clear the further along are the song you're progressing and things are changing and adapting and altering around you and I

can include things like whales that are swimming around and made of stars or jellyfish or you know you suddenly on a desert or you in the sky floating through a bunch of windmills it's a really strangely euphoric strangely spiritual experience playing it I find myself given advice the children I'm never gonna have in my head whilst playing it like ah this is the answer to getting things out my head just talk pass on the knowledge but it's like I'm playing a video game and this shit's going so like it's it's weird to get you in this mental zone and I didn't realize until the end but I've actually sat down and finished the whole thing in one day because I loved it so much however the last level I couldn't do I tried oh boy did I try I listen I'm not very good at Tetris to start with it's not my game not as in I don't like it just as in I am terrible at it now Mario Kart 8 I will kick you ass at it that ain't no doubts about that Maya car 3ds Oh step aside sister i'ma take that for me thank you very much but when it comes to Tetris I'm next to useless so I really

struggled for a few of the levels some of them took a long time to get through but I persisted and did it in the end but this last level I must have been trying for an hour and a half maybe now I love the song in it and luckily the song didn't get annoying even though I played it multiple times however I got to a point where I was saying to Charlie who is very good at Tetris I said look can you just try this I just want to see if you can do it I don't care if you finish it or not I'm done with the game now because I can't get past this I'm not good enough at Tetris and at no amount of playing the game or then you know it's a practice will get me good enough to play it I don't have the time to sink in to get that good at Tetris so I'm going to leave it here so I said you try it see if you can do it just I'm curious to see what the skill level requires if your skill level matches what they are seeking and boom she sits down she pops that so on and finishes it in one go that's right one go but that's fine you know I wasn't bitter I wasn't feeling sad about it I was actually quite happy because I got to see the credits I got to see the nice

section afterwards little bit of colors and suits you know and it was nice it was nice to see that the game is finishable by a human not just a computer now I was playing the game on normal by the way Lord knows are harder beyond you know hard or even hardcore mode I don't know I'm not going to try that because I'm not a wizard at Tetris but something else we made sure to do over the weekend we've recently acquired a streaming service called Disney life because I don't know if I've mentioned it folks we're going to Disneyland next year and we're crazy at Disney World site I'm a crazy excited about it we're getting in the groove as it were we're trying to watch Disney films that we haven't yet seen so I watched lady in the Tramp through the week it wasn't bad we watched of the weekend we watched Princess and the Frog now I really enjoyed it I didn't know what to expect I didn't know what the film was about other than a princess and or a frog but it was set in nollans New Orleans in America and I thoroughly enjoyed it and then the day after we watched Emperor's New Groove which I've also never seen

thought nothing of I had no expectations other than low ones cuz I've never really heard of it but that again was a fantastic film I really enjoyed it so that is what you folks need to do go watch some more Disney films now we got this Disney life thing it's free at the moment I think you get a free month so we thought we'll see what's the film's we haven't watched in the free month and then cut it off because it's got films TV shows music soundtracks including all the Star Wars ones by the way did not books on there for kids and stuff so it's great now I've got a feeling we're gonna carry on the subscription for a little bit because we've found more films than we thought we hadn't seen there for us to watch that's what we'll be doing but I suggest that to people it's a good it's a good happening it's jolly good and those two films are watched I recommend absolutely princess in the frog and Emperor's New Groove both of which are the last hand-drawn animated Disney films our belief no princess in the fog was the latest one but yeah like I said this weekend we didn't do a whole lot other than that really we tried to

do some healthy stuff we made overnight oats for the first time which I tried this morning like we made them last night I've been thinking about making them recently it being kind of in the mindset of trying to get obviously try to get healthier but I mean trying to eat healthier trying to plan stuff out trying to lay out meals a little bit preparation that kind of stuff and I thought overnight oats is meant to be a good thing for you it's meant to be tasty it's meant to be relatively cheap to make so we thought we'd give it a bash last night we got a couple of Tupperware pots and we made our stuff and we tried it this morning for the first time I've got to say she is delicious I really really enjoyed it it was nice it was like we saw I'm simply neurological talked about it on her YouTube channel she described it as dessert for breakfast and that's pretty much what it is it was delicious add banana in it oats so a little bit of honey some cinnamon and what else is in it I'll put some chia seeds in it as well chia seeds and it was yeah it was nice I enjoyed it I felt good after it I didn't

feel hungry till lunch and even then I wasn't overly hungry you know I wasn't starving but I felt good I realized I saw that at my desk at work I was sitting there thinking huh I feel good right now I don't feel gross I don't feel like indigestion II I can only do I don't feel sleepy like I normally do and I thought maybe it's a placebo effect I don't care I enjoyed the meal I'm gonna do it again tomorrow because you get like sort of depending on the size of your pot and how much you make you get more than one sort of sitting in each box so we've got tomorrow's breakfast there as well you know ready first to have the bus in the morning and I'm looking forward to that because it was like I said it was tasty and another thing was trying to get back into doing well excuse me has the hiccups with a podcast we used to do these smoothies the peanut butter and oatmeal and banana smoothies and they are as delicious as they sound we made one day the day for the first time in ages and it was hor it were delicious so I'll be doing that again in the future absolutely doing that again but have you guys got any recipes for me

any healthy meals that you folks - I'm assuming you guys have got a healthy diet plans in place some you've got some you know cool dye ideas and things are healthy lifestyle ideas some of you are quite clean and how you eat teach me teach me all wise ones how can I remove the fat and gain thy heart you know I want to get healthy I want to get healthier or lose weight so a few folks got any kind of recipes for me any suggestions any ways of storing food so I lost a few meals you know like meal prep that kind of stuff you let me know but also if you've got any suggestions for the podcast or you want to say anything to me anyhow he'll abuse sent me a grue of my thoughts about Bert crushes dancing style you can find me on all social medias at Chris hunter comedy podcast or on Twitter I'm at Crystal to come which is short for comedy because they apparently can't fit all them letters in they are not very clever and those letter e bastards over twitter anywho folks that's it for me this week has been a quick one I know but you know sometimes short and sweet is good unless it's the you know the handle of your

gentlemen if you know what I'm saying anyway if you like the podcast do me a favor and wait on iTunes and tell your friends about it thanks a lot folks have a bye now see you next week bye bye now [Music]