09 June 2019

GROCERY HAUL: my healthy eating staples

Thanks for watching this video :) lmk if you have any questions about anything!! I am currently following food combining and LOVING it. A video will be coming ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I went to earth fair and I went to home goods and I just got home and I was like why don't I just show you guys what I got so I recently posted a what I eat in a day so if you have not seen that definitely go watch that I've been falling food combining and I thought continuing on with the trend of health and what I like to eat and all that good stuff I would show you guys what I got today at Earth Fair and I also got some foods at home goods if you guys don't know home goods has really cool like novelty items that don't really expire that are health foods and it's just fun to look around there so I did get some stuff from there so wasn't the biggest grocery trip in the world but I'm gonna show you guys staples that I'd like to have that I'd ever run out of that I didn't get the vs. or Fleming cents so I'm still gonna show you everything that I would normally get but yeah so I'm gonna show you guys now so here are the home goods stuff and then the Earth Fair bags I spent $75 on Earth Fair and they're not home goods I think I spent like 30 on the smaller foods that I got so the first thing I got was this popcorn and this literally only has

popcorn organic vegetable oil and sea salt but obviously this isn't something that is incredibly nutritious but it's a great snack if you need something on the go and I'm definitely somebody who is more tempted to cheat when I don't have snacks alright so I also got these cacao nibs I got these for smoothies and just any kind of sweet treats that I want and they were $5 I got this coconut water I get all of my coconut water at either home goods or TJ Maxx there's just a lot cheaper this one was $2.99 I think I got this chickpea fettuccine it looks so good and I've never seen chickpea fettuccine before I don't know if I've been missing out but yeah I'm super excited to try this this was 399 I got organic ginger root tea and it literally says supports healthy digestion which is what I'm all about so I got this for the nighttime to have as my night time T and this was three ninety-nine and then this is what I am most excited for I got this gluten free rice pasta and it's Pad Thai style and oh my goodness I love Thai food so much so yeah and literally the only

ingredients this is organic rice flour and that is it so super excited to try this it was also 399 so yeah that is everything I got at HomeGoods definitely go check it out I probably could have gotten so many more things but I had to limit myself that they have awesome stuff there all right hi guys so I'm gonna do this setup to show you the earth first up I feel like it'll be less shaky I'm saying you guys I got like two pound bag or something there's six lemons in here and it was five dollars the things but I got this for my morning warm lemon water you guys should definitely have warm lemon water every morning it really just helps with your digestion and kind of sets your whole body up for what you're gonna eat that day so yeah love this I have been missing woman's for like a couple days and I just didn't even know what to do in the mornings it was so weird I also got some more rouse tomato sauce this is a complete staple it is so good I'm sure you guys have heard of this and it's expensive but I think it's worth money and um you get great ingredients and it tastes amazing you literally don't add

to anything else in it it's so good um the next thing I got was this guy's Thai green coconut curry this stuff is so good if you guys like Thai food definitely get this I mean worth the price 1000% I have a bottle in my fridge right now that I'm almost out so that's why I got this but one of my favorite favorite favorite meals is chopped carrots chopped bell peppers chopped onions and green onion sauteed and then put some brown rice in there and then also put this on it it is so good guys definitely try that out these tastes really good but I mainly get them for the ingredients they're just the cleanest crackers that I found most of the crackers that you find that still advertised as healthy they have like vegetable oil or canola oil or something like that and this just has none of that and it is so good so yeah marry some crackers love those with hummus that's one of my favorite snacks one bag down I got avocados yay I got five of these I'm always running out of avocados because I bought Mikado toast every morning I either have that or oatmeal and this morning I was out of avocados I

had to have oatmeal it was so good but I love me some avocado toast the next thing I got was this head of romaine usually I get it pre-chopped I'm not good in lanai but um they were out on my hearth fare so I just got a head and all kind of myself honestly I like cutting vegetables so yeah so be super good I use this um in smoothies it actually tastes so good it has a lighter taste and spinach I think but I always throw this and spinach into my smoothies in the morning some mango a banana some coconut water and you're good to go then I got two cucumbers I also got these for smoothies they're so good made I love the taste of cucumbers um so yeah then I got these Hillary's veggie burgers these are the best ones I have ever tried seriously they're so good they're gluten-free all that good stuff they're so good guys I can't even stress and I have an air fryer here at my house and it makes it so crispy and so good if you don't have an air fryer if you pop it in the toaster it'll make it just as crispy um yeah these are so good this is the black rice burger but I've also just had like the classic one and the classic

is great too next thing I got was this super light brown rice bread and I usually just get the regular Ezekiel bread but I've been seeing that spread everywhere and everyone said it tastes so good and I think that the Ezekiel bread does have wheat in it so this is preferred because it doesn't mean on it so yeah I'm excited trying saw I have not tried this yet that's why I'm not really telling you so much about it but I thought it'll be delicious for all the time they're toasting I got some of these Tomatoes these are my new favorite Tomatoes these are so I put these in pasta and wraps and everything I love them oh and I wanted to tell you guys for these veggie burgers I post home Lee's story but in case you guys didn't see that story I'll take the picture here but basically if you take in Ezekiel wrap spread some hummus on it hook up this veggie burger put it on there cook some spinach and then um put cut up these tomatoes and put all in there it is so good oh I actually just made my mouth water I might have that for dinner then I got these sweet potatoes these are frozen sweet potatoes

jingyan bitch it looks like so rustic I don't know it's so weird um but yeah I just got these because this is three dollars and to buy like a hole to hole sweet potatoes is that much and it's a pain to cook your own sweet potatoes like they just take so long trust me I did it last week and I was like why didn't I just buy sweet potatoes like this these are super easy just sprite about on a pan pop them in the oven and they're great so I got those and then you guys are not gonna believe this this is ridiculous so my Earth Fair was having a sale on huge chocolate bars and now listen guys I don't know if you realize how big of a deal this is these chocolate bars are six seven dollars anywhere you go which is so expensive but they are the best chocolate bars have this is some hot tea every night so good the only thing I will say about this is it's too good honestly to where I could eat an entire bar like in one sitting I'm not kidding because the dark chocolate is not good usually dark chocolate is like kind of bitter you know so you don't eat a lot at once but this stuff is so good so just like

for morning anyway just whatnot I ran it that's how much they love you guys but um anyway my earth fare was having a buy one get one sale so I got this money I got six of them they're not ashamed I love them so much bi now I'm gonna put all of my cold foods away and then I'm gonna show you guys some other staples that I like to keep in my pantry and my fridge so some other things I like to keep in my pantry are these brown rice noodles pretty self-explanatory but these are super good you can get them pretty much anywhere but mine are from Trader Joe's also this granola should have got more of this I've talked about this in two of my videos now but I just love this granola so much so yeah I'm Koka no love it's by gran do definitely check it out it just has the cleanest ingredients of any granola that I found so yeah I also keep salsa just for seasoning foods chips up like that um chickpeas and black beans there's just some things I always have and don't keep a lot in the pantry because most of the food I eat is fresh food but I also always have almond butter I use this in my oatmeal and yeah

I just really like this and also always have chia seeds I always put chia seeds in my oatmeal and my smoothies let me show you guys some oatmeal that I like to eat so this one is steel-cut oats buy better oats and these are just packets that you can take with you and heat up anywhere in the microwave so these are great for travel stuff like that and steel-cut oats are gluten free and just better than regular oats so here's some staples I have these Ezekiel English muffins was very super good have some grilled chicken eat it with the veggies so either sea potato or spaghetti squash or something like that here is another coconut water I got before it's almost gone at t.j.maxx always get sparkling water I love it so much I always have some kind of dairy free yogurt I love this one it's cashew yogurt but also unsweetened almond milk yogurt is really good all oh just make sure you're looking for yogurt that has less than one gram of sugar or one gram and is dairy-free baby spinach I use this pretty much in every single meal I'm not even exaggerating and also in smoothies have Ezekiel wraps right there like I said with the veggie

burgers I love that and then in here I like to have corn I'd like to have carrots I love carrots those tomatoes I have some sweet potato that I cooked a couple days ago like I said earlier always have raspberries is my favorite blueberries apples Maxon watermelon right here but I also like to have mango and strawberries for the mornings um I have eggs eggs are a good option if you want to have them in the mornings but for food combined and you can't mix two different proteins so like if you have eggs only have it with veggies I just recently found this out but I think it is so cool if your grocery store has it so it's this huge bottle of kombucha and it was only 12 dollars at my grocery store in just a regular bottle that's probably like this size is like four dollars so or even more sometimes so this is a great option and this one is my favorite it's the health aid ginger lemon one I always have almond milk and then my favorite almond milk creamer so good and coffee organic ketchup this is the Tessa Mays I think this one is the best thank you guys so much for watching this video if you guys have any questions for me

definitely leave them down below I'll answer anything I really just love the support and I'm so appreciative so yeah definitely give this video a like and subscribe I'll see you guys in my next video bye [Music] [Applause] [Applause]