22 July 2019


Whats going on guys and welcome to todays video! IM FINALLY BACK on my diet and my workouts , but ive traveled a lot and wanted to do a video showing ...

all right I've been wedding this quite a

while I'm gonna tell you guys what it says in a bit you can pasta that I spiked that huh I didn't thought it was gonna be super good oh wow I'll give it a little bit on the sweet side so I will give the 8.5 no nine out of ten definitely tastes like that popsicle it's really really good super cool [Music] [Music] what's going on guys I'm welcome to today's video it's gonna be a vlog about we're gonna go to the grocery store right now I'm gonna start my plan tomorrow today Sunday July 21st I'm gonna take you guys with me I'm not sure if I'm gonna get any content from the supermarket just because I just been here in Texas for two weeks so I still don't know my way around the supermarket and I for some reason if I don't focus enough when I go grocery shopping I always forget something so we're gonna go to h-e-b and then we'll go to either Walmart or Costco to buy the meat not that mean just the chicken breast my phone only has chicken breast and ground beef so after that if I don't talk to

you guys during the trip up to the supermarket or in the supermarket what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna lay down everything that I get on the counter I'm gonna walk you through all of my choices and why am I in this and all that I'm gonna also share my current car calorie intake for my plan my plan comes from Nik poverty don't you guys already know I'm gonna put his Instagram right here right now go and check him out he's you have heard me talk about him and all of my videos he's super super cool so yeah let's get to it I'm gonna take you guys with me to HIV like I said at the beginning of the video thank you so much for all the support support that you guys have been showing in my Instagram and on my youtube even though I know my content has been lacking emotion and fun lately but I promise that we're gonna go back to the really fun blogs with our workouts and and and all that so for right now let's head to the supermarket enjoy the video guys [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys welcome to the voice-over so this is pretty much everything I got

right here you're seeing my fat sources which are peanut butter and avocado this is my fiber sources words which are vegetables I do not like vegetables so it's only mushroom green onions and broccoli that's pretty much everything that I can handle for my car sources I do use whole grain rice case as well I really enjoyed rice keys with some peanut butter at the top really easy on the go I do have potatoes as well my protein source is pretty simple chicken breast and ground beef now for the ground beef I always go for the extra lean option that they have at the store if I'm cutting if I'm bulking I might go a little bit less lean but this pretty much said to me that I enjoy it that's for Walmart here I have my protein I'm so sorry my almond milk and my egg wise for my omelets and french toast coffee because you guys know that I do fasting and I do have my coffee in the morning russet potatoes right here I found that package 10 pounds of potatoes pretty cheap less than two dollars here in San Antonio the Sweden law I'm not a big fan of it but it's just for my coffee in the morning I just use one package finally

got my hands at around the Walden on farms syrup some soy sauce and so mister - that's pretty much everything that I need and use the rim now the only thing the other thing that I do after a port of the washer is away is meal prep and that meal period that I do is only separate the chicken and the ground beef I wait it out and put it in the the crab paper and just have it ready in the morning I just grab one from the fridge and it's ready for today that way I don't have to defrost a package every time I need either chicken breast of or ground beef so sorry because you're not saying anything I any moment that I know there we go so yeah I just caught it open clean the chicken breast wait it out based on whatever Nick put on my plan and just make little packages of it you guys are actually gonna see it right now and I just have that ready ready to go the next morning so right there you're seen I believe I counted 15 days worth of meat which is right now and for the past two months it has been really smart decision financially just because I got 15 up to 20 days worth of food everything that is on my plan and like

nothing was left out for less than $100 so that's why I wanted to make this video I wanted to be more specific towards what I buy and the options that I made but the supermarket was trimly crowded so it was hard for me to actually get some content however I promise you that I'm gonna do another one and I'm gonna try to be more specific but it was super super I was extremely surprised maybe because I'm used to spending a hundred and a hundred and sixty dollars when I was living in Toronto in the dough it was cheaper than New York in Miami go steer there's still more expensive than here in Texas so I'm gonna put the recipe where I'm from a TV and woman right now on the screen that's what I spend on everything that you guys saw on the past clip and also I'm gonna share with you a little bit of a footage that I got from a grocery trip that I did in Miami to winn-dixie no I wasn't on my diet however I bought just a couple of things I remember that I was trying to get bite into my diet and spend on we're almost $100 and I didn't even buy any meat we're talking about that I'm here about ten pounds of russet potatoes I bought five pounds of ground

beef maybe a little bit more so definitely financially speaking is something that you cannot compare to if you live in Texas or any water similar to this just share with me I would like to know what's the supermarket over there what are the prices what are the choices that you guys made leave it on the comment below or send me a DM on Instagram I really like to know I'm really curious about that so here are the three recipes all together you guys can see the different so yeah so as far as my as far of my macros and my workout that I'm gonna start tomorrow this is a plan like I already show you this is my macro or my calorie intake port sneakers pads and on and all that good stuff now for my workout I'm gonna be doing creasing this month five days split and the reason why I'm doing Christians and not Nick this time it's because when I was doing so much shredding I started doing the summer training workout and I really enjoyed that workout and displayed and how it was made so I wanted to give it another try maybe not with the pressure and the stress of the cart I wanted to give it another try so I went ahead and downloaded so I'm gonna

be doing on the male side I'm gonna be doing next and on the workout part I'm gonna be to the cream students now this is gonna be for four weeks I'm gonna see at the end of the four weeks how I feel and if I go back to Nick's workout they are both great what I like about Nick's is of course it's more tailored to me and my needs and I have been working for with him for a couple of months now since January actually since the beginning of the year so he does know exactly what I like and it tends to be a little bit more intense actually than Christians but I'm gonna give it a try you guys were probably saying on the next week vlog which I'm gonna try to record some content and make some videos for the workout so this is it this is gonna be my plan for the next month I'm nothing how it goes with this lake card alright guys so before we finish up this video since tomorrow I am starting to dye it working out and all that I'm thinking I've been thinking about what meal do i won say bye to and you might think there will be anything fast food related but surprisingly that's what I'm not saying that you should do that but fast food is something that you can fit

into your macros really easily if you know how to do it however what I want is I'm not really really fun of those Tony's if you don't know what it is I'm gonna show you a picture right here so I'm planning on drinking beer it tostones and some do readers or something because that's something that I know that I crave a lot alright guys so this is my last meal before the diet this is my choice here we have a lot of ketchup tostones and cheese along with one dose a kit right here and I already had a little bit of chips the ruffles that I show you at the beginning so now I'm just watching the first season of La Casa de papel and that's how I'm gonna enjoy my last day not my last day but this really nice evening on a Sunday because tomorrow we are getting back to business with alpha fitness with my workout with my diet if you made it to the end of the video thank you so much guys for watching don't forget to subscribe and like this video if you have any suggestions about any of the food choices that I have made leave it on the comment below or shoot me at the end I'm gonna leave my Instagram right here

thank you so much guys for watching and see you guys next neither it's gonna be a video vlog or a workout video so I'll see you guys next week