31 December 2018

GWN Cookery Show Ep 7 - Amie's Courgetti Noodles - Healthy Meal Ideas with Amie Richmond

We know when you have a busy life it can be hard to prepare and create healthy meal ideas. Our host Owen spent some time with Amie Richmond of Body ...


welcome everybody to yet another amazing cookery show we have the fabulous may be here in the game with us today learn episode seven so we are back to today and as everybody knows I'm going on quite the journey so that's why we do it so today as you say it's dinnertime and today what I want to do is show you how to inspire myself so really quick and simple pasta dish essentially we're doing that we're using a spiralizer now if you don't have one at home you can really pick these up great cheaply so a lot of the big supermarkets sell them you can get new places like Argos as well and they're around about 30 pounds ok so not an expensive piece of kit but will save you money in the long run without a doubt because you can use all sorts of different vegetables to spiralize and make little loops of pasta like veggies so a really healthy base especially if you're avoiding wheat we find a lot of people now are trying to stay away from gluten and wheat for tummy issues so this is a really interesting way of making correctly I always want to have a spaghetti bolognaise but made in a more kind of fresh food way that's aged so we always

say try and hide the veggies in the middle in the spaghetti bolognaise but how great if you can actually make that whole base of it your veg as well so we're going to do that today and I'm going show you how to ease the spiralizer then we're going to start off with this cutting posture again I've made this vegetarian it's quite easy to make this speaking if you just take out the Parmesan cheese and again if you're a meat eater or you want to add some fish and easy you can just plug in some fish you meet at the end so we're going to start off plant-based because I think it's just quite a nice base and then you can add bits to it okay so we're going to start off with the spiral open so it has been chopped the Porsche all you need to do with the culture is just chop the top and the bottom off okay both hands off that's it perfect then we don't need ends but we're going to take the main part of the Porsche that's it bowl underneath now we're going to spike it on so you literally just push it in push it in that end it's not quite straight that's okay the veg is always a bit wonky so

that's fine the main thing with the spiralizer is actually turning it that you make sure you just put a little bit pressure in it as well okay so you get spiralizing and i'm going to turn on the hot water here so we need to just slightly still be crocheting you don't want to overdo it because it will work really fast unlike past doing maybe actually finds penny over the past maybe eight nine minutes we're actually gonna do a catch a minute you're getting on really well nice work scott be careful those blades everybody yes they do fingers with that but so anyway that's fantastic I know this is good to press as well isn't it it seems yes and it fit that one does have suction on the bottom so it will yeah moving around too much you can't get handouts as well that are even cheaper so it's not really an expensive kernel to do then we just boiling water now so that we can have a st. just seen it if you don't have a steamer at home just launch it in a bit of hot water by that I mean literally in just a minute and then whipping it back out it just needs something [Music]

[Music] thank you and then we're left with this bit the middle which we don't need to see them so much that's for one project and now I'm going to pop this in the steamer so that's gone in there and we're just going to leave that steam for a minute there once we're doing that we're gonna work on the sauce and it's again it's very much a vegan pasta sauce so we're going to use chopped tomatoes you can use fresh tomatoes if you like I always like to get organic if I'm getting the 10 so I'm just doing the same Tommy Haas there and get that warming up and then I'm going to add the tin of tomatoes to that so this is already chopped and done before you as I said you want to do freshly chopped up your own Tomatoes even better these are quick simple healthier easy Joe this is just cutting in a better time now we want this spice don't we not only take one of two grounds both meetings thinking hang on a minute where's the punch in this mess that I'm going to absolutely or rather I'm going to ask you to so if it just pop some

chili in that pot for me oh yeah pretty much let's go spice they know that thank you so much just give me a punch again if you're cooking cook eat in your family that don't like this place you don't feel that you have to put that in so Mike and ee-vie we will now just events there's a little hook so we want to just make sure that we're getting great flavors in there the other way like to do that is garlic so garlic so it's great for getting up soon but no blue blazes into your pasta once put some salt in this work you can buy this nice and cheap thing we're just gonna add in about a half a teaspoon there so how else are we gonna get some punch to this it's not already yeah it's really really lovely quick pass the salt I'm gonna add some sun-dried tomatoes this is just picking it up sun-dried tomatoes that the concentrate tomorrow and it will really give it some depth so what we really want is lots of lovely flavor so meat there's just to make sure you're getting your right mouse we want to make sure you squeeze it out that was about a tablespoon of sun-dried tomato to pop in whistles how's that looking at

it before smells good looks good yeah perfect okay you just want to keep that bubble you don't want to necessarily too much the pastor should be nearly done already by now so the quartermaster stand quick okay so now we need to gas gets off just finish your fossils so we're going to give it a little bit of a cheesy flavor now any vegans around you will notice this product straight away and say yes it's a lifesaver so this is basically yeast flakes and this is a vegan product and it tastes really cheesy so it's a really nice way of adding a little bit of creaminess to the sauce without having to obviously add any dairy products at all so again I'm gonna put in maybe two heat tables things there as well to make sure you get some of that so at the same time now or pasta is actually finish so I can turn off the table there and I can then remove the lid it's so quick and easy to do this even quicker than pasta so when people say to me gosh it's so expensive to eat out there think that was pennies for that quarter even cheaper if you go to the market do you ever get your veggies at

the market no but you're going to know so very much it'll change he's gonna change and we're gonna do it so we're going to add this just let you win spaghetti into the pan now some of these strands can be a bit long so if you want to get the scissors and if you want to cut them up then cut them in half by all means so this is great if you're living on your own as well but you can just to point fortunes if we put the quality now in the bowl then we're just going to add the sauce right on top of it okay so if I can actually but chocolate labels on top of that just sprinkled a lovely thank you so much so there we have a lovely looking to market a vegetable base but because we've got some lovely flavors in this as well now if you wanted to keep this vegan though in blue would you not even I enough know so we can add a little bit of Parmesan cheese just for that extra kick and again if you were a meat-eater or practical pescetarian so you eat fish you could put some prawns in there so you can put chicken so any kind of meat just pop it in when you're doing the sauce as well we're going to now put a

little bit of Parmesan cheese just okay so I'm just gonna sprinkle this over the top so we're now going to have just a few sprigs that batter and I love using battle it's such a lovely herb it just looks so pretty look at restaurant style I mean look at that that's an Instagram picture if ever I saw one thankfully though yes so that's fantastic in a person plant again you could plot that out in your garden and just keep taking the needs of it so it's it's really cheap easy way of having fresh herbs so then you can see I've got a lovely projecting pasta with a tomato cheesy sauce now we spent time chatting as well and talking about spiralizer but I would say that's all of a four minute dinner if a course have you watching is that for so you cook a meal a whole dinner you have time to start to prove it if you were to pick up the phone and ring for a delivery to come to your house would it be there that quickly so when people say oh it takes so long to cook healthily I think you just haven't got the recipes that use clean to do it so actually this is fast food but this is healthy fast food as well amazing thanks so much

it might get into warm but do you want to little Charlie yeah culturally absolutely we get various the courgettes passed us and now you're gonna have a bit of a taste test Oh Azrael yeah deep dicking here we go yeah give it a try now remember it's to be quite hot yeah so yeah don't burn your mouth can I do this you know you could sell see weren't even 20 st. lucky winner pasta all right here we go I'm really like a large pie sitting down for a second Virginia then again you can't own that cow I love it I always wondered what this would be like to see I see this pre-made in supermarkets you can buy it pre-made so if you don't have a spiralizer and you still want to have a go and just see one am I going to like it do I want to commit to a spiralizer you can now actually buys spiralized courgette spiraling sweet potatoes butternut squash is so many other vegetables that can be spiralized and then you can use that at the base as well so this is just a really quick easy way of doing a nice wholesome dish so nourishing and actually the courgette II

it's got that crunch sure so I guess and leave it too long you're gonna have a cutting mush instead of course ft noodles so you really only want to blanch them and as I say if you're feeling really brave just leave them raw put the hot sauce over the top of it and it will actually soften it down anyway so don't worry too much about cooking it too long I say that's just a baseline as well some people we can answer that even as memory loss and chickpeas in there maybe just mix it up absolutely I can remember a few episodes ago when I watch it these words I mean some women what I love about dishes like this is that if you've got a vegan in the family if you've got a vegetarian you can only together because you can literally just add extra bits to it so if you start off with a vegetarian or vegan base you can then add fish cheese meats to it in order to satisfy other people in the family but it means that you're not making separate dish for somebody else so you can just take a couple of courgettes literally spending pennies rather than pounds and make up big meals like that something for the

younger children the family and children can get inspired it's involved in their failure I love that yeah yogi you can start the batter then it doesn't seem strange thank you so much that is so many things yeah I love the dinner episode the last time the quinoa chickpeas that's right these are in chickpea just over the hog really quick so if you haven't seen that dinner idea that's another easy one to do and again we made that vegetarian tip where you can put in meat and fish to to add to that one say we're making all these great faces but that was a really quick one this is a really quick one this is quick easy dinners and like you said it's not expensive either they know it's expensive thing isn't I mean you can use this multiple times yeah these courgette she was chefs actually no actually that's true thank you so much that's very young I need the rest of that offset but yeah thank you as always before we go to work so Mike maybe Richmond I'm a nutritionist and a wellness coach that body fabulous the Salisbury and you can find me online at my body fabulous Cody EJ Renault if you want to see a picture

of this bad boy we head over to Instagram it will be honest I don't throw your fire that mean that it will be with us so thank you again thank you everybody fortunate I only hope this is both fun education some pretty good ideas that's all okay thank you we'll see you next time [Music]