04 February 2018

Hand Pulled Cotton Candy | How to Make Dragon's Beard

See how to make hand pulled cotton candy. This is also called dragon's beard candy. This homemade recipe is fun and simple to make. It is a bit of a workout to ...

hey everyone its James from fun foods and today I'm gonna show you how to make this hand

pulled cotton candy now this is a great dessert because you can eat it just as it is or you can use it on other types of desserts as decorations so keep watching I'll show you step by step how to make this the first thing we want to do is start off with a medium bowl and to that I'm gonna add two cups of sugar I'm also gonna add 1/4 of a cup of light corn syrup next add a teaspoon of vinegar and in a separate container I have 1 cup of water I'm going to add a few drops of pink food coloring to it just mix this in a few more drops and the reason we're mixing this in separately is we don't want to over mix our mixture here so we're gonna pour that 1 cup of water with the food coloring in there and we want to give it a gentle mix make sure you don't slosh things around too much now just take this over a stove we're going to heat it up until it gets to 269 degrees Fahrenheit now we're just gonna turn our burner on medium and we just want to leave it be and let it reach temperature after about 5 minutes you'll see it starts to boil a little bit just still leave it be and if you want you can put your candy thermometer in at this time and just make sure it doesn't touch the bottom of the pot set that up and we're gonna wait until it gets to 269 degrees Fahrenheit and occasionally you want to take a damp brush and wipe down the sides so that we don't have any crystallization okay at this point is reached 269 degrees Fahrenheit so I'm gonna cut off my heat and I'm gonna let it sit there it's going to continue to rise in temperature don't worry that's perfectly normal but it's only gonna rise a couple degrees now at this point if you're putting it into a silicone mold you can pour it straight into that mold I'm going to use this plastic container so I'm going to let the temperature come down to about 212 degrees before I pour it in this container so after your temperature has come down about 212 degrees Fahrenheit we can pour it into our plastic container now just let this cool down and harden up now what we need to do is take some cornstarch and just put it on a surface I have a baking sheet here and you're gonna need about 2 to 3 cups worth of this cornstarch and then we take our candy this has been

sitting and firming up for about 3 to 4 hours and we just want to kind of open this up and see if we can pop this out if it doesn't come out no big deal take it put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and that'll make it easier for it to come out alright so I'm just kind of working the plastic a little bit and hopefully it'll pop right out I'm gonna use offset spatulas try to get in there and loosen this up you use a silicone mold it's much easier and I couldn't find a silicone mold that was in the shape I was looking for now this is proving to be a real pain getting out of this okay so now let's pop this out and you should be left with this nice circular shape just pop it into your cornstarch and what we're going to do now is kind of make a hole in the middle here as we work this and make it like a big doughnut just slowly work it there we go and now what you need to do is we're just gonna kind of squeeze this together and pull it apart as we circle around and we're just keeping that shape of that big giant donut and we're just slightly pulling it just a little bit as we circle around and you kind of keep it dipped into the cornstarch as you circle around a little bit and you see your doughnuts getting bigger and bigger as you go and it should pull apart fairly easily it is a lot of work you don't want to over pull it but just pull it enough and right when it gets to about arm's length wide what we're gonna do now about this length is take it like this and we're gonna twist it like a figure eight put it back and now it's doubled right and again we're just going to go around just like we did the first time but now with two strands and pull these and when it's about the same length it was the first time take it again figure eight it back together my arms already getting tired and we're nowhere near completion alright and just keep doing it stretch pull stretch and pull and again take the four strands twist it figure eight now we have eight who you can take a break every once in a while this is a workout guys and just be careful not to break them off you can kind of squeeze them together if they do you just want to pull ever so slightly I pulled a little too much and broke one

of my strands off alrigth and then twists so I'm having some strands break off it's okay but you try not to break them off be very gentle with them only cool a little bit we're just going through in some of these real thick strands that have broke off I'll just kind of make sure they're about the same size as the rest of the strands if they don't break off it's much easier and you can see how hard it's getting to be with me because I broke off some of these strands and really be careful as you break them off it makes it much much harder but we're gonna keep going just remember to keep it dipped in that cornstarch as you go you see it's coming along pretty nice we're gonna twist and pull again now it's up to you when you want to stop it it could you could stop at this stage it's pretty good but I'm gonna go one more turn my arms are killing me this is crazy all this for candy alright guys so this is our hand pulled cotton candy Wow well now it's time for the taste test I'm gonna try one I'm talking a little bit of the cotton candy that I put on one of the sticks and see how it tastes tastes like bubblegum to me like bubblegum flavor what's just me but it definitely has a different texture than your normal cotton candy but it's good well thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoyed watching you make this hand pulled cotton candy it was a lot of fun making and it tasted amazing so I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please hit that like button also hit that big red subscribe button if you're not already subscribed you get new videos all the time and make sure you check out some of the videos I have off to the side I think you may enjoy those as well and for right now I'll see you guys next time