22 July 2019

Giovanna - Healthy Eating Speech

I am Miss Giavanna testa this is the

persuasive speech and it is July 18 have you ever wondered what most people rave about living a healthy lifestyle today I will tell you about why filling your body with the right foods helps increase energy levels while you're most likely to live longer while consuming a healthy diet and why eating this specific weight reduces bloating and asking eating healthier foods makes for a better lifestyle because it more easily fuels your body with more energy throughout the day and you are more likely to live longer and it helps reduce your blood and acne eating the right foods after at the right specific times is key to feeling your body if you don't feel it your body will break down muscle tissue and harder to get it generating on its own accommodations such as complex carbs and lean proteins are great for feeling energy together when eating a light snack filled of healthy carbs right before exercising you will feel much more energized mixing meals such as nuts and snacks is a very good way to keep energy having small amounts of food such as healthy fats some protein and complex carbs the whole foundation for

consistent energy throughout your diet your muscle tissue brings more calories than your fat tissue does which means it is best to maintain muscle tissue as steadily as possible insulin production is stimulated by ended up Justin of the large quantities of food they need eating smaller yet very frequent meals throughout the day can reduce your perception of fatigue as well your brain has very few energy reserves on its own and therefore it really needs a good and frequent set of new treatments throughout the day candy and simple sugars give you a very quick lift of energy whereas whole grains and unsaturated fats help provide the reserve of energy you need throughout your day even things such as protein bars because the same amount of energy as candy bars do even though they may not seem this way poor nutrition habits have been shown to cause fatigue skipping essential nutrients or starving yourself will prevent you from the energy you need throughout the day a high energy diet basically filled with unrefined carbohydrates proteins fats vegetables whole grains and healthy lives

eating well-balanced diet is key to a long life especially because the more people age they start to minimize varieties of foods it is very important to maximize the more nutrient filled foods in later years drink plenty of fluids such as a glass of water each day helps cleanse and ensure hydration in order to relieve this feeling is to health instead of just eating fizzy drinks you can add lemons or limes or ginger to your water to help cleanse one of the best ways to exhibit implement effects is to help with your water muscles are always breaking down and are rebuilding themselves and if you don't eat enough protein foods you will break down more than your body rebuilds getting enough vitamin D is essential for your body producing enough calcium memory loss is a huge problem for older adults mainly because of lack of b12 a heart-healthy diet mostly helps control your weight making it less likely to become obese some foods such as salmon and other types of fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids this also helps lower your chances of heart disease and helps with high blood pressure immensely

high-fiber foods such as vegetables and whole grains make it a little less like looking for one to have cardiovascular disease well a few healthy clean food and drinks that can help fight blood all four peppermint tea pineapple yogurts a ginger and parsley carbonated unhealthy drinks known to pop this and more to endear stomach instead of drinking this you may substitute for lemon water and these alternatives may help overall hyper processed foods tend to have much higher sodium content as well as less fiber in them this resulting in that uncomfortable bloating feeling which even no one wants to have foods like that sugar free actually contain more sugar alcohols than most other foods staying away from a large consumption of artificially flavored foods is strongly recommended if if once fiber intake is too low gradually building up your intake eating foods such as vegetables fruits nuts and seeds as well as drinking lots of water can really help this problem you see here that these are the main groups of foods that you should have in your diet fruits and even amount of veggies protein grains and dairy

instead of foods and just hot sugar and processed additives lots of fruits and vegetables for example avocados grapes oranges and lemons have multiple benefits such as vitamin B and C vitamin a is super important because it maintains the integrity and function of your skin cells you can also prevent the yeast overgrowth in your stomach skin by decrease by decreasing your consumption of sweet snacks and small amounts of food today I told you about eating more healthy options more easily and you are more likely to live a longer life and how much to help you lifestyle helps reduce bloating and acne something so small as well as changing your eating habits has such a huge impact on your overall well-being