25 March 2019


Food streaming.

it's a quick stream big up to raha he up

to his boy Xavier and go to all the new people I did not get on his channel to get new people to come to my channel because I flow off of just my own positivity and energy when it comes to training eating and pretty much prepping and making the right food so that can be get stronger lose it got too long again go to the new strength may I'm gonna start doing on a hopefully weekly basis this is just pure food there's no training involved with this this just me making some pasta I got some chicken on the grill and this is a short screen cuz I only have this device charged up for quick minutes I can say what's up to everybody now I will shout me out on that previous street robbers a good dude I had no idea that my link wasn't even clicked on the alert notification so that's my bad - Rob we always been cool Ali also I see that he's he's getting it up he's doing he's doing bad he's getting his numbers up he's more of a power lifting body building type of person Rob is also a trainer or what I've done in the past is if you see the videos I live that's all I do I live I eat and I talk about sports I talk about training and I always talk about food

cuz that's my thing love you so food give me one second because I got to make sure that I'm not overcooking overcooking this possible yes so this is this is just food a real quick food preparation video um I just got a small amount of pasta in here I tend to make these videos randomly but you you'll enjoy me because the food is actually pretty good I put a little bit of salt a little bit of pepper a little bit of a adorable flavor because I'm Latin so that's that Latin flavor I might add a little bit of sauce a little bit of tomato tomato basil to the pasta I'm gonna show you the chicken chicken is a chicken is a second there you go the grill see all the excess grease and everything comes off you scrape that down you got yourself three pieces of chicken with about 18 to 22 grams of protein because you want that protein that's your power that's that positive food you don't grab you if you don't grill then you can't really be eating the right way you can't fry food okay and think you're gonna you're gonna get results in the

gym I mean you might get bigger but you're gonna obviously hold on to fat instead of muscle and a lot of people think they're getting bigger eating eating all the food all that saturated fats and high sugar and all that other stuff combined and at the end of the day you allowed to eat what you want to eat I would never tell anybody how to eat but this is a quick video I'm gonna show you the pasta there it goes it's ready to come out as soon as I get my myself situated I had just came off of a serious surgery if you watched some of those videos Rob knows I had something called cubital tunnel syndrome and that's from training for over 25 years in the gym bench-pressing heavy weight doing heavy as dumbbells doing really super serious ridiculous challenges I was curling 185 pound hundred five pound straight bar curls most people barely can do 75 pounds or better but again I'm here for the people I'm here from for people that really want to make gains in this game so bigger to anyone that's new and anyone that's old that's been holding the big boricua down you know I'm saying we're ready we're

gonna start it up again big up salute to everybody that's new again it's your boy you already know who it is it's big