23 July 2019

Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplement Review!

Hey guys, I wanted to do a review of the Halo Beauty Supplements and let you guys know what I thought of them! I hope you enjoy! My Shein Try-on Haul: ...

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[Music] hey guys it's Amy welcome back to my channel or if you're new welcome so for today's video I wanted to do a full review of the hair skin and nail supplements from halo Beauty so if you're interested in that just keep on watching so I I wanted to order some supplements because I've always been a fan of Tati I didn't really think that my skin or hair nails or that bad honestly I just wanted to see if the supplements worked and what they would do for me so first on the site there's two different or I think three different supplements to pick from now there's Kiwi which is supposed to be good for your skin and then there's the hair skin and nail ones and then I think she came out with a new male supplement but I don't know much about that one so I decided to get the hair skin and nail ones because I knew that my skin didn't need that much work and if anything I want my nails to grow some more on my skin to improve a little bit so I went with the hair skin and nail supplement so I placed my order I placed my order on May 13th and it was a total of thirty nine ninety five for the supplements

plus four ninety five for shipping and handling so it totaled out 44 90 and it sounds expensive and it was expensive especially for supplements but the hair skin and nails up lament is five to ten dollars more expensive than the QE one so if you want to just work on your skin I would recommend a QE one I placed my order on May 13th I arrived zip okay thanks I received the order on May 19th so it took less than a week to get here which was really good and it came in this cute package I'll show you guys pictures of it and yeah I was really excited to take it the instructions said just take two per day and it didn't really say what time I would always take two at night so I started taking it I made sure not to ever miss a day the pills were really cute honestly it comes in this nice frosted glass bottle and then the pose are pink and the Kyuubi ones are green but first first mm first complaint I have was that they smell so weird it's kind of like dog food but not yeah I think it smells like dog food which I'm like uh yeah probably that's how it's supposed to be because dogs have good

hair I guess but yeah the smell definitely was something that I had to get over because you can like taste it you know cuz smell makes up over 50% of your taste so when you take the pills they don't taste very good so that was my first complaint each bottle also comes with a 30-day supply I think you can spread it out to 60 days if you want but it's more effective if you take two days at the beginning of the process I had long hair so I can't really tell you guys much about what it did for my hair at all because I did get it cut it was long before and pretty shiny I've been using my shampoo so I think it wouldn't have done anything for my hair but I did get it cut between when I started taking the supplements and and it is really healthy but it's probably just because they got it cut so as far as the hair part goes for the hair skin and nail supplements I don't think it personally did much for me but I really couldn't tell you and then first skin I'll put pictures on my skin up on their screen I've never had bad skin really I have never had perfectly clear skin by any means

I was experienced a few breakout so now in bed but it's nothing that bad my skin at the time I've started the vitamins it was it was okay obviously it wasn't bad but I definitely had some breakouts and throughout the process I'm pretty sure my skin got better I really didn't get any breakouts I forgot to mention this but I finished taking the supplements around I'd say like the 25th of June I'm not sure the exact date but that's when I have pictures of my skin like after so it was obviously a month after I started I'll put pictures on my skin after it definitely cleared up I don't know if that's just because of summertime though cuz my skin normally clears out during the summer just from being at the pool and being in the Sun but overall I'd say my complexion did improve I definitely didn't get many breakouts during that time a big problem people have with Totti supplements is you can go through a purge phase which is literally like your skin almost fighting against the supplements so a lot of people that start the supplements they actually get worse before they get better so that's one thing to consider if you're looking to buy these supplements and it's not an

overnight process it's gonna take a long time regardless any type of beauty thing it's not gonna happen overnight that's all I really have to say about my skin I really do think that it improved also I waited to film this video partly because I just didn't have time but I also wanted to see what my hair skin and nails acted like a month after I stopped taking the supplements to see if there was actually a difference so as far as my skin goes I think I have experienced a few more breakouts now that I'm not on the supplements anymore as compared to us when I was like right now I have a zit on my chin and like above my lip it's not bad obviously but I think it was helping my breakouts stay under control one of the things I was most excited for it was the nails part of it I've always struggled with biting my nails my nails have never been the longest obviously because I find them when they do grow out they are not very strong like they break so easily and I know that's probably because they don't grow long very often but I really wanted it to work for my nails because I haven't been getting my nails done or

anything having nails like these I feel like I have man hands I personally think the supplement worked best for my nails I'll show you guys the before picture as compared to after I definitely felt a difference in my nails they were for sure longer and they were definitely stronger I don't know if the length was just because I didn't invite them as much but they definitely were stronger I really do think it worked for my nails with all things considered I think if you have the money to spend and you really want to try the supplements out go ahead and try it personally I will not be ordering another month just because I didn't see a big enough difference to want to order it again for $45 if oh I think although if you want to improve your hair and skin and nails there's always different supplements like you could take biotin to help it I think there's more affordable options if you don't have the money to spend on these I do think they work but it's a lot for the price that is basically all I have I just wanted to make a video and do a review just in case anybody is thinking about buying some and I wanted to let you know my personal

experience thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video go ahead and give it a like and subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one bye I really think it was out of focus oh by the way I got this shirt from chien and I did a hole trying hole and I'll link that video below if you want to go watch it