23 July 2019

Gym Workout Massacre | Apollon Nutrition Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA Review | Sunday Supplement Review

CHAINSAW BCAAs are made for those absolute gym workout massacres! Going beyond a simple BCAA product, Apollon Nutrition's Chainsaw includes ...

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today's episode of Sunday supplement review I am reviewing a supplement that is made specifically for those brutal workouts those workouts that are just killers that are just murderous that are absolute massacres some would say they're chainsaw massacres as today I review Apollo nutritions chainsaw I am dedicated to helping you by delivering honest reviews on this series I provide a review every episode to help you decide if it is right for your fitness goals your health needs and most importantly that hard-earned money today from Apollo Nutrition dot-com I have their chain saw supplement now this is a hybrid BCA a glutamine product that has electrolytes in it let's dive right into the ingredients one scoop one serving 12 grams one container 30 servings right off the bat we've got a mixture of things that you're gonna need when you are sweating and you're going through and grinding out those tough tough workouts we've got calcium potassium sodium and magnesium all these things are so important many people just overlook them because they're not sexy it's really hard to sell potassium magnesium and sodium but hey they're

important and I trust me they are much more important than people realize glutamine is probably the most underappreciated amino acid because it's not a branched chain amino acid and it's not an essential amino acid so it's harder for most supplement companies to try to sell that to you but it is extremely important for boosting your immune system and promoting recovery and 5 grams is a beautiful dose that they have put here and changed off as far as branched chain amino acids go we have leucine at 2.5 grams isoleucine at one point to 5 grams and valine at one point to 5 grams so when would you use chain saw now if you have a tough workout that's when you would want chain so let's talk about what's not a tough workout if you go into the gym and you were working on your thumb game via Instagram or tinder or Grindr or whatever app you're using on your phone that's not a tough workout if you go into the gym and you're chatting up and spitting game at the girl behind the counter that's not a tough work up if you're going into the gym and just having a simple bro day doing arms with a few of your pals not a tough workout

this is made for the tough workouts I'm talking about circuit training I'm talking about super sets triceps I'm talking about wads I'm talking about hitting that Stairmaster at full blast okay if you're hitting the heavy bag if you're shadowboxing muay thai listen if you have to ask yourself is my workout tough enough it's probably not okay but chainsaw is specifically made for those extremely tough workouts to help you replenish those missing electrolytes that you're going to be losing as you sweat and promote that recovery and make you feel better post-workout for me I've been using chainsaw about halfway through my workout as soon as that halfway point hits I start drinking it and then at the end I guzzle down whatever is left and what I found personally is that it helps prevent that bonk okay that that two or three hour post-workout just kind of when your body reminds you that you had a brutal workout and you just feel so lethargic okay often times as I mentioned before your training super hard you've got to make sure you're replenishing the minerals and the the nutrients that you need in order to help

your body not have that bonk and I found that chainsaw and other intro workout products have helped me do that chainsaw comes in three flavors I have only been able to try their blue bomb it mixes well and it does taste good very similar to a lot of your other Arctic blue supplement flavors no issues drinking this very refreshing when I'm sweating and putting in those hard hard workouts I will say they're coconut lime flavour in chainsaw has gotten some really good reviews I'm gonna try to pick myself up a tub and taste test it for you so you can get an idea if that that those good reviews are accurate in terms of cost if you go over to Apollo nutrition comm and you use my code no fate 24/7 for 10% off of everything at Apollo nutrition com disclaimer I don't get any kickback from that so if you can find a better deal definitely take advantage of it so if you use that code mofei 24/7 you can get this down for a dollar 13 per serving I do know that Apollo Nutrition does two things one they oftentimes will run better deals the fourth of July just passed and I know they had a 25% off that would probably bring this down closer to $1.00

per serving - you can save money by utilizing Apollo nutritions stacks they have a few stacks on their website one of which is chainsaw with kumite their combat pre-workout that I've reviewed and I like it I like it up here so if you use that stack if you're interested in those two products you can again save you can double dip use their discount and use that coupon code in order to save yourself even more money if you are interested in Apollo nutrition's chainsaw then definitely head over to a pollen nutrition comm and use that code nove 24/7 or a code that gets you more than 10% off to save yourself as much money as possible now if you have come this far in the video you know what to do give it a like hit that subscribe button ring that notification valve as usual thanks for watching and don't save anything for the trip back I am dedicated to helping you dad to be great parents to your children and still accomplish your own personal goals I post tips and tricks to save you dads time energy and money three things that are in short supply for every dad out there