10 March 2019

Harry-Bo making a breakfast smoothie - a quick healthy breakfast idea

I'm Harry, I love watching youtube videos, so like to make my own when I think of things to video. Harry wanted to make a video of his time saving breakfast ...

hello I'm hoping answer them gonna make

a breakfast smoothie normally for breakfast I have we expect to have blue bees and I have chocolate Weetabix milk honey Brad's with planets act meal and a vitamin C I haven't got time for all of that today so I'm gonna make that into a breakfast smoothie so first I'm gonna put these bits in what my blue please let's put those in no hiving blueberries when I'm gonna put the mini hops that we mix in what are these the race small but six of them is about our big weight of X a big way to make this is a new one so six of those eat with that but dying and now I can do milk now I do honey and then lick the spoon because that's what I do every day that now I'm gonna do my vitamin C now I'm gonna do my dream kyoka Twinkie yoga isn't really milk and now I'm gonna do my um Brad to have glam on it and butter - put that in huh okay look some white at the room well I wouldn't say it's the best move our house right now Irish ants in the bender it's time to mix it all up I button [Applause] I do I don't think that handed one like any like bang bag

I was running I'm fun suppose I'm gonna take this little fee a that's kinda bits on top that is pretty heavy it smells noise there's big bumps in it though that might be the big winner Beck's I think don't see drop into a thing that's a really quick way to your breakfast please like and subscribe and comment other within suggestions bye