09 May 2017

Green Tea Fat Burner Review / Best EGCG Benefits for Weight Loss / Fat Loss / Metabolism

Green Tea Fat Burner EGCG Review - Green Tea Extract Supplement / Benefits from Applied Nutrition Review - Best Fat Burner / Best Green Tea Pills / Best ...

what's going on guys so today I'm going

to be doing a review on the green tea fat burner this is from who's it from applied nutrition so this is this is what it looks like right here and I'm sure that maybe you've seen it on online different ecommerce sites like Amazon or Ebay I know they even have it in a lot of physical stores like Vitamin Shoppe Walmart anywhere like that and I just wanted to make a video you know kind of giving you guys my thoughts and my experiences with it on because you know obviously it does it kind of looks like a scammy product but this is one that's actually been around for a long time you know even with all the saturation of the supplement industry and how competitive it is with new brands coming out with proprietary formulas that have like 20-plus ingredients with like carnitine yohimbine acetyl l-carnitine like sanera and all these crazy ingredients this one is surprisingly extremely effective because it's so highly concentrated in the green tea ingredient that is what provides all the benefits so I mean that's the main thing with this you know one bottle right here this is pretty much going to last you for you know like almost a half a year because it has 200

individual capsules in 200 individual pills and so that's that's really nice because you you only need to take around two to a day that's the serving size and with each serving size you get 50% 50% east EGCG which like I said previously is the active ingredient in green tea that provides all the benefits so with that you're going to experience increased metabolism increase thermogenesis fat oxidation lipid oxidation and give you all the aunts oxidant properties as well that you would get from drinking green tea because that's the main ingredient that you want to look for so with two with only two soft gels you get 400 milligrams of that and 50% of that is from EGCG which is the active compound that you're really paying for and that's from a lot of places I've looked in to the ingredients and that's a really great amount like that's that's what you want to look for if you get 400 milligrams with 50% of that that's really hard to find a lot of a lot of them have maybe like 5 or 10% EGCG and have less um milligrams per serving so this is really you know given the green tea is one of the most studied

ineffective fat burners then getting this product and making sure that it's in a high dose of a high quality ingredient that's going to be you know a best betted you know better than getting some other product that's in a proprietary blend or something like that that maybe does have the green tea and the ECG see but it's in very low quantities and it's probably not going to be effective in those quantities so this really just isolates the most in the best ingredient when it comes to increasing thermogenesis there's very few things that are it as effective as green tea so like I said I just think that even though it it looks like kind of a scamming products you know it has like fat burner on there um which is kind of I mean what is fat burner really mean right but you know from my experience it's it definitely does increase your energy increases thermogenesis and you can really feel your body heat up because not only so it's pretty much broken into three components you have your green tea extract that it has a 160 milligrams of caffeine which is great it's a little bit over you know a cup and a half of

coffee so you know the best time to take this is in the morning and if you are sensitive to caffeine then I wouldn't take it past 12 a.m. or or past you know that time because then it might affect your sleep but you know what I do is I really like to take these in the morning it really gives you a lot of energy and I think it's just the combination the green tea with the caffeine and then it also has a vitality boost formula which includes your Bamonte a leaf um a bunch of other you know extracts plants herbs cayenne pepper which is great for increasing fat-burning thermogenesis as well and then ginger extract all this other stuff that i don't know how to pronounce but they're all you know four natural herbs and so yeah i feel like whatever i'm doing an intermittent fasting thing or trying to slim down you know this is always provided me with some great benefits and of course you know i'm when I do that I'm normally doing kind of limiting my calories and of course exercising so it's hard to say how much of the results that I'm getting is due to this supplement but just the fact that I've been able to experience you

know a lot of great results and really feel the energy boost while being able to notice significant results just in the cuts in my abs and it's always a good sign and that's what you really like to see and it's really encouraging so even if it doesn't work it's a great uh you know just kind of benefit having that placebo effect kind of going in so yeah I'm really looking forward to starting to use these again I just got this in I had previously used this before but summer just started for me so I'm ready to start cutting get ready for you know the beach and get ready for the beach bod so yeah I'm really excited to start using this again and I hope this video was helpful make sure to like and I will see you guys later peace