08 April 2018

GI obstruction by solidification and coagulation of enteral nutrition - Video Abstract 142695

Video abstract of case series paper “Gastrointestinal obstruction caused by solidification and coagulation of enteral nutrition: pathogenetic mechanisms and ...

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solidification in correlation of enteral nutrition but the genetic mechanisms and potential risk factor the study was performed in Sicily at the University of Messina enteral nutrition is preferred in order to provide nutrition and reduce catabolism in critical patients recent studies suggest that the use of enteral nutrition is successful and that complications are rare however an underestimated mechanical complication of tube feedings seen in critically ill patients is the coagulation and solidification of the enteral nutrition causing gas intestinal obstruction to review our experience on mechanical complication of tube feedings we examine the record chart of 162 patients that during the 5 years period received the enteral nutrition by additional tube feeding to patients presented a clinical picture of obstruction and perforation of small bowel secondary to solidification of enteral nutrition the first case was about a 59 years old man who was admitted in our hospital because he showed symptoms of nausea senior induce ingestion of food with loss of weight episodes of elementary

images and Mileena after a surgical treatment in seventh post-operative day was observed in children ages the presence of enteric Jewess 1,200 milliliters in the right and 400 milliliters in the left they census of gas region anastomosis and of jejunum jejunum was repaired with lambert Fitch's second case was about a 79 years old man who's admitted in our hospital for a clinical picture of a senior civil diminution of weight and post prandial images after a surgical treatment the post-operative course was regular and in fourth day was started the enteral nutrition and in seventh day he always was freed agustin stool in twelfth day post-operative the patient complained of abdominal diffuse colic pain and lack and turkey misses we performed an emergency laparotomy and found additional perforation on aunty mesenteric intestinal wall with leakage of Dorothy and dense mixture with ich and pasty then was drawn outside manually milking these are interpretor images from the previous clinical cases solidification of the enteral nutrition through the intestinal perforation post

ischemia both surgical critical ilk patients and primarily mechanical ventilated are frequent candidates for jejunum feeding enteral nutrition provides a complete nutrition with a low complication rate by the liver enteral feed in the small bowel below the pylorus the frequency of regurgitation and risk of aspiration pneumonia are decreased at the same time nutrient delivery is maximized with an increase in proteins and calories delivered and the shorter time to target the optimal dose of nutrition the solidification of ventral nutrition in gastrointestinal tract was first reported in the literature in 1981 the surgical approach can interfere positively on morbidity and mortality we observed two patients who were submitted to measure abdominal surgery for gastric and duodenal malignancies for suppressive enteral nutrition was infused through a surgical place jejunostomy tube enteral nutrition was begun in fourth day after surgical operation at a rate of 20 milliliters per hour yahoos was freed agustín's to respectively in twelve and fourteenth

post-operative day the patient will develop developed a clinical picture of intestinal obstruction with rapid and severe deterioration of vital parameters the patient were submitted to an emergency laparotomy the coagulation and solidification of enteral nutrition and had caused a journal bowel obstruction and the preparation of an t mesenteric wall of small bowel related to the development of transmural ischemic necrosis this report describes two clinical cases of abstraction and perforation of the small powers secondary to the solidification of enteral nutrition the understanding and early recognition of this potential complication are essential for the prevention or successful treatment of this condition