10 June 2019

Grocery list discussion and healthy food talk.

I share my grocery shopping results from a recent healthy haul shopping trip and talk about how I make spaghetti and meat sauce healthy adjustments.

hey YouTube welcome to my hypothyroidism

journey channel a while back one of my first one my first couple videos I think somebody had asked me I think it was when I went live somebody had asked me to show how I prepare a meal or somebody who has hypothyroidism and maybe to also share what my haul is for a healthy shopping outing so I'm gonna do a quick video on what I bought yesterday at the store and how much it costs me I'm on food assistance so I pay attention to prices as much as I can and since I had my wake-up call a few months ago and I've been doing really really good I have really been focusing very heavily on staying on the outside perimeter of the grocery store and not going too much on the inside so with that being said I am going to go over here and get my receipt that I went that I got from going shopping yesterday we have four grocery store offerings here in Topeka we have Dillon's hyvee we have a Tilton's thrift way on sixth Street Walmart and then like your little family dollars and dollar generals and dollar trees and stuff like that yesterday when I went shopping I got two cans of tuna for 99 cents apiece I got some carrots and some baby carrots for

$0.99 I also got some of these I heard about these on this cereal on I heard about this cereal on another video another youtubers video I don't remember his name I saved something or other anyway he was talking about cereals and the best cereals healthiest cereals that you can find this one is really actually decent I thought it was gonna taste kind of nasty but it's called Barbara's puffins and it's got it's got only 5 grams per shirt 5 grams of sugar per serving and it's got 5 grams of fiber it's got no saturated fat no cholesterol 170 fill 170 milligrams of sodium and again sugar is 5 grams and it's got 3 grams of protein so I mean it's pretty healthy cereal I tried it today the serving size is 3/4 of a cup and with skim milk prepared with a half a cup of skim milk the caloric intake totally comes to 130 so that's good that's good buy and it was it was like $2.99 and then dollar off because of the cards so I only ended up for a 10 ounce box only bended up paying about a dollar 99 I got zucchini zucchini was a dollar I got two zucchinis which was dollar and once sent they had

a good sale on pork chops pork loin chops buy one get one free of equal or lista they are you so I get ended up for 851 I got two packages of pork chops I got green bell peppers I got about two green bell peppers for a dollar - the Dillon's car 78 cents so that's a that was a good buy I they say that olive oil is a good oil to use if you are hypothyroidism or hypothyroid I should say so olive oil $5.99 for store-brand olive oil you don't have to get the expensive stuff then I got some Red Delicious apples a dollar 66 is what it ended up being total skim milk one gallon is I got two gallons of skim milk they're a dollar ninety-nine a gallon so I did really get on that I got some bananas for a dollar twenty nine they're almost gone there's only two of them left we all bananas in this house once they hit the Shelf they don't last very long in this house and then I got my Diet Pepsi I also got some sauce some pasta sauce this is what I got this time prego chunky combo this has no cholesterol it has no no saturated fat it's only got one gram of mono saturated fat 480 milligrams of sodium total

sugars 8 grams and 2 grams of protein it's got a 1 gram of dietary fiber servings per container is five and a serving size is about a half a cup so what I do now and then I also got this all-natural laura's lean beef for $6.99 and then it was like Dylan's club or Dillon's card knocked a dollar off of it so that it was $5.99 by the time it was all said and done and this is a this is one pound hamburger so what I'm having tonight as I'm having a hypothyroid friendly spaghetti and meat sauce meal tonight what I do now instead of throwing the whole jar in like I always have done and prior to the last few months is what I'll do is I'll go ahead and I'll prepare this I'll heat it up separately from my pot for my meat sauce I'll go ahead and offer my meat mixture I'll go ahead and I'll prepare my meat mixture like I always do except I've also changed that too I'll saute the vegetables first and then I'll put my meat mixture in there drained all of that out draining all the fat there's probably not going to be very much because this is again 92% lean and six percent fat so there's not going to be very much but I'll go ahead and

all saute my vegetables all go ahead and brown my ground beef in the same skillet that I have sauteed my vegetables in and then I'll go ahead and put the sauce in a separate pan and warm it up and when my spaghetti is done I'll go ahead and measure my spaghetti out and then I'll put all measure out my meat mixture and then I'll measure out my my sauce so I'll only measure out a half a cup of sauce out of the pan and put it on my plate the other thing that I did is I went and bought I went and bought some real Parmesan cheese instead of using the [Music] it's just so now I'll spend a little extra money to get some real Parmesan cheese instead of using this which has powdered cellulous added to prevent taking the powdered celluloid setting at the cellulose is wood pulp so I saw video on that know dr. oz had said something about it I think I mentioned this in a previous video but anyway dr. oz didn't mention something about wood pulp in Parmesan cheese and I was like no he's got to be kidding it was a bunch of crap

I came in here in my kitchen and looked at this package and sure enough there was an ingredient on there I was just like nope that's it I'm done I've got to start eating healthier because I'm not paying really paying attention to what's on the back of labels so and and you know this sauce it's doesn't have very many ingredients that you can't pronounce it's got tomato puree it's got diced tomatoes in tomato juice onions zucchini green peppers it's got sugar but it since sugar is not the high on the list it doesn't have so much sugar celery carrots canola oil contains less than 1% of salt garlic citric acid spices onion extract and garlic extract so the citric acid is probably the most I probably want to say the most preservative sounding ingredient in the whole ingredient list on this pasta sauce so other than that this is going to be a fairly healthy spaghetti and meat sauce dinner tonight the only thing that I'm not going to like it's going to be hard and fast healthy but I figure with all the other adjustments so that I'm making this is not going to be such a huge thing is the spaghetti so but I wanted anything more

attention - spaghetti - and this is only God this has only got 1 gram of sugar per serving in it and a serving size is about mmm it doesn't say how much it is prepared but a serving size is about 2 ounces so one gram of sugar in got two ounce serving of prepares Hospit it's not a scale for me so I'm only gonna get out of this total sugars out of this total meal is only gonna be what and I don't even know if there's any sugar and Parmesan cheese or not but this is something I can research but total grams of sugar per serving it through that for this whole meal is going to be 9 grams so anyway I would show you how I prepare this but then this video is going to run kind of long and I'm trying to keep my videos kind of short short ish so that it doesn't take too long to upload and whatnot again this is I use the quote I'm almost out but I got some more that's why I had to get some marks because I'm almost out of olive oil oh and popcorn I stopped biting the package popcorn and now I get this good because I've had up

in this cabinet over here I've got an air popper and so I just air pop my pop down now and it tastes just great air popped what else do I have that's healthy in in my cabinet right now I have green tea that I fix in my iced tea pot I love green tea cold iced green tea and I have I have creamed wheat store-brand it's got less than one gram of sugar and no saturated fat and 85 milligrams of sodium search and calcium and iron and so that's good and well you know there's the apples I bought yesterday I also bought simple truth organic russet potatoes actually these were cheaper than regular brand russet potatoes these were let me look on my receipt I can't find it oh yes these were 249 and the potatoes worth the potatoes were 249 and the store-bought store brand potatoes worked $2.99 usually it's the other way around usually organic is a little bit more expensive than regular but that was a pleasant surprise I'm still not a hundred percent or you know with it on all of the organic stuff but you know again I'm willing to test whatever I can and see if it makes me

feel better if it helps me keep the weight off of it yeah helps keep the inflammation in my thyroid down I'm guessing that's why I've loved been able to lose weight is because I have figured out figured out the equation or the the problem to a while being able to keep the inflammation in my body down so that not always gaining weight or feeling tired or whatnot it's taken me a while it's going to continue to be a journey and you know I do the best with what I can um you know my with me being on food stamps my my total bill yesterday was fifty-five dollars and fifty four cents for a predominantly healthy list of food so you know that goes back to do back to doing what you can with what you have so with that I'm gonna close this video out thank you to everybody who has subscribed to my channel thank you to any new subscribers that have come on this weekend if you find my information useful please subscribe to my channel and like my like my videos and hit the notification bell to get notified when I have new content as always thank you for coming along my hypothyroidism journey with me and have a great weekend

their great rest of your weekend and [Music] have a great week coming ahead