13 March 2017

GUMMY VS REAL FOOD CHALLENGE Taste test Candy - Healthy - gross - Kids react - Ash freaks out!

GUMMY VS REAL FOOD CHALLENGE Taste test Candy Review with Charli's Crafty Kitchen - kids react & freak out! Follow our Instagram: ...

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hey guys today we gonna do it right now yeah come on daddy shippi ah thank you for that really quick [Music] one two I'm not eating this but I am filling the key there was a hearing not for the taste tubs oh yeah [Music] it's is her from animals maybe because that's sometimes what souls may like all right you ready to try it [Music] that's disgusting yes I got a boy and I didn't but then because I might eat one every one they'll take this just it would be really snappy the words true so dirty ones will be hominis video you just put them in check out him help Budweiser no thank you one's cute one day it's our the gummy worms right ones eight one five really mm-hmm don't look they're weird thank you mmm what is it Ready Set one two you got real capstan yeah the spices you taste yellow I'll taste orange cause a car engine

[Music] [Applause] what uh what sorry that can be a surprise for someone else not me that was charm spicy did you even eat a whole lifetime well I said to go buy into it that's not a thigh they made more than that that's not a halt I say don't split Oh Oh spice stuff I'll give you the point tone yes Laura what's gonna be next you're gonna get your bad luck we're gonna win okay here comes one cherry I really need help [Music] I'm getting the good one a few good gummies is it good ready what to weigh beckoning Johnny corn yeah what's a pretty dress [Music] the top tastes like butter popcorn oh good thanks chef at least that was a good one mm-hmm I left my healthy way better than the gummy I still taste in my mouth you got real people saying I'm gonna be Tommy pickles in I'm gonna take a spot here that calcified actually pretty good do you love pickles my pickle dad oh thank you

okay [Music] right of address hook it up well I'm glad I'll repeat jellineck I'm gonna eat one of the one this is a big rush the one just grow sounds like ride oh my god that would take roughly but the worms tastes like lime keep it movin I get twist because identify I'm gonna play society by two music three I got the candy Pizza no who wants to see what it looks like inside you're good if occult ready oh this is gonna be good it smells really good there's actual pizza or anything well I wanna get to spaghetti Oh free and eggs [Music] again one two three it looks so realistic check it that's good for now we each get a point yayyy thank you Dad okay it's dumpy and look oh it even smells like watermelon that's just a warm-up look at the texture it's like an actual watermelon texture muscles need some medicine do I need to have a bio mr. wells that I get a point [Music] thank you yeah Johnny look at this should have ate those ones I sure would

not eat them I told your rainy what do you want to feed people let us know in the comments below because we're interested in doing more challenges and winning watch on you love them so much bye guys thanks for watching don't forget to like