22 July 2019

HEALTH'D: What I Eat in a Day

Hello, loves! Going through what I eat in a day to maintain my weight. #GEM #GabriellaElizabethMarie #Thinspo #WhatIEatinaDay #healthy I hope you enjoy my ...

hey loves welcome back to my channel I'm

going to be going over what I eat in a day [Music] all right so I've been getting some requests about this especially since I have for a long time now been able to maintain a certain weight both for health reasons and also for career reasons so I'm going to go ahead and tell you what I eat just on a given regular day for myself and that's to essentially maintain I also enjoy these foods but it's kind of maintaining what I currently weigh so I'm five seven and three-quarters just under five eight like ah I kind of just make that extra little fraction of a an inch like I could be model height so I'm almost a mile height and I weigh 125 pounds and so that for me is actually really pretty darn skinny especially on my frame because I am so tall to begin with and I'm fairly muscular like if you watch my horrible weak muscles well I'm a wiry I'm more of a wiry person although I do have like hips like I got a little bit thick but still I'm skinny like it's hard to explain so I'm tall for my frame like 125 is

where I want to stay otherwise I just start looking like Skeletor and it's not a good look on me like I just end up looking way too just I look ill um so here's what I go through for breakfast what I have is a 1/2 cup of non-fat yogurt like plain non-fat yogurt and then I take about a cup of frozen blueberries and I mix it in I mix it in and then I just take my hand and I pour out its let me go grab it for you wait one second okay so I use dark chocolate chip because I like a little bit of sweetness as well and I feel like I'm kind of having a little bit of a treat there the Nestle Tollhouse artisan collection right here and I like it because it's so like it's mostly just cacao it's like hardly any sugar to it it's 61 percent cacao it's extra dark right there I really enjoy just plain like essentially half of a handful so I just measure and I base a lot of it on my own kind of measurements like what's good for my body so I do like half a handful of those and I sprinkle them in I mix it all together and it turns into like this I see just delicious treat for me I have that as a

breakfast um I will also have this at night but I'll like have the portion of everything have cut in half the portion of everything if I'm feeling Munchie at night and I want something sweet I'll do that again the like I just cut everything in half it's only when I'm feeling like there really needs something to snack on then for lunch what I usually do is I'll take Ezekiel bread and I'll toast it and I have natural peanut butter and I'll just I'll take two slices of Ezekiel bread and I'll just lightly coat each with my natural peanut butter and I also like sometimes putting on one if not both of the slices a little bit of red raspberry preserve it's my favorite I love red raspberry it's like a treat for me so we'll have that they also have copied like I drink a lot of coffee I keep like the big tub of Dunkin donut it's just their regular blend you know they're pretty standard original blend I'll keep like a huge tub of that mic in my cabinet and I go through probably like one every two weeks like I go through it way too fast but I don't often creamer in it like when I put creamer in

my coffee I call it dessert because it's such a treat for me like I just like my coffee black so I'll have it hot straight into the mug or sometimes I'll make like iced coffee which is so not like the way you're supposed to make iced coffee but I'll add like a few ice cubes to my mug and then I'll pour it in and drink it chilled and I'll do that kind of like throughout the day the other thing that I love to do is just drink Seltzer where I'm constantly drinking seltzer water i buy these like in bulk from giant or sometimes I'll get the whole foods lemon and lime Seltzer waters they're just like the single serving they come in like a pack of eight I believe in therefore 95 per pack I love those and since I'm an Amazon Prime member Amazon Prime members if you didn't know this you can order and have free delivery from Whole Foods they'll deliver to you anything over $35 so when I start running low on Seltzer and us some of the other things we need around the house blueberries frozen yogurt they have a great nonfat Greek frozen yogurt if you like it a little bit thicker they have a 365 version that I really enjoy but you know Greek yogurt for me isn't

sometimes it's a little bit too thick so I like just regular yogurt but that's totally up to you alright so that was what I do for lunch and I'm always drinking like coffee black coffee or my seltzer water and then for dinner I usually keep just quinoa already made in a Tupperware like a glass Tupperware that I have in the refrigerator and I'll take probably about three tablespoons and I'll mix it in with chopped celery and one chopped like small small chopped cucumber and I'll mix it all together sometimes I like carrots like sometimes I'll add green bell pepper I love like those are kind of like my top veggies of choice and I'll mix it together and I'll add a tablespoon of the chipotle ranch the grab bag show you - okay so I'm a ranch girl so I like the chipotle ranch that you can get from giant if you don't have a giant near you just like chipotle ranch anything I mean Hidden Valley as a version of it you can find you anywhere Paul Newman's has a version of it uh or I also like to get the 365 ranch as you can see I bought this like a couple of weeks ago and like halfway through a little more than halfway through so I

like to just put what I say one tablespoon of that and I'll mix it all in and I'll have that for my dinner a quinoa such a great source of protein and I love it I'm not vegan I love a good steak every now and then I usually I'll treat myself to something like that on the weekends like you know just kind of have a really fun meal um if I want a salty snack later on at night because now we've gone through the three main meals right and I'm the kind of person who I don't like intermittent fasting I am NOT a fan because unless I'm super mystic through the day and it will happen where I just forget to eat like I don't have time to eat or I forget to eat especially when I'm working on set or even just doing my normal any sort of job like whenever I'm busy I will forget even when I'm visiting like or on vacation or whatever I will like to forget to eat so that does happen at times but not often like I'm kind of the person who needs to have like they're three square meals a day and I just always have been that way otherwise I started to feel deprived and I get crazy like I start to like it really Munchie and the other thing I like to have when

I'm munching okay if I ever need a snack like before dinner like after lunch like that weird in-between witching hour I love pretzels like a hard big pretzel really into it I found these from the brand unique I found them from Whole Foods they're called splits and three of them is like 120 categories myself and they look like this they're really cool like they're super crunchy have all the salt that I'm craving because I'm kind of like not a salty person not a sweet person I like it all so go figure so you've got all that gorgeous salt look at all that and it keeps me satisfied especially like right before as I'm preparing dinner and the kids I have two kids and a partner who like they their own separate dinner they don't like quinoa they not a fan of like what I end up eating so I usually cook them a regular dinner and then I have my dinner which I enjoy it's like obnoxious but what I'm cooking for them I'll usually give myself like three pretzels and kind of snack on that as I'm enjoying myself and preparing them like whatever all right at night well like I said if I'm in a sweet sort of mood I'll

do like the half portion of the yogurt frozen blueberries and dark chocolate chip Nixon if I'm in kind of a salty mood I will make myself some popcorn I'll make myself a little bit of fresh popcorn either air pop in the microwave my own way and like a little brown plastic and a little brown plastic listen to me little brown paper bag I I'll air pop it that way if I just want it really dry and horrible but usually what I do is I'll add like about two tablespoons of peanut oil to a pan just a regular pan on the stovetop and I'll go ahead and like super heat that up add maybe a handful of popcorn kernels and sprinkle a little bit of kosher salt on top of it and I just keep moving around like Jiffy Pop and air around and waiting for everything to pop up put in my bowl I'll usually share it with the families so I'll have like my own little portion and I'll share it with the rest of whoever wants popcorn that night so I'm satisfied and they like as the tree it's like one of their favorite things that I make is that homemade stovetop or popcorn stovetop I can't talk today I'm so sorry

everyone's stovetop stuffing no it's like homemade fun popcorn that I like to make alright so that's why in a day so that's what I do and it's usually Monday through Friday Saturdays Sundays too unless we're doing something special or like going to a party or something for example I was at a party on Saturday where or I was just out like I was visiting my family in upstate New York and totally off schedule like I didn't want to bother like cooking anything was separate from whatever they were eating so you know you just adapt when you go with it and hopefully it doesn't throw me off from what I need for my medical condition / why I need to maintain like I'm pretty good at portioning what I need out yeah you just go with it like I can't get crazy about it so and it also just allows for you to be like a little bit I don't even consider it naughty I'm just like oh if I want to have a cookie I'm gonna have a cookie so on Saturday when we went to this party there are all these cookies for celebrating the particular event we were there and they were gorgeous like they were just hand decorated very

intricately like all these sugar cookies like I need the Baker's name like it was so beautifully done and I had like two of them over the course of the party and it was so like I don't worry about any of that like if I ever want to do that I feel like I can like whatever that's never really been an issue so I just kind of like try to stay as healthy and clean eating as I can through most of my days and my you know regular life and whatever happens happens and I don't beat myself up up at it I don't you know get crazy about it I just enjoy all right everyone so thank you for watching let me know if you want to know anything else about what do when it comes to my diet I also have an exercise plan that I will end up talking about - you're very soon what I do for exercise alright thank you for being here thank you for being you I love you all and you need to like share subscribe alright I love you all bye