03 November 2018

Goal & Nutrition

Hi everyone. I'm Nun, a holistic nutritionist from Evoke A Life. Like many of you, I'm also a twin flame. Today video is on Goal and Nutrition. How can nutrition ...

hi everyone my name is nan I am a

holistic nutritionist from Avoca life and like many of you I am also a twin flame on my twin flame journey and today I will be talking about 20 flame goes in how nutrition's can help support your twin flame journey so first of all I know that everyone knows these already that Twins lingo is about self-discovery accelerating your self growth and it's also about becoming true to who you are we should love now I love this color from you to twin flame couples out there whoo-hoo-hoo they that it is about you were loving your life loving yourself fully and consciously and fizzy now at these cold resonant to me so well in my twin flame journey that I have to know overcome a lot of challenges a lot of self conflict ings and to consciously make a choice of loving yourself that's something I believe in everyone journey you have to learn to do that now I also find that it's not just that it's also about you finding a balance between your mind and your heart voices hard centers because you're hardly always saying one way and your your mind we always you know planning out things should be this way things

just be that way and yeah these conflict teens idea between the Maya and the heart it's really I find also a resonance to my doing same journey as well now me coming out on the other end I find that I began to see the world as an illusion spaces where it's full of different perceptions and and I believe I was blinded by those perceptions and believed in them too now I love the skirt from Antony Hawking who and said that this is an illusion Maya because my life has been such a dramatic shift from a man who stood in front of the televisions to a man who he's now oh I am now nothing has seemed to make logic senses to me and I can feel that twin flame Johnny can attest to this statement really well because nothing seems to make senses in fact maybe the current you the past you or the inertia you are still carrying those habits that were blinded by those illusions those perceptions and preventing you from being who you truly are and over time as a twin flame we learned to separate the illusions from the truth because you recognize where your heart stand you

recognize where your heart believe into our way Lou what's your heart value about you wishes to decides to love desires to be loved to love the current you the past you and the future you so giving me for example to the me who in the past may misunderstanding something because of those those illusions you know we were blinded by them I love her and who the current me who I may have difficult time separating which one is the truth which one is two illusions and may make mistakes and I love her and to the future me who I will love her and grow my love in the future my learning or leaning into it my had voices I love her too now I really love this card from Tony Robin who once said that true awakening start when you learn to step outside of your my control and that more into your heart control and who really experiences the Troy what is happening in your moment it is about getting outside of the history outside of the conditionings outside of cultures it is about it's more about witnesses to mine and being the master of the mine now nutrition's of food healings is a self-care routine if consciously

choosing to eat the food that norwich knows you you in fact it is about use finding your balances in in in eating the right food in the right quantity that you need so the right food are the food that nourish and heal and supportive to use with your body to your soul to your spirit again you also want to be mindful with your heart voices or your body wisdoms because sometimes you know they give you signs or images to tell you these food you should be eating and it's a good idea to also to start seeing the pattern of your eating style understand your why you are having these certain type of eating habits and are they any and is it in alignment with who you are and is it supportive to you these behavior of eating and again it's all about you aligning yourself and finding your tune finding your balances of really resonance from from who you are finding the right quantities about you tuning into your body and acknowledge how much or how little is enough for you to sustain yourself or to become more of who you are a good example is when you see people stop eating the food even though the plate is

still food food it to stop well it is because they are really in tune to the body and they are exercising how much or how little it is allowed things to enter into their space and that's it and the more you do that is the more you are building or becoming a mindful either or you your awareness is to your body so for twin flame on your twin flame journey nutrition is a great way for you to start to tap into your body wisdom or your heart centers and through aligning yourself from the heart from the self-love to the behavior you are choosing to the food that you are choosing to eat every day and start to exercising your boundary of allowing certain things to enter how much and to let go of how much so if you are interested to learn more about twin flame nutritions stay tuned because more on the way again if you have any questions or any topic you are interested in send me an email the link is down below otherwise thank you so much for watching this video take care and bye bye