08 April 2019

Gut and Nutrition microbiome Healing with diet and lifestyle and testing to heal your gut

Gut and Nutrition microbiome Healing with diet and lifestyle and testing to heal your gut do you have bad skin do have gas all the time do have lowe energy feel ...

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YouTube thank you for coming to my YouTube channel please subscribe please subscribe this video is all about gut and nutrition and lifestyle healing in which to get rid of your stomach or gut complaints that you may have so some of the complaints that people suffer we've are belching burping gas unexplained pain in your stomach unexplained rashes on your skin energy highs and lows just not feeling yourself you may have aches and pains that you never had before and all this can be coming from what you're putting inside your body and what you may have living inside your body so we all have an amount of fungus light you have to add 50 good 50% bad a lot of people when they drink alcohol lots of sugar in their diet and they're chronically stressed because of their work and their lifestyle will have too much bad bacteria inside the gut so if you have got bad bacteria inside the gut you can rectify this by taking a probiotic now unfortunately many of the probiotics that you buy in the shops will be very weak and they all will have sugar in them but they'll have sugar in them hidden a starch potato starch and this potato starch if you've got a

fungal infection and you're trying to get rid of the fungal infection the fungus will live off of that starch in that probiotic so you've got to be really careful what probiotics you use in which to get your gut healthy again so that's only one bit of the picture then the next thing that we need to look at is your diet so if you're drinking fizzy Cola and you're drinking alcohol every weekend or in the week you're drinking a glass of wine and you think that this is okay it's not because their alcohol will ferment inside your gut and then cause problem with your good bacteria and your bad bacteria okay the other thing with dietary stuff that you may be eating I find again and again that clients are allergic to 50% of what they're eating or I get clients that are addicted to milk and dairy and when I say you need to reduce your dairy or stop it I can't stop every my dairy my dairy is not a problem that is not the problem you need to do something else I can't quit dairy so that just tells me straight away that that person as is an addict to that food group now really to get the body healthy you need to do comprehensive lab testing

so I can tell you to go on a rotation diet I can tell you to go on a fast and do these types of things in which to help you get healthier but really it won't get to the root cause of the problem so really you need in in-depth lab testing to find out what's going on with your nutrition as well as how the nutrition is affecting your gut so if you're eating pizza every weekend like my mate Robin and wonders why he's got bad flatulence it's because of the pizza and the wheat in the pizza or the dough or maybe the ingredients that's on top of the pizza could be causing an allergic response now unfortunately when we far we all think it's funny and I think far in is really funny but if you're doing it too often it can be a sign of many things I found clients that are farting and getting pain in their gut we do a lab test the lab test comes back and it says that they've got blood in their stall so having blood in the stall could be coming from a call it come on what do they call it what did I call it piles I see it piles if you've got piles then you will bleed from your rectum but if

it's not piles and it could be something internally that's bleeding so you need to look into that so I don't experiment and I get duck eggs for a couple of days and I loved our cakes as a high in protein and they're really really good for you and having that that cakes give me really stinky stinky farts and so I knew that my body was you know sort of like allergic to that and was not a good idea to have so if you are suffering from bad skiing low energy highs and lows you find it when you eat your food one minute you feel alright the next minute you're crashing or you find the your skin looks worse when you eat a certain food or you might your knuckles might go red or your eyes might swell up that's a histamine reaction so that's showing that there's a food that you're eating that is causing that problem so you irradiate that food and you get the gut healthy by taking probiotics but really good ones not the cheap ones you get in the shop and making sure that your diet is clean now I believe in the 80/20 rule this is what I've been taught by the Czech Institute that once you get healthy and you where you want to be you can get away with having

the odd bit of bad stuff but if you're having bad food every single day like chips crisps cake chocolate flour products all these products are not living they're quite dead and dead we've nutrition okay so they won't be packed full of vitamins minerals and all the great stuff that the body needs so I suggest if you're having aches and pains in your stomach and your skin is bad try rotation diets you eat chicken one day land the next beef the next pork the next and just keep rotating it and just see how your body feels then look online and find a really good probiotic take that at nighttime before you go to bed at night so that goes inside the gut and when you're sleeping it's starting to heal the good and bad bacteria inside the gut then the other thing that you must must must do is you got to change your lifestyle so if you're up at late at night or you're not exercising or you just keep me in the same bread night speak to clients and they've been eating Kellogg's cornflakes for 20 years and they wonder why their stomachs in the mess and they're getting aches and pains and they get an arthritis and stuff like that

so it's not until that you change gear the birdies in the background it's not until you change please subscribe please subscribe your diet and start to get your gut biome and healthy by taking certain supplements and getting lab work done to find out exactly what's going on so a client can come to me and I can see that they've got bad skin I can see that they've got a right tongue I can see that they've got big dark lines under their eyes and I know that's all going to be connected to their lifestyle and their diet but it isn't until I do a comprehensive lab that I can find out exactly what's really going on so with my clients you fill out a lot of holistic lifestyle coaching paperwork the birthmark chart and with this paperwork it enables me to go very deep and some people will do the lab work I'll give them what they need to do but there's still parts of their lifestyle that they haven't changed so they don't get into peak health so it's really important that this assessment is done so I can see exactly what's going on so if you're suffering from a car issue and you've had it for many years and you'd like to kick it and get rid of it and

feel healthy again please subscribe please subscribe then please comment below and let me know what it is and we'd see if we can solve it just online which is quite hard to do when I've not met you or something like that but I'll do my best to answer your questions you could have h pylori you could have a parasite you can have a leaky gut you could have ulcers in your stomach there's many things that can cause all these different ailments that you may be feeding in your body and my paperwork enables me to fish it out and find out what's going on and then when we do the lab work research enables me to set up a a protocol of supplements and diet in which then normalize everything and help you to feel much better the other thing that we need to talk about is my new book so there's my new book that's taken me two years to put together it's now all finished so if you'd like a copy of the new book please go to my offer page which will be linked at the bottom where you can buy my book it's $6.99 and cheaper on Kindle if you want to buy the book and really learn about the clients that I've helped change their lives and get their health

back just through healing the gut and changing lifestyle habits in which they get you to feel great again so please comment at the bottom if you need help let me know and I'm sure that we can get you to peak health again it takes time it costs money it's not cheap but I guarantee my results every time so thanks very much I look forward to interacting we very very soon please watch the next video it's going to show up in the window thank you bye bye